Fletching Glue Vs Super Glue

Fletching glue and super glue are two good-quality adhesives. But when it’s about Fletching glue vs. Super glue, you should know which is better. 

Well, both types of glue are suitable in their field. You can choose one according to your project. Not all bonds are ideal for all kinds of projects. So, select the suitable one. To do that, you must know all about fletching glue and super glue. 

So, let’s dive right into the description. 

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Fletching Glue Vs. Super Glue 

About Fletching Glue 

Fletching Glue

Fletching glue is a solvent-based glue ideal for feathers, vanes, swedged nocks, and more. Besides, it works great to secure the tip and tail of feathers and vanes. Fletching glue is suitable for all shaft types but great for wood and carbon. 

With the waterproof facility, it becomes suitable for both dry and damp surfaces. Fletching glue can do its job perfectly. It needs 20 minutes to dry well. So, make sure you clamp the places to stick to the surfaces accurately.

About Super Glue 

Super glue is mainly cyanoacrylate glue. It is a robust and faster-drying adhesive for many households and industrial uses. It is made of ethyl cyanoacrylate, that can create solid and long chains. Super glue can bond strongly with metal, plastics, ceramic, vinyl, leather, rubber, and more. 

Moreover, super glue is a bit toxic but not flammable. The rapid cure feature makes the process easier to finish. It is easy to use and includes unique bonding characteristics. Further, it works well at higher temperatures too. One drawback is it can be irritating for the eyes and skin as it has toxicity. So, ensure that you are aware of this thing before using it. 

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Super Glue For Arrow

Is Fletching Glue The Same As Super Glue? 

There are two types of fletching glues. One is cyanoacrylate which is super glue, and the other adhesive is solvent-based. Super glue can be marked as fletching glue, but not all fletching glue is super glue. Many types of bonds are marketed by fletching glue. But they are not the same. 

The traditional fletching glue is solvent-based. But super glue is cyanoacrylate which is water-based. So, fletching glue and cyanoacrylate glue are not the same. 

Which Is Better? Fletching Glue Or Super Glue? 

Fletching glue and super glue work differently. Fletching glue is suitable for fixing feathers, arrows, and other things. On the other hand, super glue can do many more items, including household and industrial repairs. In this case, super glue is more versatile. 

Further, super glue has an instant drying facility. So, you can get effective facilities within a couple of minutes. It is a proper solution for fixing almost anything. According to all these things, super glue is better than fletching glue. 

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Can you use super glue for Vanes? 

Super glue is suitable to use on vanes. But you must use particular ones like Loctite super glues or Gorilla Tuff. 

What glue do you use for fletching?

Ferr-L-Tite Platinum is a good option for fletching feathers, vanes, and more. It is a solvent-based glue that is good for wood and carbon. 

Last Opinion

Now that you know about fletching glue and super glue, you can decide which one you need for your project. If it’s for feathers and arrows, go for fletching glue. But super glue is a good option if you need an extra bond for any equipment. Super glue has more to offer when it’s about Fletching glue vs. Super glue. 

Choose wisely and finish your project with a good outcome. 

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