Arrow Insert Glue vs Super Glue

Arrow insert glue vs. super glue can be confusing for the beginner archer. Which adhesive should you use? You might think these two adhesives are very similar, but they have some differences you should consider before deciding what to buy. 

This article compares Arrow insert glue and super glue to help you choose the right one for your Arrow. Here are some helpful tips and information on what projects each will work well on, how to use them properly, etc.

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Arrow Insert Glue vs. Super Glue

What is Arrow Insert Glue?

The Arrow Insert glue has been developed for use with Arrow Inserts. It is a unique type of glue that does not dry as quickly as other types, allowing adjustments to be made before the glue sets. 

The tube has a small nozzle making it easy to apply the glue in an exact amount. 

The glue comes with caps at the upper ends, so there’s no need to get your fingers covered in adhesive! This makes it much easier to insert the glue into an Arrow Insert while avoiding unnecessary messes.

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What is Super Glue?

Super glue is one of the most common choices for home use projects. It is effective and fast to dry, but it tends to form an airtight seal that can’t be re-opened. If you’re using glue for an Arrow Insert, other options like Arrow Insert Glue are worth considering.

Difference Between Arrow Insert Glue and Super Glue

Arrow insert glue and super glue are strong bonding glues, but several differences set them apart.

Arrow insert glue is specially used for arrow insert. 

It has a higher viscosity (thickness) which makes it good for specific applications like paint coating or adhering polyurethane foam to plywood and outdoor usage. 

It also takes more time to dry than other glues, but this can be beneficial because you have time to reposition the object without getting the adhesive on your fingers or hands.

On a scale of 1 to 10, Arrow inserts glue rates high in viscosity but low in drying time. It scores 8 in adhesion strength. 

In contrast, super glue dries faster than other glues, so it’s not as good for woodworking projects because if you don’t get the item positioned right away, then it will stick permanently. 

The rating system gives superglue an average score of 5 in terms of viscosity and a 7 in terms of drying time. In terms of adhesion strength, however, super glue does very well with an average score of 9.

You can use super glue for the arrow insert, but it’s not recommended. I recommend using Arrow insert glue for the Arrow insert.

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Where can I use each product?

Arrow inserts glue and super glue are versatile adhesives with different uses. 

Arrow insert glue is a powerful adhesive designed for arrow insets. It will not run when used properly. It does need to be applied in small amounts for the best bond. 

The applicator tip makes it easy to apply just the right amount of adhesive without getting any on the arrow shaft or feathers. Use this product on arrows, bows, fishing tackle, and more.

 Arrow insert glue has been specially formulated for these projects to withstand high heat and moisture. The arrow glue may harden after curing but can easily be softened again by adding a few drops of water. 

Superglue is also an adhesive that bonds items together. For example, you can use it to repair plastic models, glassware, figurines, and much more. However, super glue isn’t your best bet if you’re looking for something with the strength of a professional-grade adhesive.

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Arrow Insert Glue and Super Glue Price Comparison

The decision between super glue and arrow insert glue will depend on the project you are working on. Arrow insert glue is more expensive ($10 to $20) but may be worth it if you want to secure heavier-weight items such as jewelry. Super glue, while cheaper ($4 to $10), is ideal for attaching lightweight objects like decals or securing two lighter-weight objects together.

Last Opinion

While both Arrow insert glue and super glue are effective in their own right, it’s a matter of preference. 

I prefer using super glue for my DIY projects because the drying time is more agreeable to me. 

However, if you’re looking for glue for an arrow insert, it’s best to use super glue.

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