Rubber Flexx Vs Flex Seal

For sealing cracks and leaks on various surfaces, liquid rubber sealants are becoming increasingly popular. There are two liquid rubber sealants that are very popular on the market: Rubber Flexx and Flex Seal. Although both products are designed to do the same job, they differ in some ways that could affect your decision.

Rubber Flexx may be a better choice if you are looking for a thicker coating that provides a more robust seal and can be painted over. For easy application and less cleanup, Flex Seal may be a better choice if you prefer a spray-on sealant.

To help you determine which product is better for your needs, I will compare rubber flexx vs. flex seal in this article.

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Rubber Flexx Vs. Flex Seal

Rubber Flexx

Overview of Rubber Flexx

Rubber Flexx is a liquid rubber sealant that protects against leaks and cracks for a long time. This waterproof coating can be applied to a wide range of surfaces, including roofs, gutters, pipes, etc.

Due to its flexibility and ability to withstand extreme temperatures, Rubber Flexx is ideal for use during harsh weather conditions. Additionally, it is UV-resistant and can be painted over to match the surroundings.

Overview of Flex Seal

Liquid rubber sealants like Flex Seal are also used to repair leaks and cracks on various surfaces. It is a spray-on sealant that can be applied to roofs, gutters, pipes, and other surfaces.

As a flexible and UV-resistant sealant, Flex Seal is ideal for use in harsh weather conditions. Flex Seal cannot be painted over like Rubber Flexx.

Flex Seal sealant

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Comparison Between Rubber Flexx and Flex Seal

The liquid sealants Rubber Flexx and Flex Seal are both designed to prevent leaks and cracks. You may decide which product to choose based on some differences between the two.


Neither Rubber Flexx nor Flex Seal requires any special tools or equipment to apply. You can use a brush, roller, or sprayer to apply Rubber Flexx. Flex Seal, on the other hand, is a spray-on sealant that can be applied directly to surfaces.

You may also need to protect the surrounding areas from overspray due to Flex Seal’s messier application method than Rubber Flexx.


Rubber Flexx and Flex Seal are both durable and can withstand extreme temperatures. Rubber Flexx has a thicker coating and provides a more robust seal than Flex Seal.

Rubber Flexx can also be painted over, allowing it to match its surroundings better. In contrast, Flex Seal may not offer the same level of protection as Rubber Flexx, and some applications might not be suitable for it.


When it comes to liquid rubber sealants, Rubber Flexx and Flex Seal are both affordable options. Rubber Flexx, however, tends to be more expensive than Flex Seal. In choosing between the two products, the price difference may not be significant, but it is something to take into account.

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How Do You Remove Rubber Flexx?

Using a putty knife or scraper, you can remove Rubber Flexx. Remove the coating by scraping it away with pressure. The coating can also be softened and made easier to remove by using a solvent like mineral spirits.

Can You Paint Over Rubber Flexx?

Yes, Rubber Flexx can be painted over once it has fully cured. After application, you should wait at least 24 hours before painting over it. Ensure that the surface is clean and dry before applying any paint. Any paint that is compatible with rubber surfaces can be used.

How Long Does It Take for Rubber Flexx to Dry?

Rubber Flexx can dry at different speeds depending on the humidity, temperature, and thickness of the application. It usually takes Rubber Flexx 4-6 hours to dry to the touch and 24-48 hours to fully cure.

Last Opinion

To conclude, both Rubber Flexx and Flex Seal are effective liquid rubber sealants that can be used to seal leaks and cracks in a wide variety of surfaces. The Rubber Flexx coating may be a better option if you require a thicker, paintable coating. For small leaks and cracks, Flex Seal may be more suitable if you are looking for a quick and easy spray-on solution.

According to your specific preferences and needs, you will need to choose the right product. In this article, I tried to help you find a solution to that problem by comparing rubber flexx vs. flex seal. If you have any doubts in mind, please leave a comment below.

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