Scotch Magic Tape vs Gift Wrap Tape

Tape is essential when you are considering packaging, gift wrapping, or fixing torn-apart paper. When you order tapes from online, you may wonder why there are such varieties and may get confused about which one you need.

In this article, I will describe the differences between Scotch Magic Tape vs. Gift Wrap Tape.

It is quite confusing when you see Scotch Transparent or Scotch Magic Tape and Scotch Gift Wrap Tape. I will share about both products and try to find the answer to the question, are there any differences between these? 

Scotch Magic Tape vs. Gift Wrap Tape

Overview of Scotch Magic Tape

Scotch Magic Tape is invisible, easy-to-cut, and apply tape, which comes in a roll. You can use it for fixing torn paper and mending it.

After applying it to paper, it gives a matte finish, and you can write on it using a pen, marker, or pencil. 

Scotch Magic Tape

Scotch Magic Tape comes with a refillable dispenser. So next time when you run out of tape. You can just buy the tape and fill the dispenser with it.

This tape is photo safe too. So if you plan to make a memory book or scrap book, you can use Scotch Magic Tape to attach images on the paper surface. 

The manufacturing company suggested using this tape to repair torn pages or money and labeling the containers, which is a good option for those who want to label their food containers to find out the ingredient while cooking quickly. This one also helpful for your academic or project-based work where you do need a tape as a tool.

Overview of Scotch Gift Wrap

Scotch Gift Wrap is ideal for applying on wrapping paper. This comes with a refillable dispenser that you can use later for reuse. This easy-to-cut and apply tape disappears after application, ensuring a smooth finish on your gift wrap.

You can easily trust Scotch Gift Wrap for wrapping gifts with care for your friends or loved ones. Since it gives an invisible texture after application, the gift wrap looks so good without showing any tape marks. 

The manufacturing company suggested using this, especially for packing or wrapping gifts, because it gives a firm hold and provides enough support to keep the package intact.

Scotch Gift Wrap Tape

So next time, you don’t have to worry about the packaging. Additionally, Scotch Gift Wrap is photo safe. You can use it to attach images on cards or photo books.

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Differences Between Scotch Magic Tape vs. Gift Wrap Tape

Before purchasing any of them, you should know the differences between Scotch Magic Tape and Gift Wrap Tape. Here I am going to describe it; I hope this will help you to understand and make decisions according to your needs:


Scotch Magic Tape gives a matte finish on the surface; you can easily see the marks. On the contrary, Scotch Gift Wrap Tape gets invisible and merges with the surface texture. Now it’s up to you which one you prefer for your work.


You can use Scotch Magic Tape to label your containers and write on them with a pen, marker, and pencil.

This is an excellent feature for your notebook, but with Scotch Gift Wrap Tape, you can not put any marks or write due to its material type. The surface of it can not absorb ink.


According to multiple sources and manufacturer, Scotch Magic Tape is great for repairing torn paper, labeling, craft work, and attaching photos or notes with paper.

It is not suitable for gift wrapping or packaging. For that purpose, you should go for Scotch Gift Wrap Tape. This gives a firm hold and keeps the packaging or wrap altogether

Customer Feedback

I got positive feedback on both of the tapes. The customers are satisfied with the quality in terms of both of the products. Some of the customers made repeat purchases too.

Last Opinion

Now it’s time to answer Scotch Magic Tape vs. Gift Wrap Tape; which one should you pick? Both tapes are good for attaching and mending pages or photos. However, there are some notable differences. 

If your purpose is to use the tape for craft work, labeling, attaching photos to your photo book, or mending papers, you should buy Scotch Magic Tape. 

Additionally, if your purpose is to do packaging or gift wrapping, Scotch Gift Wrap Tape is most suitable for the work. It’s quite helpful to decorate your gift wrap with invisibility. 

After reading the article, you will now be able to choose which one you should buy according to your needs.

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