Best Arrow Insert Glue

Understanding bowhunting can be confusing, especially when figuring out the hardware and the different types of arrows and arrowheads.

One aspect that many hunters don’t think about, however, is their glue – but it can have a big impact on their success or failure!

To help you make an informed decision, check out this article on the best arrow insert glue for bowhunting success.

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Best Arrow Insert Adhesive

Top 6 Best Arrow Insert Glue: Reviewed in Detail

  • Arizona Archery Enterprises AAE Max Bond Glue
  • Pine Ridge Archery Instant Arrow Glue
  • Gold Tip Tip Grip Adhesive
  • G5 G-Lock Blu-Glu Adhesive
  • Bohning Insert Iron Adhesive
  • Easton Dr. Dougs Quickbond Insert Adhesive

To get the idea of some best glue for arrow inserts, let’s check the list and some unique features. See the details below. 

1. Arizona Archery Enterprises AAE Max Bond Glue

Arizona Archery Enterprises AAE Max Bond Glue

Arizona Archery Glue Specs And Features 

  • The brand is Arizona Archery Enterprises 
  • Clear adhesive 
  • Bottle packaging 
  • Item volume is 20 milliliters 

Arizona Archery Glue Review 

Nock and vane glue includes a unique formula to provide maximum strength to AAE Plastifletch Max and Max Hunter vanes.

The adhesive works for most types of vanes. Nock and vane glue works quickly. So, you can finish your project a lot faster. 

The best way will be to remove the jig of the arrow and give the glue some time to cure properly. Nock and vane glue is reasonably strong.

When using thick glue, it does stand up better when pulling the arrow through a target. The adhesive has much strength with very quick fletching. 

You may try various brands in these years to fletch the vanes. But I recommend this to you because it is the best you can ever find. With the ease of application and security of holding things in place, it doesn’t occur failure for sure. 

It is an excellent adhesive with some secret formula. The glue is mainly cyanoacrylate, known as super glue. It is probably slower in drying but holds things in place. Also, as it takes a bit more time to set, that makes it more flexible. 

It works well when properly cleaning the shafts and fletching bases. This stuff stays on for a long time.

It also works well on stealth max vanes. The price is also in limit. Get the long-lasting vane adhesive at a reasonable price and finish your work. 

Arizona Archery Glue Pros And Cons 


  • Works quickly 
  • Easy to apply 
  • Quantity is good 
  • Sets up nicely 


  • A bit slow to dry 

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2. Pine Ridge Archery Instant Arrow Glue

Pine Ridge Archery Instant Arrow Glue

Pine Ridge Archery Instant Arrow Glue Specs And Features 

  • The brand is Pine Ridge Archery
  • Perfect for carbon, wood, aluminium and wood shafts 
  • Comes in black 
  • Bottle packaging 
  • Available in 1 oz. and 2 oz. Bottles 

Pine Ridge Archery Instant Arrow Glue Review 

One of the best glue for vanes is the Pine Ridge Archery instant one. It works excellent for fletching vanes, inserts and feathers. To have a perfect outcome on carbon, aluminium, and wood shafts, the glue works excellently. 

Besides, the product is available in 1 oz. and 2 oz. bottles. The most necessary information is that it dries within 7-10 seconds. So, for any project that you want to finish faster, this glue from Pine Ridge Archery is a good option for sure. 

Instant Arrow glue is an excellent addition to the list of quality adhesives. Another good thing about the product is it is insanely cost-effective and available in any pro shop.

To have an excellent fletching experience on vanes, you can choose this instant one. 

You may not want any other glue on aluminium, wood or carbon shafts. It is the only glue that works great on these materials. It is the pinnacle of the quality adhesives you should have for a faster outcome. 

Pine Ridge Archery Instant Arrow Glue Pros And Cons 


  • Dries in seconds 
  • Cost-effective 
  • Great for glueing inserts and fletching arrows 
  • Easy to apply 


  • Super strong and dries quickly, so it may be difficult if you need to reposition the vanes 

3. Gold Tip Tip Grip Adhesive

Gold Tip Tip Grip Adhesive

Gold Grip Adhesive Specs And Features 

  • Brand name is 
  • Item weight is 20gm 
  • Works well for vanes, feathers, inserts, and nocks 
  • Gold tip grip adhesive 
  • Specially formulated for carbon arrows 

Gold Grip Adhesive Bottle Review 

The gold tip grip adhesive comes in bottle packaging. It is an incredible product to give proper adhesion in seconds. It can stick well to nocks, inserts, vanes, and feathers. A small amount of adhesive is enough to clean the surface and place the things in position. 

Moreover, the adhesive is specially formulated for carbon arrows. There are 20 grams of what you get in one bottle. It’s enough to work with many things to stick together and use several times. 

Gold Tip Grip adhesive is a cyanoacrylate-based glue that works well for inserts and arrows. It is designed to install feathers, vanes, inserts, and more.

Besides, because of the sharp tip, you can apply the glue to the targeted points. It is an excellent option for arrows. 

Gold Adhesive Bottle Pros And Cons 


  • Bonds in seconds 
  • Needs a small amount for an arrow insert project 
  • Works well for inserts 
  • Great adhesion 


  • Dries too fast to reposition 

4. G5 G-Lock Blu-Glu Adhesive

G5 G-Lock Blu-Glu Adhesive

G5 G-Lock Adhesive Specs And Features 

  • The brand is G5 Outdoors 
  • Locking special feature 
  • Weighs 0.15 pounds 
  • Compatible material is wood carbon 
  • Comes in blue 
  • Suitable for installing inserts and fletching 
  • Bottle packaging 

G5 G-Lock Adhesive Review 

Glue is another addition to quality adhesives. It provides a solid yet flexible bond. That’s why it becomes ideal for fletching and installing inserts. Also, it can give you instant adhesion. So, any projects will be done in seconds. 

Besides, the Blue formula delivers ease of seeing and identifying dripping. It also makes it easier to see some specific colored fletchings. It dries clear but tinted on the application.

There will be no visible glue marks on the arrow insert once dried. However, it is not suitable to use with a hidden insert system. 

The performance of the glue is fantastic. It is a little bit thinner than most of the others. That helps to spread an accurate bead of glue wherever you need it.

Also, wiping out is easier because of the consistency. It bonds well and delivers the proper outcome that the arrow insert needs. 

G5 G-Lock Adhesive Pros And Cons 


  • Solid and flexible bond 
  • Instant adhesion 
  • Easy to see when dripping 
  • Dries clear 


  • Has a short shelf life 

5. Bohning Insert Iron Adhesive

Bohning Insert Iron Adhesive

Bohning Insert Iron Adhesive Specs And Features 

  • The brand name is Bohning Co Ltd 
  • Comes in grey 
  • Material is iron 
  • Compatible material is metal 
  • Heat reversible 
  • Bottle packaging 
  • The country of origin is China 
  • Product volume is 1 fluid ounce 

Bohning Insert Iron Adhesive Review 

Bohning Insert Iron adhesive is a good product for metal and iron arrow inserts. It is a reversible heat adhesive. There are also a lot of excellent features included in it. Besides, it has increased impact resistance and holding power facility to give a better outcome on the iron surface. 

Moreover, it welds, outserts and inserts to all shaft types. The adhesive is easy to apply. It can hold the place well.

However, if there is any mistake, it won’t be that hard to clean off the glue. It is that simple. When it’s about carbon arrows, cleaning the inside is the first thing to do as they have a lot of carbon dust. 

The adhesive can give a rock-solid bond to iron. There is explicit instruction as well. So, understanding the method and applying it according to it is an easy task.

Another good tip is to screw the points into the inserts. It helps to keep the epoxy out of the insert and provides better results. This way, it becomes easier to put the adhesive and install the arrow insert. 

Bohning Insert Iron Adhesive Pros And Cons 


  • Includes increased impact resistance 
  • Heat reversible 
  • Easy to apply 
  • Value for money 
  • Clear instructions 


  • A bit messy 

6. Easton Dr. Dougs Quickbond Insert Adhesive

Easton Quickbond Insert Adhesive

Easton Insert Adhesive Specs And Features 

  • The brand name is Easton 
  • Comes in orange 
  • Ready to shoot in. 15-30 minutes 
  • Formulated to work with all types of arrow inserts 
  • Weighs 0.5 ounces 
  • The sport type is Archery 

Easton Insert Adhesive Review 

The adhesive from Easton Dr. Dougs is a quick adhesive with many features. It creates an impact resistance. That makes it ready to use within 15-30 minutes. The formulation of the glue is unique. It works well with all types of arrow inserts. 

It is a fast drying adhesive. As a result, you can finish your task quickly. However, this feature can trouble you because drying too fast is annoying. You may not be able to attach the parts well. Many users have complained that it dries before fully pushing the insert into the shaft. There is a certain way to use it. Make sure you maintain that. 

Easton Insert Adhesive Pros And Cons 


  • Ready to use 
  • Bonds quickly 
  • Includes impact resistance 


  • Some users claim that it dries too fast to work properly 

What Things Are Important When Buying The Best Arrow Insert Glue? 

To get the best glue for fletching carbon arrows, there are some things that you must know before buying any adhesive. Let’s see what the facts are. 


When buying good quality glue for an arrow insert, the first thing to prioritize is budget. Set a budget to get the best product within the amount you can spend. Knowing your budget is the most important thing before you buy. With a specific amount of budget, you need to buy your desired glue. 

Whether a product is affordable, you should research it to get the better one within your budget. Some want to spend more on glues, and some want less. There are many budget-friendly options out there. Make a list of them and choose the best one according to your job. 

Applying Process

Another thing to check is the application process. When selecting the glue, make sure you spend some time to know about the use process of that adhesive. Check how much time it takes to stick and cure properly. 

Know that the process of using the glue should be easy so that the project can be done quickly. It should be easy to apply as well. Moreover, if any accessories are included, it is a better option. The reason is, with their help, you can do your job correctly. 

That’s how the checking process should be done to select the right one for your job. There are some excellent options we have mentioned earlier. These have unique and better features. Check them well and choose the best one. 

Compatible Material

Many adhesives are compatible with different materials. Knowing about the compatible materials of the glue is essential before choosing that one. Check the label and see the information first. 

Besides, the adhesive should hold the material in place. It should be sticky to hold the parts and create a bond. Most of the arrows are made of carbon, wood, or aluminum. So, before buying anything, check the description and know what type of glue it is. According to that, you can select one to get a solid bond. 

Last Opinion

As you know all about the details of getting the best arrow to insert glue, follow the instructions to have the best one for your job. We have come up with a wide range of different types of adhesives for arrow inserts. 

Make sure you check them out and purchase accordingly. Use it and let us know your feedback. 

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