Seam Grip vs Aquaseal

If you’re looking for a trustworthy adhesive that can repair and seal various items, you have probably run into multiple products made by different manufacturers. Finding out which one should be the best pick for you can be difficult.

The same manufacturers make Aquaseal and Seam Grip, and they have some similarities and some differences. So, in the battle between Seam Grip vs. Aquaseal, which one should you side with and why? I’ll review the features and specifications of Seam Grip and Aquaseal in this article and examine how they differ. 

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Seam Grip vs. Aquaseal

Overview of Seam Grip

Seam Grip WP Waterproof Sealant and Adhesive is a tent seam sealer manufactured by GearAid and offers excellent waterproofing capabilities and versatile applications.

Seam Grip WP is designed to repair and waterproof various outdoor gears and equipment in mind and does an exceptional job. Seam Grip WP’s formulation allows the adhesive to create a strong bond and a robust and impenetrable seal in various materials, including – fabrics, rubber, leather, neoprene, and more.


Seam Grip WP is suitable for various outdoor fixes and sealing jobs, but you can also use it for other purposes like – fixing the seam on your jacket, reinforcing the soles of your hiking boots, and many more.

Seam Grip WP is based on thermoset urethane and provides a robust and durable bond once fully cured. Seam Grip WP’s best feature is that it is waterproof and abrasion resistant.  

Seam Grip WP offers excellent waterproofing capabilities and creates a water-tight seal that does not peel or crack over time. You can also keep your materials safe from scratches and scrapes since it is abrasion resistant.

Seam Grip WP comes in a convenient tube weighing 1 to 8 oz. Furthermore, applying Seam Grip WP is easy and hassle-free since it comes with an applicator tip.

Overview of Aquaseal

Aquaseal FD Repair Adhesive is an adhesive manufactured by GearAid, which provides excellent waterproofing and repairing capabilities for various materials. Aquaseal FD is primarily designed for repairing and fixing different outdoor gears, but you can also use it for many other purposes.

Aquaseal FD is based on thermoset urethane and works well with a wide range of materials like – neoprene, vinyl, rubber, canvas, nylon, and more. One of the notable features of Aquaseal FD is that it remains flexible once it’s cured since it cures into a stretchy rubber-like form once cured.

Aquaseal FD forms a permanent waterproof bond to use for outdoor gear during rain or damp conditions. Furthermore, Aquaseal FD is abrasion-resistant, providing extra protection against the wear and tear of your outdoor equipment. Aquaseal FD will also provide excellent protection against scrapes and scratches.

Once you apply Aquaseal FD, a complete cure can take 8 to 12 hours. However, you can reduce the cure time to around 2 hours using an accelerator alongside Aquaseal FD. Furthermore, you can also use Aquaseal FD for outdoor gears and tools for temperatures reaching up to 180°F.

Seam Grip

Aquaseal FD can be used for many purposes like – fixing waders, repairing tents, fixing damaged neoprene gloves, and more. Aquaseal FD cures in clear color so you can use it safely with various gears in various colors and finishes. 

You can purchase Aquaseal FD in tubes weighing 0.75 oz or 8 oz. It comes with an applicator tube, so applying it is easy. 

Differences Between Seam Grip And Aquaseal

Now let’s examine how Seam Grip and Aquaseal differ.

Suitable Materials to Use On

Since both Seam Grip WP and Aquaseal FD are manufactured for repairing, fixing, or sealing various outdoor gears, they work well with multiple materials.

Seam Grip WP works well with –  various fabrics, including nylon, canvas, vinyl, and polyester.

On the other hand, Aquaseal FD works well with – neoprene, rubber, nylon, canvas, and vinyl.

Cure Time

Once you apply the adhesive, Seam Grip WP takes 8 to 12 hours for a complete cure.

On the other hand, Aquaseal FD also takes around 8 to 12 hours for a complete cure after application. However, if you use the cure accelerator, you can speed up the time and bring it down to about 2 hours. 


Seam Grip WP and Aquaseal FD come in a convenient tube serving that is easy to apply.

You can get Seam Grip WP in 1 oz or 8 oz tubes.

On the other hand, you can get Aquaseal FD in 0.75 oz or 8 oz tubes. 

Last Opinion

Which is more suitable for you in the Seam Grip vs. Aquaseal battle? The same manufacturers make both products and share many similarities, so it depends on you, your intended uses, and the materials you plan to repair.

Both of these products are effective and trusted solutions and work excellently for their intended purposes, so consider the materials you’ll be using, curing time, and which purpose you’ll need an adhesive for when choosing between them. 

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