E6000 Vs Super Glue

E6000 and super glue are two strong adhesives on different surfaces. But are they the same? No, they are different from one another. There are the illustration of E6000 vs. Super glue that you must know. 

The main difference between E6000 and super glue is their flexibility and drying formula. E6000 has more flexibility than super glue. This is why it doesn’t crack. On the other hand, super glue dries faster. There are more things to know about these two adhesives. 

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E6000 Vs. Super Glue

What Is E6000 Adhesive? 

E6000 adhesive is a self-leveling one compatible with metal, plastic, leather, wood, rubber, vinyl, masonry, and more. It is more like an industrial adhesive as it works well for bigger projects. It is a versatile glue with good strength. 

Moreover, E6000 is flexible and resistant to chemicals, water, acids, and dilute bases. The using types of many as it is highly versatile. It is not only suitable for industrial uses but also DIY. The adhesive works on various surfaces like metal, ceramic, wood, glass, vinyl, fabric, plastic, and rubber. 

Besides, the E6000 glue dries transparent. So, there will be no appearance of the glue when adequately cured. It is the toughest and quickest glue available out there. When you need a versatile adhesive, E6000 is the best option. 

Applying E6000

What Is Super Glue? 

Super glue is mainly cyanoacrylate. It is specially designed to provide a strong bond on various materials like metal, vinyl, leather, ceramic, rubber, plastic, and similar surfaces. Super glue is non-flammable. It is easy to use with a fast curing facility. 

Moreover, it needs no preparation. So you can use it anytime you need it. Super glue includes a great bonding mechanism. It is suitable to operate at high temperatures too. You need to hold the area for some time to set it and leave it for some to cure completely. That is it! This is what you need to use super glue. 

One more thing is that super glue is very sticky. It can burn the skin and eyes and stick to the bare skin that needs a lot of struggle to remove. It’s the thing to be careful about. Otherwise, the glue is amazing. 

Applying Super Glue

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Comparison Between E6000 And Super Glue 

There is the comparison between E6000 and super glue that you must know. See the details below. 


Both types of glue have tensile strength. E6000 has exceptionally high tensile strength and shore hardness. On the other hand, super glue has much more strength than epoxy and polyurethane glues. When there’s a comparison between E6000 and super glue, E6000 has more strength. 

Drying Time 

Both E6000 and super glue are fast-drying ones. E6000 takes only five minutes to dry. Super glue takes 2-3 minutes to dry. Comparatively, super glue is fast to set and cure too. When you use E6000, it needs 24 hours to be properly cured. So, you cannot use the stuff for the next 24 hours. But super glue is instant. It needs some minutes to cure, and it’s ready to use. 

Surface Preparation 

When it’s about E6000, it needs surface preparation. The first step in using E6000 is to prepare the surface to ensure that the pieces stick together. Also, you need to be sure that there are no dust particles on the surface. 

But with super glue, there is no preparation needed. It comes in a tube that works like an applicator. You must cap off the tube and apply it to the necessary places. It’s easy and convenient to use. 

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Is E6000 glue the same as Super Glue? 

E6000 is a versatile glue with a multi-purpose facility. It provides much strength. On the other hand, super glue is flexible, waterproof, and dries clear. Both are different glues. 

What should you not use E6000 on? 

E6000 is not suitable for several materials like polyethylene, polystyrene, or polypropylene plastics. 

What glue is stronger than super glue? 

Epoxy is stronger than super glue. It can cure within 2-60 minutes and fully strengthen in 24 hours. It is resistant to high temperatures, UV light, solvents, and impact. 

Is E6000 glue permanent? 

E6000 is a unique type of adhesive to use for industrial projects. It can give high-performance applications and can be used on any crafting project. E6000 dries safe and is washer-friendly. 

Last Opinion

To conclude, both E6000 and super glue are good products to have a great bond on surfaces. Although they are two different types of glue, they have some features that bring excellent adhesion. Check everything about the E6000 vs. Super glue comparison, then decide the best one for your job. 

Hopefully, you get what you are looking for. 

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  1. To put back together a plastic sewing machine pedal that has had 2 pieces break off and once put back together; willl be under constant strain via springs and a hinge in the pedal design.what is the best adhesive? Basically it needs to get back to the integrity it had before it cracked in 2 placed. Any ideas??? Thank you!!!

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