flex glue vs flex seal

Flex glue is a waterproof adhesive for quick repair. On the other hand, flex seal is a liquid rubber spray that stops leakage quickly. In this article, I will try to compare flex glue vs. flex seal.  Let’s not talk more and start comparing.

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Flex Glue vs. Flex Seal

Overview of Flex Glue

Flex glue is an adhesive used for quick repair. It is waterproof, so you can use it on dry surfaces as well as wet surfaces. It is paintable and solvent free; also it can be used underwater. You can use it for any kind of interior and exterior home repair project. It can be used with ceramic, tile, glass, metals, wood, etc.

Flex Glue

Overview of Flex Seal Spray

Flex seal spray is a spray-can full of liquid rubber sealant. It sprays thick liquid rubber in cracks, holes, and leaks to give a coating and stop leakage. This rubberized coating can be painted in any color, once it is dry. It can be used with metal, wood, plastic, glass, aluminum, etc.

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Difference Between Flex Glue and Flex Seal

The way that flex glue and flex seal spray function is the major distinction between them. Flex glue is an adhesive that is used for repair works like- shoe repairs, roof repairs, bath and shower repairs, furniture repairs etc. On the other hand, flex seal spray is a sealant used to seal holes, cracks and leaks to stop leaking water. You can’t use flex glue to seal or coat holes and also can’t use flex seal spray to repair shoes or furniture. But there is some work that may be fixed with both of them like- Auto and boat repair, roof repair etc.

Which One is Better? Flex Glue or Flex Seal?

Flex glue is basically a waterproof adhesive that create strong bond and seal two parts to help in repairing works. It is a powerful, rubberized, waterproof glue that instantly bonds and seals so many things.

On the other hand, flex seal spray is basically a sealant that gives a coating over holes, cracks, and leaks to stop leaking. As it is actually some liquid rubber in a can, if you spray it directly into cracks and holes, then the rubberized coating will fill those cracks and holes.

Flex glue is a kind of adhesive, so it can be used in any application that needs strong bonding. On the other hand, flex seal spray is a kind of sealant, so it can be used in any type of waterproofing works or sealant works.

But there are some applications where both of them can be used. In auto or boat repair, both of them can be utilized because those cracks in them can be fixed with sealant as well as glue.

So, you can’t say flex glue or flex seal is better. Because they are not totally comparable as they work in different manners.

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Flex Seal

How Strong Is Flex Glue?

In a TV commercial, flex glue claims that it is an incredibly strong glue that can work underwater and hold weights of more than 1000 pounds. It can be utilized to maintain the integrity of an entire 4×4 vehicle.

Can You Use Flex Glue as Sealant?

Yes, you can. Flex Glue can be used underwater and will even cure there.

How Many Pounds Can Flex Glue Hold?

Flex glue can hold up to 1000 pounds with ease.

Can Flex Seal Be Removed Once Applied?

If you scrub it heavily, it will definitely come off. When you try to remove flex seal from clothing, use mineral spirits.

Last Opinion

So, flex glue or flex seal? Which one you should use totally depends on your work. I just try to compare flex glue vs. flex seal in terms of their applications. Hopefully, you like that. If you do, please leave a comment below.

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