E6000 vs E6000 plus

E6000 glue has an updated version that is E6000 plus. It has a lot of similarities with the E6000, but these two are not the same. Get through everything about E6000 vs. E6000 plus first. 

E6000 is a versatile and industrial adhesive. It includes an excellent tensile strength to provide a much stronger bond than many popular types of glue. Besides, E6000 plus is also a good adhesive with a crystal clear and paintable finish with no smell at all. 

To know more about them, check out the description of E6000 and E6000 plus adhesive with accurate information. 

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E6000 Vs. E6000 Plus

What Is E6000? 

E6000 is a polyurethane-based glue. It is an industrial adhesive that can be used on rubber, plastic, metal, leather, wood, vinyl, and many more. If you want intense bonds, this is the one you need. With a 3200 PSI tensile strength, it is strong enough on the material yet keeps flexibility. 

As it is an industrial adhesive, it becomes easier to do heavy work with E6000. It is strong and versatile enough to work on different surfaces effectively. Moreover, E6000 is easy to dry. It needs a few minutes to get tacky and around 24 to 72 hours to get its full strength. So, it is a versatile, strong, and easy-to-use adhesive. 

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What Is E6000 Plus? 

E6000 plus has almost the same as E6000 glue. It is a multi-purpose glue with premium polymer technology. It bonds with metal, ceramic, concrete, gems, glass, fiberglass, fabric, plastics, etc. The only exceptional benefit is it has no odor. 

Besides, it has waterproof formula and weather protection. So you can use it for indoor and outdoor applications. E6000 adhesive is suitable for small applications and repairs. Those who don’t like glue odor can use this product. Also, it dries clear, is paintable, washer-safe, UV resistant, and flexible. Overall, it is a good adhesive that dries quickly. 

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What Is The Difference Between E6000 And E6000 Plus? 

When talking about E6000 and E6000 plus adhesives, these two are almost the same. But the only difference is E6000 plus has no odor, but the E6000 has. The formulation of E6000 plus adhesive is made with premium polymer technology. So, it gives a premium-quality bond to the surface. 

E6000 is more versatile and includes less toxicity. If you compare E6000 and E6000 plus glue, E6000 plus is the better. 

Get to know more about these glues, like the method of using E6000 on fabric, from here. 

E6000 Plus

Are there different types of E6000?

Yes, there are two types of E6000 glue. Both types of adhesive are of good quality because they are made of spandex or lycra. To get good flexibility, get the E6000 glue. 

How strong is E6000 plus?

E6000 plus is almost like E6000 adhesive. It is a polyurethane-based glue with no smell at all. It provides excellent bonding with a 3200 PSI tensile strength. 

How long does it take for E6000 plus to dry?

Although the drying time depends on humidity and temperature, E6000 dries quickly. It only takes 2 to 10 minutes to stick and around 24 to 72 hours to cure properly. 

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Last Opinion

There are a lot of similarities between the E6000 and the E6000 plus. The only difference is E6000 plus has no odor. So, if you have a problem with smell and want less toxic glue, go for E6000 plus one. 

Also, if you want glue for industrial bonds, E6000 is perfect for your project. Get all the information and follow them well so that you can use the best one and get the best results. 

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