Permatex Ultra Grey vs Ultra Black

My friend Andrew has a garage on the outskirts of the city.

I, sometimes go there for my car/ And every time I go to this garage; I see he only uses Permatex gasket makers (either the Ultra Grey or the Permatex Ultra Black) for his car engines.

This had me thinking about what these two gasket makers are special for. Or which of these two should I get for my own car?

After a long discussion and researching Permatex Ultra Grey vs. Ultra Black, I was able to find out the answer. 

I have shared my views of both these gasket makers, highlighting their differences, and explained why I chose one over the other for your convenience.

Read below to find out more.

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What Is Permatex Ultra?

Permatex Ultra is the premium line of gasket makers from the very popular brand Permatex. 

Featuring a non-corrosive and super-strong formula, the gasket makers of this brand meet the performance specifications of OE silicone gaskets and can be used for versatile applications. 

Be it timing covers, transmission pans, or sealing thermostat housings, the usage of these gasket sealants is versatile and wide. 

All you need to do is just pick the one that will suit your needs the most.

Permatex Ultra Grey vs. Ultra Black

The color is not the only difference between Permatex Ultra Grey and Ultra Black gasket makers. There are some significant differences between these two products.

I have summarized the differences between these gasket makers in the table below so that you can have a quick glance and know them quickly. 

Summary of The Differences

FeaturesPermatex Ultra GreyPermatex Ultra Black
FlexibilityNot FlexibleHighly Flexible
ApplicationValve covers, water pump, intake manifold end seals, thermostat housingsOil pans, timing covers, transmission pans, differential cove
Powertrain Fluids ResistantNoYes

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What Are The Main Differences Between Permatex Ultra Grey and Ultra Black? 

I have talked about the differences in great detail as well. The elaborated explanation will also help you to learn better. 

Permatex Ultra Grey


One of the major differences between Permatex Ultra Grey and Permatex Ultra Black is their flexibility. 

The Permatex Ultra Grey is not flexible at all. This means that you need to work quickly and attentively with this gasket maker sealant.

Moreover, because of its rigidity, you can’t fix the seal once it is set in place. 

On the other hand, Permatex Ultra Black is known for its high flexibility. This gasket maker gives you the freedom to work with it comfortably without hurrying. 

Its flexibility also makes it easier for you to work with it. 

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Even though both the Permatex Ultra Grey and Permatex Ultra Black are gasket makers from the same line of products, their application is quite different. 

For starters, Permatex Ultra Grey sealant is primarily used to seal and adhere oil pans, intake manifold end seals, valve covers, timing covers, water pumps, and thermostat housings efficiently.

It doesn’t matter what type of automobile you are using; this gasket maker will work perfectly.

However, the application of Permatex Ultra Black is a dif different. This gasket maker sealant is usually used to seal timing covers, transmission pans, differential cove, and oil pans in your car’s engine. 

It will create a strong bond and make sure that the seal doesn’t come off anytime soon.

Powertrain Fluids Resistant

One of the biggest differences between Permatex Ultra Grey and Permatex Ultra Black gasket makers is their ability to resist Powertrain Fluids.

Because Permatex Ultra Grey cannot resist the Powertrain Fluids, they are not as flexible and durable as the others in the market.

On the other hand, as Permatex Ultra Black can withstand the Powertrain Fluids, it offers longevity, durability, and flexibility to the users. 

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Permatex Ultra Black

What is Permatex Ultra GREY used for?

Permatex Ultra GREY is a high-performance gasket maker and sealant. It’s specifically designed for use in automotive applications and is typically used for sealing components, such as oil pans, valve covers, transmission pans, and thermostat housings.

This product is known for its resistance to oil, coolant, and other automotive fluids, making it a suitable choice for creating durable, long-lasting seals in an engine or transmission.

Can I use Permatex Ultra Black on a gasket?

Yes, you can use Permatex Ultra Black for gasket applications. Permatex Ultra Black is another high-performance gasket maker and sealant, similar to Permatex Ultra GREY.

It’s designed to create reliable seals for various automotive components and is particularly well-suited for use in areas where oil and other fluids are present.

Permatex Ultra Black can be used on valve covers, oil pans, timing covers, water pumps, and more.

Can Permatex Ultra Black hold up to gas?

Permatex Ultra Black is formulated to withstand exposure to various automotive fluids, including gasoline.

When used to create a seal on components in contact with gasoline, it can hold up well under those conditions.

However, it’s essential to ensure that the application is clean, dry, and properly cured before it comes into contact with fuel.

Last Opinion

There is no doubt that even though both these gasket makers are from the same line of products, there are some significant differences between them. And the Permatex Ultra Grey vs. Ultra Black also implies that.

Because they are different, I would pick the Permatex Ultra Black if I needed to pick one. This gasket maker sealant is super flexible and easy to work with.

Moreover, as it can resist Powertrain Fluids, high heat, and incredible vibrations, this gasket maker provides better durability than its competitor. 

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