Loctite Vs Permatex Threadlocker

To get a good threadlocking seal, there are two good options to choose from. One is Loctite 518, and the other is Permatex 51813. 

People usually get confused between these two products as they are almost similar. To get rid of the dilemma and get the best one, all you need is to check the Loctite vs. Permatex Threadlocker comparison. 

Loctite and Permatex are both high-quality products with some incredible features. Loctite is good for sealing, and Permatex is better for threadlocking. 

Know what’s best for your project, and to help you out with this, here is the comparison with all the details below. 

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Loctite Vs. Permatex Threadlocker 

About Loctite Sealant (518)

Loctite 518 is a gasket maker flange sealant. It is suitable for on-the-spot fixing. Loctite provides a flexible seal on several materials like iron, aluminum, steel flanges, and more. 

Besides, it is a premium-quality adhesive for any emergency repair. It also works well when there is no conventional gasket in stock. 

Loctite 518 Threadlocker

Moreover, this Loctite 518 adhesive is easy to use. You can easily disassemble the parts and get rid of old gasket materials by simply using a putty knife. So, that makes the entire process easier. 

This Loctite sealant is perfect for sealing and filling gaps. It has a solvent-reactant formula that protects the surface from tearing. 

To get a non-corrosive result, this product is the best choice. You can use it for water pumps, transmission pans, thermostat housings, transmission case covers, O-ring replacement, and transaxle casings. 

With anaerobic, and non-corrosive features, this Loctite product is a good flange sealant for aluminum, steel, and iron. Overall, it is a great product for a lot of reasons. 

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About Permatex Threadlocker (51813)

Permatex Threadlocker sealant is an anaerobic gasket maker. It is designed to make and dress gaskets of all sizes and shapes. 

It is the Permatex 51813 sealant with many features that make it uniquely effective. It fills cracks, gaps, or any imperfections instantly. 

As it dries quickly, you can repair any kind of mess fast, whenever you need. All you need is the Permatex Threadlocker sealant, and use it as instructed for a perfect application. 

Moreover, the product is ideal for aluminum and cast iron flanges. It delivers premium-quality repair. It is considered a suitable one for professionals. 

The Permatex sealant is an automotive grade one that works great to prevent leaking. It is easy to remove as well. Also, it is OEM certified. 

Permatex Threadlocker

To get an emergency repair, this product is the best choice. It is considered the ideal product for on-the-spot fixing. Also, it can fill gaps between .015” and the process is quick. 

Use it for transmission pans, transmission case covers, water pumps, transaxle casings, thermostat housings, O-ring replacement, power dividers, crankcase flanges, drive unit joints, and more. 

Overall, to get a strong sealant and cover any imperfections, the Permatex Threadlocker sealant is the one. 

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What Is The Difference Between Loctite And Permatex Threadlocker Sealant? 

Loctite and Permatex Threadlocker have many similarities. They are both gasket maker flange sealants and are good for emergency heavy-duty repairs like sealing gaps and cracks. 

Both Loctite and Permatext include a wide range of products. Comparing them will be a close call as their features are almost similar. 

Loctite is a sealant, and the Permatex one is a threadlocker. Sealant is used to make a strong seal on the gaps and cracks. 

On the other hand, a threadlocker is used to prevent threaded fasteners from getting loose when additional movement or vibration happens. 

So, that’s why it is considered the better one. The bond of the threadlocker is durable and stronger. Both are anaerobic threadlocking and sealants. 

Moreover, the gap-filling amount is different. The Loctite fills up to 0.01 inches. On the other hand, the Permatex can fill gaps up to 0.015 inches. 

In this case, the Permatex can fill a larger gap than Loctite. In an overall sense, the Permatex is the better one for these kinds of uses. 

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Is LOCTITE and Permatex the same company?

No, LOCTITE and Permatex are not the same company. They are separate companies that produce adhesives, sealants, and other products for various applications.

LOCTITE is a brand of adhesives and sealants owned by Henkel, a German company, while Permatex is a brand owned by ITW (Illinois Tool Works), an American company. Both companies offer similar types of products, but they are distinct entities with their own product lines and operations.

Which thread locker is strongest?

The strength of a thread locker depends on its intended use and the specific requirements of the application. Thread lockers are generally categorized into different strengths: low, medium, and high.

The “strongest” thread locker would typically refer to a high-strength variant, often known as “permanent” or “red” thread locker. These high-strength thread lockers provide a very strong bond that is difficult to disassemble without the application of heat or specialized tools.

However, the choice of strength depends on factors such as the size of the fastener, the material being fastened, and the desired level of disassembly in the future.

What is Permatex threadlocker used for?

Permatex threadlocker is a type of adhesive product designed to prevent threaded fasteners, such as screws, bolts, and nuts, from loosening due to vibrations or other external forces.

It is applied to the threads of the fastener before assembly and cures to form a secure bond that helps lock the fastener in place.

Threadlockers come in different strengths, such as low, medium, and high, allowing users to choose the appropriate level of locking force based on the specific application.

Permatex threadlocker, like other similar products, is commonly used in automotive, industrial, and mechanical applications to ensure that critical fasteners remain securely tightened over time.

Last Opinion

Now that you know about both Loctite and Permatex sealant and threadlocker, you can choose the better one which is the Permatex 51813. 

According to all the information about Loctite vs. Permatex Threadlocker, you can get an authentic description that helps you choose better. 

Loctite is good for iron, aluminum, and steel flanges. And Permatex is better for aluminum, and iron flanges. 

Go for the suitable one according to your project, and you will surely get better results. 

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