Loctite Blue Vs Permatex Blue

Loctite Blue and Permatex Blue are the two most effective sealants you can use for various reasons. 

Most people think they are the same, but they are not. To figure out the differences and know which one is the best, you must go through the Loctite Blue vs. Permatex Blue comparison. 

Loctite Blue is versatile. It is for automotive, house repairs, and multiple maintenance projects. 

But the Permatex one is for automotive applications only. Loctite Blue is faster to dry than Permatex. 

If you want to know more about them and select the best one, check out the authentic comparisons below. 

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Loctite Blue Vs. Permatex Blue 

Loctite Blue Overview 

Loctite Blue is a removable automotive sealant. It is an industrial product that can be used for many heavy-duty projects. 

You can use it for automotive repairs like water pumps, valve covers, alternators, and oil pans. 

Loctite Blue

It is also suitable for some home fixings like grills, low mowers, bicycles, locksets, and some maintenance projects like light conveyors, light machinery, tow motors, indoor hardware, and many more. 

Moreover, the Loctite is removable with hand tools that offer maximum hold within 10 minutes and complete cure within 24 hours. It can seal up to ¼” to ¾”, and that’s incredible. 

Also, it can prevent the seal from loosening from vibration, shock, rust, and corrosion. It holds up the seal so well that it protects from leaks effectively. 

You only need to clean and dry the place, apply the product to the required areas, and then let it dry for 10 minutes or a day for a complete cure. 

That’s all you need for a strong bond and a perfect repair. 

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Permatex Blue Overview 

Permatex Blue is an all-purpose medium-strength threadlocker blue. It is ideal for all nuts and bolts applications up to ¼” to ¾” (6 to 20 mm). 

This Permatex Blue is made for professionals. You can use it for valve cover bolts, water pump bolts, drive shaft bolts, oil pan bolts, carburetor studs, and more. 

It comes in a gel-like formula. So, it is easy to apply as it doesn’t drip or get messy. It is superior to nylon inserts, conventional lock washers, and other mechanical devices. 

You can use it on any metal and get the strongest bond. The Permatex blue is famous for locking threaded fasteners and seals against vibration loosening. 

The anaerobic threadlocking product can protect threads from corrosion. Moreover, it creates a strong bond on the surfaces to resist leakage, vibration, and shock. 

It works with active metals in the absence of air. And that’s how it can create a strong bond. 

Permatex Blue

Also, you can use the hand tools to quickly remove bolts and nuts several times for a quick repair process. 

Lastly, the Permatex is OEM specified. It cures to form a tough and robust adhesion and seals the surface for a superior outcome. 

For getting leakage, rust, and corrosion-free results, Permatex is the best solution. 

What Is The Difference Between Loctite Blue And Permatex Blue? 

The features of Loctite Blue and Permatex Blue are almost the same. People sometimes think that they work the same, but they are not similar. 

Loctite Blue and Permatex Blue are suitable for water pumps, oil pans, valve covers, etc. However, Loctite Blue can do additional work, like home fixes and maintenance repairs. 

You can use it on grills, low mowers, locksets, bicycles, and some maintenance projects like light conveyors, light machinery, tow motors, and more. 

On the other hand, Permatex is a gel-like liquid. So it doesn’t drip on the vertical surfaces. If you want a non-messy process, the ideal product will be the Permatex Blue. 

But if you want to use it on any household or maintenance projects, Loctite Blue is the ideal choice. 

So, choose according to the project’s requirements for the perfect outcome. Both are good-quality products, but choose the one that includes better features for your repair. 

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Last Opinion

According to the Loctite Blue vs. Permatex Blue comparison, you can select the right one. The Loctite one is more versatile and suitable for several household, automotive, and maintenance repairs. 

On the other hand, the Permatex is suitable for only automotive purposes with no messy formula. 

Get the right one, and you will get the desired outcome that you hope for. 

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