Hot Glue Gun Not Working

A hot glue gun is an effective way to get the best adhesion on any project. But what if the tool doesn’t work as expected? If the hot glue gun not working, there could be various reasons behind it. 

There are some misconceptions about hot glue guns. So, it’s necessary to get into the details to know the root causes of why the hot glue gun not working and some solutions to fix it. 

So, get into the description to acknowledge the causes of glue guns not working and some solutions to eliminate this problem. 

Let’s get started with the discussion! 

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Causes of Hot Glue Gun Not Working 

Hot glue gone is an incredible way to use for having the most robust adhesion on any surface. Glue sticks are used in this process by inserting them into the gun. 

The gun melts the glue, and you need to apply it hot. However, sometimes you see glue guns not working well. There can be many reasons behind it. 

The first reason is if you have a terrible glue gun or glue stick. For the poor quality product, it cannot give you good adhesion. 

Another thing is the malfunction of the nozzle. If the nozzle is not suitable, the adhesive cannot flow evenly on the surface and thus does not work well. 

As you need to heat the gun first and then use it, overheating can be an issue. If you keep the gun for too long, it can create smoke or fumes that lead to malfunction. 

It may not happen every time you keep it plugged in for too long. The reason is every device has its limit to electrical consumption. 

However, leaving the glue gun isn’t a good decision as there’s always a chance to get overheated and end up having a failure. 

Also, overheating can melt the nozzles or any part of the gun. So, it’s better to avoid plugging the gun in too long. 

The other reason could be a clogged nozzle. If the glue gun is clogged because of previous uses, it cannot deliver glue from the nozzle anymore. 

Some other causes for the hot glue gun not working are poor heat stability, a malfunction with the heating mechanism, glue guns in unsuitable temperatures, and more. 

Using Hot Glue

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Solutions If Hot Glue Gun Not Working 

When there are issues, there are solutions as well. First, you need to find out the causes. According to that, fix the problems and you will again work with the glue gun. 

Check if the heating mechanism is right. If not, make sure you fix that or change the glue gun. 

If the gun is clogged, clear the clogged area properly to get even applications. 

Besides, clean the nozzle properly. Also, keep the gun away from flammable things. If the nozzle is fully clogged, the dried glue of the outside area of the nozzle can be hazardous. 

Although keeping the tool plugged in for a long time is not a problem, you shouldn’t allow it to connect to electricity for too long. It can damage the tool and can be dangerous, too. 

Always go for a new glue gun if the older one isn’t working well. Glue guns are inexpensive, so you can always get a new one and avoid hassle. 

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How Do You Make Hot Glue Stronger?

Hot glue is a strong adhesive that work on several surfaces. To get an even stronger bond, you can use a hot glue gun. It helps to melt down the adhesive completely and that helps to bond it stronger. 

Besides, you can make the surface rough because rough surfaces grab adhesive intensely and create a more solid bond effectively. 

Use sandpaper to roughen up the surface, then apply the adhesive for a better result. 

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Last Opinion

Now that things are clear about the hot glue gun not working and the details about the causes and solutions, you need to check them all to be sure what you should do if the glue gun is not working. 

Ensure you follow all the instructions well to get better results for your project. Hopefully, you will get what you are looking for. 

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