Nail Glue Not Working

Nail glue is a good-quality product to work for various purposes. You can use it for nail art as well as for rhinestones too. But what if the nail glue is not working? What could be the reason? 

Well, there could be different reasons in terms of the product and application method. If the product is not good or the application process is wrong, nail glue doesn’t stick well. 

There can be any reason. For that, you need to figure out the exact cause and then take steps accordingly. 

To learn more about it, check out the description in detail below. 

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Causes of Nail Glue Not Working 

Nail glue is an essential element to use for nail art. It is used to stick fake nails easily. It is also applied for sticking rhinestones and doing different nail art. 

However, if you see the nail glue is not working well, there could be any reason behind it. To fix it, you must know the reasons for not working. 

The reason can be the quality of the product or the age of it. Check the age of the product. If the expiration date is over, it can no longer be used. See the date of the production and expiration to know if it’s expired. 

Also, if the quality of the product is not good, there could be a reason for not working the product well. The expensive product will not always work well. The same goes for cheaper ones as well. 

For that, you must check the product’s reviews before buying one. The failure of sticking the glue can be because of one specific poor-quality product. 

Like the glue, the press-on nails should also be good quality ones. Ensure quality is good and you get the right size according to your natural nail size. Otherwise, the glue won’t stick appropriately because of the oversized nail. 

Moreover, if you don’t apply the glue with the proper technique, it doesn’t work. How you use the nail glue is important. If the application is not correct, it can be another reason for nail glue not working well. 

The other reason could be not applying the glue on a clean surface. If the nail or any other surface contains dust, it won’t be easy to stick to the surface. 

Further, having air bubbles on the tip can be a reason for not having a solid bond on the surface. Not priming or preparing the surface is a significant reason behind the failure. 

Lastly, the natural oil on the nails is not suitable for the glue to stick. For the oily surface, it helps the bond not stick or have a secure bond. 

So, when you see the glue is not sticking or comes off easily, these can be some of the reasons behind it. 

Applying Nail Glue

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Solutions for Nail Glue Not Working 

The first solution is to identify the problem. The reason is when you know the issue; it will be easier to solve it. Once you find out, you only need to find a solution. 

If you see the quality of the product and the press on nails is not good, change them and het the new ones that work better. 

Besides, you should prepare the nails before applying the glue. As you know, the natural oil of the nail is a no for the adhesive; make sure you get rid of it first. 

For that, prime the nails and make it rough. It helps to stick the glue and create an even stronger bond. First, you must remove the previous nail polish from the nails if you have any. 

Use acetone or rubbing alcohol to remove both nail polish and any oils contained on the nails. After dehydrating the nails, you need to buff the surface. Buffing is a good step that makes a suitable glue-sticking surface. 

Don’t forget to apply a base coat. It will protect your nails from any damage. Get the nails to dry thoroughly; then, it’s ready to use the glue to stick the press on the nails. 

Another thing to remember is to use a top coat after all the steps. The reason is it will protect the nails and keep them longer. 

You have to follow the techniques to get the proper adhesion that the nail glue provides. Preparing natural nails can make it 100 times better to apply nail glue than before. 

Following the techniques of applying the nail glue makes the process much more effective. You should also be careful not to allow too much water to the nails. 

To ensure the longevity of the nails, you need to protect them from water. Also, use an activator to speed up the curing time. 

If you follow the instructions correctly, you will no longer face the failure of the nail glue procedure. 

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Last Opinion

Now that you know how to make the nail glue work, you should be focused on following the guidelines. If nail glue is not working, there could be various reasons. Find the cause of your adhesive and fix the issue to get an effective outcome. 

Apply the glue as instructed, and you will surely get the desired outcome that you are looking for. 

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  1. Hi,
    my problem is my nails are naturally oily in a way that nail glue just lifts off them. No matter how well I or a nail technician prepare them, after a day or two the glue just detaches from the nails and they fall off. The glue is still stuck to the fake nails. I didn’t always have this problem, it’s gotten much worse over time. It’s the same with acrylic nails, after a day or two they just fall off. I want a glue that will stick to my nails, ie not a superglue. Any ideas welcome.

    1. Try acrylic powder. It claims to last up to 3 weeks. And if you want a glue then get NYK1 Super Strong Nail Glue for press on nails, and Makartt Quick Nail Glue for acrylics. Let us know if you have any more queries. Thank you.

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