What Adhesive Sticks to Glass

When you need to stick things together, adhesives are great, but it can be hard to find the right adhesive for the job.

Is there even such a thing as an adhesive that sticks to glass? Can you use any glue on the glass without ruining it? What adhesive sticks to glass and won’t damage it? As you might expect, there’s more than one way to approach this question, so read on!

What Kind of Glue to Use on Glass

What Kind of Glue to Use on Glass?

Loctite Glass Glue


Super Glue


What Adhesive Sticks to Glass?

This section describes the different types of adhesives that can be used on glass. We also explain how to choose the right adhesive for your project and provide tips on using adhesives.

Applying Epoxy Adhesive to Fix Broken Glass


One of the best types of glue for glass is epoxy. Epoxy comes in two parts that you mix, and it dries clear. It’s strong and waterproof, making it an excellent choice for projects where the glue will be visible. It’s also easy to use, even for beginners. Here’s a step-by-step guide to using epoxy on glass:

1. Clean both surfaces you’ll be bonding with alcohol, soap, and water. Dry them completely.

2. Mix equal parts of the epoxy resin and hardener.

3. Apply the epoxy to one surface with a brush or spatula.

4. Press the two surfaces together and hold them in place for at least five minutes. 

5. Remove any excess epoxy from around the edges with a putty knife. 

6. Allow your project to cure overnight before using it.

Applying Super Glue to Fix Broken Glass

Super Glue

Super glue is a powerful adhesive that can be used on various surfaces, including glass. When using super glue on glass, it’s important to remember a few things. 

First, clean the surface of the glass thoroughly before applying the glue. 

Second, roughen up the surface of the glass with sandpaper to give the glue something to adhere to. 

Third, apply a small amount of glue to one side of the glass and firmly press the two pieces together. 

Finally, remove any excess glue outside the joint with a wet cloth or cotton swab. If you’ve never tried this process before, we recommend practicing it on something inexpensive first!

Applying Silicone Adhesive to Fix Broken Glass

Silicone Adhesive

If you’re looking for an adhesive that will stick to glass without fail, then you want a silicone adhesive. This glue is specifically designed to create a strong bond with glass, making it ideal for repairs, crafts, and more. Best of all, silicone adhesive is easy to use and clean up. 

Simply apply a thin layer of glue to the glass surface and press the two pieces together until they are securely bonded. 

Let them dry overnight before handling or moving them again. Once dried, this adhesive will not come off in water or solvents, so cleanup should also be minimal.

Applying Loctite Glass Glue to Fix Broken Glass

Loctite Glass Glue

Loctite Glass Glue is a great option if you’re looking for glue that will bond glass to glass or metal. This product forms a clear, permanent bond resistant to breakage and withstands extreme temperatures. Plus, it dries quickly, so you can return to using your project immediately. Here’s a step-by-step guide to using Loctite Glass Glue: 

1. Start by cleaning both surfaces that you’ll be bonding together. Any dirt or grease will prevent the glue from adhering properly.

2. Apply the glue to one surface. A little goes a long way with this product, so use a small amount. The glue will begin to harden almost immediately after application, so work quickly. 

3. Immediately place the other piece on top of the glued area. The two pieces should be lined up carefully; once they are aligned, hold them until they are secured by the adhesive – around five minutes in most cases. 

4. Allow 24 hours before applying weight or pressure to your newly glued piece.

5. To remove Loctite Glass Glue from unwanted areas, scrape off as much as possible with a putty knife and wipe up any residue with an oil-soaked rag before it has time to harden completely. 

6. Keep the remaining glue covered when not in use to keep it fresh and ready for future projects. 

7. Label your new jar of Loctite Glass Glue, so you don’t accidentally confuse it with anything else! And there you have it! 

It’s never been easier to adhere two sheets of glass together, thanks to Loctite Glass Glue.

Last Opinion

So, what’s the best glue for glass? In general, it’s best to use clear glue, so it doesn’t show through. 

Super glue is a good option, but use it in a well-ventilated area and follow the instructions carefully. 

You can also use hot glue, which will give you a stronger bond, but be careful not to burn yourself. 

If you’re looking for something more permanent, consider using epoxy. Whichever glue you choose, test it out on a small piece of glass first to make sure it works well.

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