Command Strips Not Sticking to Wall

When it’s about Command strips, it’s a great product. It sticks pretty well without any tools or damaging the surface. But if it doesn’t stick to everything. 

If the surface is rough, newly painted, or textured, Command strips not sticking to walls like these. There are other reasons as well. There could be temperature issues, size issues, and application issues as well. 

Check out the causes of Command strips not sticking and how to eliminate them. 

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Causes of Command Strips Not Sticking to Wall 

Command strips are hanging adhesive tapes. It is used to stick any wall hanging easily. You don’t need any tools to make a hole in the wall. It’s safer than other hanging options. 

Also, it is damage-free. So, using the Command strip tapes is recommended. But if you face difficulty using it, there are many reasons behind it. If the strips are not feeling sticky, the reason could be anything. 

Command strips are recommended for smooth surfaces like painted walls, tile, glass, metal, laminated finished wood, and materials like that. 

However, it is not suitable for rough and textured surfaces like textured walls, brick, fabric, and any rough areas like these. 

So, if you’re complaining that the Command strips don’t stick, you are now clear that it won’t stick if you’re using it on a rough surface. 

But if the reason is not that, there could be a different issue. Command strips are available in different shapes according to different sizes. 

It comes in S, M, L, and XL. The size S is for holding up to 4 lbs, M is for up to 12 lbs, L is for 16 lbs, and XL is for 20 lbs. So, make sure you choose the correct size according to the weight of the thing you will hang on the wall. 

If you don’t use the correct size, the strip cannot hold the piece firmly and won’t stick to the wall. 

Another reason for Command strips not sticking to wall is the non-prepped surface. If the surface is poorly primed, no adhesive will work on it. It should be prepared well before going through any strip application. 

For example, if the wall is newly painted and not dried well, no strip or glue will stick. So, if it happens, you should always avoid using strips on non-prepared surfaces. 

Lastly, if you don’t use the product in a proper environment with the right temperature, it will be tough to stick. 

You should always use the strips at an appropriate temperature. Keep these things in mind, and find solutions to solve the issue. 

Command Strips

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Solutions for Command Strips Not Sticking to Wall 

Command strips are highly sticky. But if it doesn’t feel sticky, you must take steps to eliminate the problem. 

The strips are easy to use and clean as well. It holds the stuff on the wall strongly. But if it doesn’t stick, then you must check if there is any issue or not and then figure out the solution accordingly. 

First, you must check if you are using the strip on a smooth surface or textured one. If you are using it on a textured surface, you are doing it wrong. 

As Command strips don’t work on rough surfaces, you should smoothen out the surface to effectively apply the strip. 

Moreover, preparation is essential. If you don’t prep the wall, then it will not stick. Ensure that you prepare the surface, then apply the strip. 

To prep the surface, use a generous amount of rubbing alcohol to clean it from any dust. 

Further, as it comes in different sizes, select the perfect size according to the weight it would hold. 

Another mistake many people make is to apply the strip on the newly painted wall. You should wait at least 7 days after painting before using this product. This way, you will get a better outcome. 

Lastly, having a suitable temperature is necessary. The indoor temperature must be between 50º-105ºF. 

The strips are easy to use and easy to remove as well. You should lightly hold the top of the strip and slowly pull down to the floor. It will come off quickly without damaging the wall. 

You should also know it cannot be used on fabrics and papers. Also, it is not recommended for shadow boxes, mounting shelves, and tapestries. 

So, these are the things you should follow. If you want to make the Command strips work, follow these guidelines, and you will eliminate the problem for sure. 

Do Command Strips Work on Textured Walls? 

Command strips are not suitable for textured walls or any rough surfaces. It may stick to the textured or newly painted walls but not hold very well. It will not be durable. 

The reason is apparent. This adhesive tape is recommended for use on only smooth surfaces. No matter how hard you push, it won’t stick to rough walls for long. 

However, if the surface is slightly textured, it may work, but it isn’t recommended to work on the pure roughen walls. 

Last Opinion

Now that you understand why Command strips not sticking to wall, you must follow the causes to use them correctly. 

To make the product work on even textured or newly painted walls, you must make it smooth before applying the tape strip. 

When it’s about painted walls, wait a week to make it completely dry and suitable for the Command strips application. 

Make sure to follow the guidelines that are shown in this article to get the best and long-lasting results. 

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