Floral Tape Not Sticking

Floral tapes are not sticky. It is required to warm it up first to make it sticky and suitable for the application.

First, you should know that floral tape is only crepe paper with a wax coating. You need to activate the wax and make it sticky to work in the places you want. 

It is a product mainly made for artificial flowers, DIY crafts, arts, and decorative pieces. But what should you do if the floral tape is not sticking? 

Well, there are a lot of ideas that are being shown below to make it easy for you. So, check it out to have a better knowledge about it. 

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Causes of Floral Tape Not Sticking 

Floral tape is different from any other kind of tape. It is just crepe paper with a soft wax coating. There is no adhesive on the tape. 

So, the process is a bit different. You may think there is no stickiness and how it would stick to the wire. Well, the primary reason for thinking that floral tape is not sticking is that the tape doesn’t feel sticky. 

As there is no adhesive on the tape, it feels non-sticky. But that doesn’t mean it won’t work. 

Floral tapes are used to do some decorations like wedding bouquet wrapping, flower arrangements, making artificial flowers, and a lot more DIY, gift, and crafts projects. 

Well, glue doesn’t stick to floral tapes. If the tapes don’t feel sticky, there could be other reasons. Every product works depending on its quality. If the quality of the tape is not good, it won’t stick. 

That means if the floral tape doesn’t include enough wax, it doesn’t stick to the stems. If it happens, then the tape cannot create a perfect application. 

This stretchy masking tape is a blend of polyolefin and wax. It helps to make a strong bond. So, thinking that it doesn’t stick is wrong information. 

However, it won’t work correctly if it’s dried out. It can be solved. All you need to know is what to do and work with it accordingly. 

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Floral Tape

Solutions for Floral Tape Not Sticking 

If the floral tape isn’t sticking, you are probably doing it wrong. The reason is floral tape doesn’t work like other tapes. It doesn’t feel sticky. To make it sticky, you need to warm up the wax. 

For that, it needs a bit of stretching. Do it with your hands and warm the tape with the heat of your fingers. 

This will activate the stickiness of the tape, which is now ready for use. But if the tape is still not sticking to the wire, you need to increase the tension of it. 

All you need to do is pressure the top of the tape and warm it. When the tape is completely activated, roll it around the wire. 

You should always ensure to use an extra fine crepe paper. You can use the heavy crepe paper, but avoid using a double-sided one because it doesn’t have enough stretch. 

Also, match the color of the leaf because that makes the flower look more natural. Avoid glue on the floral tape because it won’t stick on crepe paper. Use additional wax instead. 

Try these techniques when the floral tapes are not working. 

Last Opinion

Now that you know all about floral tapes and some solutions for floral tape not sticking, you can try out the process to make the floral tapes work efficiently. 

Using additional wax is always recommended. Also, remember that you can always add more. So, keep sticking the tape at an angle and add more to give the decorative piece an excellent finish. 

So, these are the hacks you need to focus on. Don’t panic when you see floral tape not working, and try these tricks to get success in it. 

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