Types of PVC Glue

PVC glue comes in many variations. When it comes to the types of PVC glue, there are mainly three types of bonds. 

These are primer and cement, thread sealant, and joint compound. These are equally effective if used in the right way. To get the suitable one for your job, it’s mandatory to know all the types and choose the perfect one. 

Let’s get right into the detailed information to make sure you are getting the best one. 

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About PVC Glue 

PVC glue is a solvent glue. It is made of vinyl chloride polymers with some fillers and solvents added. PVC dissolves the surface and PVC sheet to join them together and create a great bond. It is mainly the melting process to make strong bonds. 

Besides, PVC glue is easy to use. The drying time depends on the type of glue you use and the weather as well. It generally takes 4-8 hours to dry up to 63mm. The atmosphere and temperature are also reasons for varying drying time. 

PVC glue comes in a container along with a portable brush. So it becomes easier to apply the glue to the surface. It is mainly a gap-filling, transparent adhesive that can fill cracks and provide effective outcomes. 

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Types of PVC Glue 

There are some types of PVC glue out there. The first you need to do is select the suitable kind of PVC glue according to your job. Each adhesive can do a particular task ideally. There are mainly three common types of bonds primer and cement, pipe thread sealant tape, and pipe joint compound. 

Among these adhesives, choose the right one for your job. To do that, know three of them first. 

PVC Primer And Cement 

PVC primer and cement are generally used on slip connections. The best fact about them is they are easy to use and set up quickly. There is a brush along with the product, and that makes it easier to apply. You need to apply the primer first. When the primer is still damp, apply the cement to the same areas to get coverage. 

This way, you can use PVC glue to have a great bond with maximum effect. Primer helps to prepare the surface, and cement is for having coverage. It is the main thing that works like adhesive. 

Thread Tape And Joint Compound 

Thread tape and the joint compound are suitable for threaded connections. The benefit is you can screw and re-screw the threaded ends. So, any kind of sealant is helpful to enable that feature. For your information, thread tape and joint compound don’t only work with PVC. They can do more than that, like different piping materials. 

All you need to do is wrap the tape around the male threads. Make sure you wrap it several times to cover the line well. After that, brush the joint compound on the male threads and ensure that no place is dry. You can use joint compound and thread tape to make a powerful bond. 

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What Type of PVC Glue for Pool Plumbing?     

For pool plumbing, you can go with medium or heavy body PVC glue. You should keep in mind that no adhesive, tape, or epoxy can fix water leaks. There must be a leaking fitting placed. Moreover, avoid glueing PVC pipes. It should only be cleaned and sanded. 

Air leaks can be temporarily sealed with glue. But it doesn’t mean it works best. Further, when joining PVC and steel, always connect female steel to male PVC to avoid cracks. Last but not least, leave the PVC glue for 30-60 minutes before the pool plumbing set-up. 

What Type of PVC Glue for Electrical Conduit? 

PVC cement glue is used to join the electrical conduit. PVC conduit fittings are generally used as they are easy to use and affordable. It also makes the PVC solvent cement application easier. Cement glue is the best choice as it makes permanent and watertight bonds. Also, it needs less than a minute to set. Overall, PVC glue cement is a good choice for electrical conduits. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the best PVC glue to use? 

If it is for any minor repairs, the best PVC glue is heavy body cement. It dries a bit slower but does the work accurately. You must also use a primer to prep the surface before applying adhesive. 

2. What do PVC cement colors mean? 

There are three different solvent cement grades such as heavy body, medium body, and extra heavy body. For medium and heavy body cement, the suitable PVC cement color is grey and transparent. If it is heavy body cement, it should be grey. 

3. Is PVC cement the same as PVC glue? 

PVC glue and PVC cement are not the same. PVC glue is to stick to the pieces and make a good bond. On the other hand, solvent cement is to fuse the pieces at the mole cutter level. 

Last Opinion

As you can see in the details about PVC glue, you can now use it for several suitable applications. There are numerous types of PVC glue you find out there. Make sure you know your type according to your project, then buy the ideal one. 

Check out all the details to ensure you get the best outcomes. 

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