Surebonder Glue Gun is Not Working

Surebonder glue gun is a versatile product that works on different surfaces and has several features that make it unique. But if the Surebonder glue gun is not working as expected, there could be various reasons behind it. 

Well, the Surebonder glue gun can work in different temperatures. It is a high-quality product. But sometimes, it becomes clogged or jammed. It can be a reason for the failure of the glue gun to perform. 

There can be a lot of reasons as well. To know it all and fix the issue, get into the details first! 

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Causes of Surebonder Glue Gun Not Working 

Surebonder glue gun is like a standard glue gun but has better features. It is an all-temperature glue gun. This means it can be used at both standard and low temperatures. 

Besides, the Surebonder glue stick is a versatile glue that delivers good adhesion on both porous and non-porous surfaces. 

So, if you see the Surebonder glue gun is not working well, there must be an issue with the gun. The reason could be anything. 

When the glue gun is not working, check the nozzle. It happens usually when the nozzle of the glue gun is clogged. If that is the case, then there will be poor flow or no flow at all. 

A jammed glue stick can also clog the nozzle. So, you need to get the correct stick type to avoid this problem. 

Moreover, there can be a leakage. If the glue gun is leaked, the entire process will be ruined. 

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Surebonder Glue Gun

Another reason can be choosing the wrong size of the gun. As a result, there will be no flow or minimal flow, which won’t be suitable for an application. So, choosing the right size is preferable. 

If you see the glue isn’t coming out in a proper consistency, that means there is a temperature issue. 

If the temperature of the glue gun isn’t suitable, the glue comes out too thick or too thin. And you cannot use it on your project if the consistency is not what you need. 

The other reason can be an electrical issue. If the gun is used for a long time, the power supply may not work like before. 

Further, there could be mechanical issues, too. Using a glue gun for a long time makes it crack. It can also be damaged by outer force or fall on a hard surface. 

If that happens, the glue gun will be damaged, and you can no longer get the desired performance. 

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Solutions for Surebonder Glue Gun Not Working 

As you know, the things that can be the reasons for the Surebonder glue gun not working, now you can also get to the solutions. 

First, you need to identify the problem and then figure out the solution to fix it. If the problem is mechanical, fix it accordingly. 

Sometimes, the problem is with the glue gun. If the gun isn’t connected to the power, the power supply isn’t working. In this case, you need to replace the battery or the gun if needed. 

Also, if there is any temperature problem, you should get a new gun in this case as well. Any device needs replacement in a certain amount of time. When the glue isn’t working at all, replacing it is a wise decision. 

Besides, if the glue gun is clogged, unclog it first. Heat the gun, then clear the nozzle for a better flow. 

Also, you need to get the right size of the glue stick. It helps to avoid the stick getting jammed into the gun. These are the things to follow if your Surebonder glue gun not working. 

Last Opinion

As everything about the failure of the Surebonder glue gun is described, you can now figure out the solution and repair it accordingly. 

If repairing is possible, you should take the advice and fix it. Otherwise, replacing is the only way. If the Surebonder glue gun is not working, follow the guidelines and resolve the issue. 

This way, you can make the glue gun work and have the desired performance Surebonder is famous for. 

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