Super Glue Not Working On Resin

Super glue is a fast-curing glue famous for making a super solid bond. From glass, metal, and concrete to any materials, it creates a strong bond instantly. 

However, it cannot give its total effort when making bonds with resin. The feature of the material and the glue isn’t compatible. Many reasons and solutions are going to be shown here in this article. 

Check out why super glue not working on resin and some solutions to make it work. 

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Does Super Glue Work On Resin? 

Super glue is a permanent glue. It is an easy-to-use glue that cures easily. Super glue is famous for bonding instantly. 

Although superglue is effective, it is not very effective in sticking resin together. Super glue is not enough to make a strong bond between resin pieces. 

There is something extra that is required to make it work. Also, super glue is suitable for bonding smaller parts. But for larger applications, this glue isn’t enough. 

Once super glue starts to cure, it bonds permanently. But resin is a material that cannot be glued firmly with super glue as it prevents moisture. 

Superglue needs moisture that it cannot get when working with resin. That’s why super glue doesn’t work well with resin. 

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Causes of Super Glue Not Working on Resin 

Super glue is an instant glue that sticks to any material easily. It also adheres to resin but doesn’t create a solid bond that it does to other materials. 

Resin is also a kind of plastic. So, it repels water and prevents the superglue from expanding. Superglue needs moisture to create a solid bond. Unlike other adhesives, it expands and makes a permanent bond. 

Super glue needs moisture to create a strong bond. But resin doesn’t help it to do that. Besides, superglue is suitable for small applications but not big ones. 

These are the reasons superglue cannot work well with resin. 

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Solutions If Super Glue Not Working on Resin 

Super glue is a high-quality product that creates an instant and permanent bond on multiple materials. However, it is not very applicable to resin products for obvious reasons. 

But you can solve the issue and get the stronger adhesion on resin as well. The simple way is to use a super glue accelerator. If you don’t have that, there is an alternative you can use. 

All you need is to mix a small amount of baking soda with super glue. Baking soda is a good accelerator that creates a stronger bond and even faster cure. 

However, super glue and baking soda mixture can create a texture on the surface. If you want to use it, you should keep that in mind. 

For making a solid bond between base materials by using cyanoacrylate, another solution is soapy water. Wash the surface with hot water and scrub it well. 

Then, clean it properly with soapy water and then apply the glue. You can also pour a drop of water on the area to help the glue bond stronger. As you know, superglue needs moisture to cure fast; a bit of water can also work as an accelerator. 

Lastly, the other thing is clamping. If you use a rubber band, tape, or something like this to hold the surfaces in place for some time, the chances of building a stronger bond can make the process easier. 

These are the things to follow to get the best outcome and solve the problem of super glue not working on resin. 

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Last Opinion

Super glue is a versatile product to use on several surfaces. It is famous for creating a permanently strong bond. It is a bit tricky to get the same results on resin. 

But if you follow the guidelines, you can solve the issue forever. The main thing you should focus on is making a better environment for the glue to expand and create a stronger bond. 

It needs moisture to cure faster. So, adding a drop of water can help you in emergencies. 

According to all the details about why super glue not working on resin and the solutions of it, hopefully, you can get the desired outcome when working with resin. 

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