Matte Medium vs Mod Podge

When buying adhesives for your various DIY projects, you must have come across names like Matte Medium and Mod Podge and got confused about which one you should buy for your arts and crafts.

However, even though they both are adhesives, they have different properties. 

To help you buy the right adhesive for your projects, I have talked about Matte Medium vs. Mod Podge in detail. This comparison will help you to understand which adhesive you need for your specific DIY.

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What Is Matte Medium?

Matte medium is a transparent liquid that is mainly used to increase the fluidity and reduces the sheen of acrylic paints. It not only gives the paint a very matte finish but also extends the paint volume and enhances its durability. 

Besides using acrylic paints, a matte medium is also used as an adhesive for different arts and crafts projects.

It acts as a wet glue for various artistic projects that includes paper, fabric, and other lightweight materials.

Whether you want to use it on canvas, wood, or paper, the matte medium will not only enhance the overall look of your artwork but also extend its lifespan significantly.

Mod Podge

What Is Mod Podge?

Mod Podge is an interesting product. It is a glue, sealer, and varnish packed in one that is used in various craft and art projects. It is popular amongst users because of its versatility and ease of use.

Created in the 1960s and made with a polymer that contains polyvinyl acetate, this adhesive is the right choice for your DIY projects that include paper, fabric, wood, plastic, and other lightweight materials.

Besides using it as a glue, you can also use mod podge for sealing or varnishing to provide the surface a protective coating. 

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Matte Medium vs. Mod Podge

There are quite a few differences between Matte Medium and Mod Podge. Here I have summarized all the differences for a quick look.

PropertiesMatte MediumMod Podge
UsePainting, gluing, and fixing art and paintsGluing, sealing, varnishing, arts and crafts
Product FinishMatte finishComes in various finishes
ConsistencyThinner consistencyThicker consistency
Compatible MaterialGlass, Paper, Plastic, Metal, FabricWood, Paper, Plastic, Fabric
Drying TimeRequires a bit more drying timeQuick-drying

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Matte Medium

The Differences Between Matte Medium And Mod Podge

Even though you can understand a lot from the summary, I still discussed the differences between Matte Medium and Mod Podge so that you know even more. 


Although both the Matte Medium and Mod Podge are adhesives, their uses are completely different. 

For starters, Matte Medium is used for painting, gluing, and fixing art and paints. Commonly used by different types of artists, this adhesive is the best choice for working on canvas and paper-based projects.

You can also use the Matte Medium on glass, paper, plastic, metal, and fabric too.

On the other hand, people use  Mod Podge for various crafting and DIY projects. It is mainly used for gluing, sealing, finishing, and varnishing various arts and crafts so that they stay in place.

Unlike Matte Medium, you can use Mod Podge on various objects like wood, paper, plastic, fabric, and other compatible materials. 

Product Finish

Another aspect that differentiates between the Matte Medium and the Mod Podge is their finishes. 

As the name suggests, Matte Medium dries out to give a non-glossy matte finish to the surface. After you use it, there will be no sheen or gloss to the item.

However, Mod Podge is available in different types of finishes. From matte to glossy, and satin, you can choose the finish you want. 


As Matte Medium is also used for thinning acrylic paints, it has a thinner consistency. However, it takes a bit more time to dry down than Mod Podge.

On the other hand, even though Mod Podge is thicker in consistency, it dries down quickly. Also, because of its consistency, it is suitable for adhering heavier materials as well. 

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Can I use Mod Podge as acrylic medium?

Yes, you can use Mod Podge as an alternative to acrylic medium in some art and crafting projects. It dries clear and can be used on various surfaces like paper, wood, and fabric.

However, for traditional painting purposes, it’s best to use actual acrylic mediums designed for use with acrylic paints. Always follow the product instructions and be prepared to experiment for desired results.

What is a substitute for matte medium?

Some substitutes for the matte medium are water, acrylic gel medium (matte variant), Mod Podge Matte, glycerin, or a DIY mixture of water and clear acrylic varnish. Test them on a small sample before using on your main artwork.

Last Opinion

There is no doubt that Matte Medium and Mod Podge are both excellent products for arts and crafts.

However, from the Matte Medium vs. Mod Podge discussion, it is clear that both these adhesives are used for different purposes. 

Therefore, know your purpose before you make your purchase. Otherwise, you might end up buying the wrong product. 

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