Yes Paste vs Mod Podge

Yes Paste and Mod Podge are two different kinds of adhesives for your various arts and crafts projects. However, when it comes to choosing one for your project and discussing Yes Paste vs. Mod Podge, you might get a little confused.

I have discussed all the differences between Yes Paste, and Mod Podge glues below so that you know about them better and choose the one right for your DIY project.

Go through all the differences to know more. 

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What Is Yes Paste?

Yes Paste is an all-purpose adhesive used for various arts and crafts projects, especially paper crafts. 

Made from a composition of starch and water, this adhesive is extremely thick in consistency and might need water to be diluted for ease of use.

But then again, after being so dense, it still won’t create wrinkles or curls in sensitive materials like paper or fabric. 

Yes Paste

What Is Mod Podge?

Mod Podge is also an adhesive used for versatile crafts and DIY projects. It has gained popularity throughout the years because of its versatility and ease of use.

Made from PVA and water, this adhesive is also used as a sealer and varnish, depending on your needs.

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Yes Paste vs. Mod Podge

Below, I have summarized all the differences between Yes Paste and Mod Podge for a quick glance.

PropertiesYes PasteMod Podge
UseFor paper craftsFor versatile arts and crafts projects
Product FormThick PasteLiquid
CompositionCorn starch, waterPVA (polyvinyl acetate) and water
ConsistencyUltra ThickThick
Compatible MaterialWood, Glass, Paper, Leather, MetalWood, Paper, Plastic, Fabric
PriceSlightly ExpensiveAffordable
Mod Podge

The Difference Between Yes Paste And Mod Podge

Now that you know the differences between Yes Paste and Mod Podge, let me discuss them in detail so that you understand them even better.


Both the Yes Paste and Mod Podge are adhesives. But their uses are completely different.

For starters, Yes Paste is mainly used for paper-based projects, like paper crafts, to give them a stronghold.

However, you can also use this adhesive for gluing other materials like wood, glass, paper, leather, fabric, and even metal. 

On the other hand, Mod Podge is used on versatile arts and crafts projects. Even though it is mainly used as an adhesive, you can seal, finish, and varnish your crafts for a different look. 

You can use this adhesive on materials like wood, paper, plastic, fabric, and others according to your requirements. 


The consistency of both Yes Paste and Mod Podge are very different, and that’s what gives them different characteristics.

For instance, Yes Paste is made from starch and water. However, as the water content is low in this adhesive, it has an extremely thick consistency and might need water to dilute it for ease of use. 

But the same isn’t true for Mod Podge. It is made with PVC and water and comes in liquid form. And because of such consistency, it is suitable to use on any compatible materials. 


The prices of Yes Paste and Mod Podge differs greatly. While Yes Paste is on the expensive side, Mod Podge is rather affordable. 

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What is yes paste used for?

Yes paste is a strong, water-based adhesive used in art, bookbinding, collage, scrapbooking, and DIY projects. It dries clear, is repositionable, and safe for archival use.

Is Yes glue permanent?

Yes, Yes glue, also known as Yes paste, is considered a permanent adhesive once it fully dries. Once applied and allowed to dry, it forms a strong bond that is difficult to undo.

This property makes it ideal for various applications requiring a long-lasting and secure bond, such as in bookbinding, artwork mounting, and other crafting projects.

However, remember that like any adhesive, the effectiveness of the bond may depend on the materials being joined and the conditions under which the glued item is used or stored.

Does yes paste dry clear?

Yes, Yes paste dries clear. It initially appears as a white, thick paste when applied to surfaces. However, as it dries, it becomes transparent, leaving no visible residue or marks on the adhered materials.

This property makes Yes paste particularly suitable for projects where a clean and discreet finish is desired, such as in bookbinding, collage, and mounting artwork.

The clear drying feature allows the adhesive to blend in with the materials, maintaining the overall aesthetics of the project.

Last Opinion

The Yes Paste vs. Mod Podge discussion is very interesting. Even though both these are adhesives, they work differently and also have different price points.

Therefore, choose the one that is right for your DIY project. Otherwise, you might likely ruin your project with the wrong type of adhesive. 

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