JB Weld vs Pratley Steel

If you buy adhesives regularly, you know you must have come across popular adhesive brands like JB Weld and Pratley Steel.

Both these brands are popular with a wide range of product lines. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for glues for steel, aluminum, or plastic; you will find from these two brands.

However, while buying these glues, have you ever wondered how JB Weld and Pratley Steel are different from each other? Or which one should you buy?

Here, I have compared JB Weld vs. Pratley Steel in great detail so that you know how they are different from one another. 

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JB Weld vs. Pratley Steel

Because both JB Weld and Pratley Steel are very different brands, there are more than a few differences between these two.

But before jumping into the detailed discussion of the brands, go through the comparison table below for a quick glance.

JB Weld Epoxy

Comparison Table

PropertiesJB WeldPratley Steel
Used ForGeneral Purpose UseGeneral Purpose, DIY, Arts & Crafts
Product CategoryBonding, Sealing, and RepairingAdhesives, Sealants, and Threadlockers
Number of Products72122
Heat Resistance Up to 1000°FUp to 572°F
Cure Time1 hour- to 48 hours24 hours
Adhesive Tape/ ThreadlockerNoYes

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What Are The Differences Between JB Weld and Pratley Steel

Now that you know some of the major differences between JB Weld and Pratley Steel, go through the detailed discussion below. It will be easier for you to understand. 

Used For

When it comes to uses, there is a notable difference between the Simple Wedding Hairstyles. 

For instance, JB Weld adhesives are versatile and are usually used for general-purpose repairing and bonding. 

Be it repairing automotive and plumbing or joining marine, crafts,  general household, and others, the use of these adhesives is quite wide.

Similarly, Pratley Steel also offers versatile, general-purpose use. However, unlike JB Weld adhesives, these glues are also suitable for electrical component use, as well as decoupage, for your convenience.

Number of Products

There is a huge difference between JB Weld and Pratley Steel when it comes to the number of products each of these brands offers to the users.

Even though JB Weld offers general-purpose adhesives for bonding, sealing, and repairing, it has just 72 products in its product range,

But the same isn’t true for Pratley Steel. This brand has a huge collection of 122 different types of adhesives in its product range for versatile use.

It doesn’t matter if you are searching for adhesives, sealants, thread lockers, or glues and tapes for your DIY arts and crafts; you will find anything and everything from this adhesive brand. 

Pratley Steel

Heat Resistance 

When buying an adhesive, durability matters. And when it comes to durability, there is a significant difference between JB Weld and Pratley Steel.

JB Weld adhesives are built strong. It means that they are durable, too. Depending on the adhesive you choose, they can withstand up to 1000°F before melting and messing up the bond. 

On the other hand, Pratley Steel adhesives are not as strong or durable. They can resist only Up to 572°F of heat and might melt off quickly, damaging the bond. 

Cure Time

The cure time of the adhesives from JB Weld and Pratley Steel also differs greatly.

The adhesives from JB Weld take about 48 hours to cure properly, depending on the one you are using.

On the contrary, Pratley Steel adhesives dry out pretty fast. These adhesives take about 24 hours to cure and form that bond you have been looking for. 

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Last Opinion

If you have gone through the JB Weld vs. Pratley Steel comparison thoroughly, you know that the adhesives from both brands are used for different purposes.

They also have different properties and different adhesion capabilities. And therefore, it is wise to pick the one that suits your requirements the best rather than considering the brand.

Both these brands, JB Weld and Pratley Steel, have excellent performance. 

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