Belzona Epoxy vs. JB Weld

You must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard about the Belzona Epoxy and JB Weld Epoxy by now. These two are some of the most popular and effective epoxy adhesives in the market for years.

With their workability and ease of use, these glues have ruled the industry for years. 

But has this question ever crossed your mind: how do Belzona Epoxy and JB Weld Epoxy differ? 

Or which of these two should you buy for your project?

Well, to clear up all your confusion, I have compared Belzona Epoxy vs. JB Weld Epoxy in great detail. Go through the comparison to find out more. 

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Belzona Epoxy vs. JB Weld Epoxy

When you compare Belzona Epoxy and JB Weld Epoxy, be sure that there are some major differences between these two adhesives.

I have explained all that below. But before that, go through the comparison table below for a quick idea.

Belzona Epoxy
FeaturesBelzona Epoxy 1111JB Weld Epoxy Original
ApplicationIndustrial General Purpose
Strength12,900 psi5020 psi
Heat ResistanceUp to 200°FUp to 550ºF
Compatible SurfacesMetalMetal and Others
Cure Time 2-4 hours15-24 hours

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What Are The Differences Between Belzona Epoxy and JB Weld Epoxy?

Now that you have an idea about the differences between Belzona Epoxy and JB Weld Epoxy go through the discussion below for better learning. 


One of the most common differences between the Belzona Epoxy and JB Weld Epoxy is where they are used and why.

For starters, Belzona Epoxy 1111 is an epoxy resin adhesive that is formulated to use on different metal surfaces in industrial projects.

Be it steel, aluminum, copper, or iron, this industrial glue would work like magic.

On the other hand, JB Weld Original is a general-purpose adhesive that can be used on metals and other surfaces for bonding and repairing.

It doesn’t matter if you want to repair or bond metal, plastic, fiberglass, wood, or others; this adhesive will never fail you.

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When it comes to how strong a bond these adhesives can form between surfaces, Belzona Epoxy and JB Weld Epoxy differ greatly.

As Belzona Epoxy 1111 is an industrial-grade epoxy adhesive, it has a tensile strength of whooping 12,900 psi. With such a high grade of strength, this adhesive can create a super strong bond between metal surfaces.

On the contrary, the JB Weld Original is not as strong. Even though it has a tensile strength of 5020 psi and creates a strong and durable bond, it’s not half as strong as the Belzona Epoxy. 

JB Weld Epoxy

Heat Resistance

The durability of any adhesive greatly depends on its heat-resistant capacity. And when it comes to heat resistance, both the  Belzona Epoxy 1111 and JB Weld Original differ significantly.

Even though the Belzona Epoxy 1111 is an insanely strong industrial adhesive, it can withstand just 200ºF of heat before melting apart. 

However, the same cannot be said about JB Weld Original. Although this adhesive is for general use, it can resist high heat, up to 550ºF, when fully cured.

Because of such high heat retention, the JB Weld is much more durable than the Belzona Epoxy 1111. 

Cure Time 

Although Belzona Epoxy 1111 is a high-strength adhesive, as it is used in industries, it cures super fast. This adhesive can completely dry in 2-4 hours for your convenience. 

On the contrary, JB Weld Original requires somewhere between 24-48 hours to cure. You need to wait almost 2 days before you work with the surfaces.


The price range of Belzona Epoxy 1111 and JB Weld Original also differs, and that too, to a great extent.

Because Belzona Epoxy 1111 is a high-strength, industrial-grade epoxy adhesive, it is quite expensive.

However, the price range of JB Weld Original is quite reasonable. You don’t have to spend a fortune to buy this glue for your every need. 

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Last Opinion

If you have gone through the Belzona Epoxy vs. JB Weld Epoxy comparison, you know that they work differently. While Belzona Epoxy 1111 is an industrial-grade resin adhesive, JB Weld Original is used for general purposes. 

Therefore, when deciding which one of them you would buy, determine your needs first. It will help you to decide which of these two epoxy adhesives you should purchase. 

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