Alum Bond vs JB Weld

There are different types of adhesives in the market. Amongst all of these, epoxy adhesives are very much popular. From general-purpose use to repairing HVAC pipes and tanks, the use of this adhesive is widespread and versatile. 

When it comes to the best epoxy adhesives in the market, the two most common and popular name you will hear is the Alum Bond and JB Weld Original. These two adhesives have ruled the market for long enough. 

However, if you have to pick one between these two, the decision might get incredibly confusing. To help you make an informed decision, I have compared Alum Bond vs. JB Weld Original in great detail.

Go through the comparison to find out more.

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Alum Bond vs. JB Weld Original

Alum Bond And JB Weld Original are both popular adhesives but from different brands. And that’s why they have some significant differences between them that you should know about.

I have listed these differences in the table below for a quick glance. 

FeaturesAlum BondJB Weld Original
Strength3500 psi5020 psi
Heat ResistanceUp to 250°FUp to 550ºF
PurposeRepairing HVAC pipes, tanks, valves,pumps, castings, water jackets, and othersGeneral Purpose Repair
Cure TimeMax 32 hoursMax 24 hours

What Are The Differences Between Alum Bond And JB Weld Original?

Now that you know the differences between Alum Bond And JB Weld Original, let me explain them in detail for your better understanding. 


Alum Bond

When it comes to the strength or bonding power of the adhesives, there is a significant difference between Alum Bond And JB Weld Original.

JB Weld Original is known widely for its incredible strength. This adhesive has a tensile strength of 5020 psi and, therefore, provides a super strong bond between surfaces.

It doesn’t matter if you are using it on metal, wood, plastic, or any other materials,  the bonding strength of this adhesive will surprise you. 

On the other hand, Alum Bond isn’t as strong as JB Weld Original. With a tensile strength of 3500 psi, this adhesive doesn’t provide as strong a bond as the JB Weld one. 

Heat Resistance

The heat resistance level indicates how durable and strong the glue is. And while comparing the heat-resistant levels of these adhesives, I found they are very different.

Just like its strength, Alum Bond isn’t as durable, either. With a heat-resistant level of 250°F, this glue doesn’t last for long under extreme temperatures. 

However, the same isn’t true for JB Weld Original. As fantastic as its strength is, JB Weld Original can withstand a whopping 550ºF of heat before melting away. 

JB Weld Original Cold Weld


Just like their performance and durability, the price of the Alum Bond and JB Weld Original differs significantly. 

For instance, even though the Alum Bond adhesive isn’t as strong or heat-resistant as many others in the market, it is a bit highly-priced compared to its competitors.

On the contrary, the price of JB Weld Original is super affordable. With all its benefits and longevity, this adhesive won’t upset you when you try to buy it for your repair work. 

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Last Opinion

The comparison of Alum Bond vs. JB Weld Original was fair and thorough. From this comparison article, you can find out everything about these two adhesives.

However, if you ask me which one is my favorite among them, I would say JB Weld Original. That’s because this adhesive offers everything at an affordable price range.

It is strong, highly heat resistant, and takes a relatively short amount of time to cure completely. You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to enjoy the benefits of this glue. 

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