How to Remove Alien Tape

Alien tape is a good product that is effective enough on several surfaces. To know how to remove Alien tape, you must know the methods shared below. 

The methods are easy to execute. You can use some homemade solution on the surface, like vinegar solution, soap-water solution, acetone, alcohol, and even heat to remove the adhesive. 

All the ingredients are easy to find at home. You need to know the steps of the process to get desired results. 

Check out the steps of different methods below. 

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Methods of Removing Alien Tape 

Some methods are mentioned here. The process is super easy. All you need is patience when doing the job. See the techniques first. 

Method 1: How to Remove Alien Tape from Metal (Scraping)  

The first and most basic method to remove Alien tape from any surface is to try to scrape it off. For that, you can use a putty knife. Check the process in the steps below. 

Step 1: Choose The Correct Tool 

First, select a suitable tool to scrape off the tape. A putty knife is a good tool for this project. Whether removing the tape from molding, paneling, or floor, a putty knife is an excellent option. 

Step 2: Start Scraping 

After that, start scraping off the adhesive. Don’t force too much at the first attempt. If the bond isn’t removed correctly, press it a bit then you will see how easily the remaining adhesive comes off. 

Step 3: Finishing 

Once you’re done with scraping, clean the area properly to finish. You also should keep cleaning the area during scraping. 

In this way, you will see the residue that needs to be cleaned. It is how you can remove the adhesive. 

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Method 2: How to Remove Alien Tape from Wood (Use Heat) 

Heat is an excellent way to remove any adhesive. When it’s about Alien tape residue, you can easily remove it by providing heat. 

All you need is a tool that can provide heat. A hairdryer is a good option for that. Check the method of using a hairdryer to remove the adhesive. 

Step 1: Use Warm Water First 

Warm water can soften the tape quickly. So, first, use warm water on the Alien tape. Soak a towel or paper towel in warm water, then apply on the glue residue. Do it for some time, then go with the next step. 

Step 2: Apply Hairdryer 

Now, turn on the hairdryer and heat the place for a minute. A blow torch or heat gun will do the work too. 

All you need is to scrape off the adhesive as much as possible gently, then heat the floor to clean the residue. 

Step 3: Do It Fast 

The adhesive will be difficult to remove once the surface is cold as it becomes hard. So, ensure you do the process quickly to avoid damaging the floor. 

It is how you can remove the adhesive from Alien Tape. 

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Method 3: How to Remove Alien Tape from Glass (Vinegar Mixture)  

A homemade vinegar mixture is also effective in removing Alien tape residue. If you don’t have any window cleaner, you can make a homemade one with vinegar. Know the process below. 

Step 1: Make The Solution 

Take a spray bottle and make the homemade vinegar window cleaner with ¼ cup or 60 milliliters of vinegar and 2 cups or 275 milliliters of water. 

You can also add a few drops of liquid soap into the mixture to make the solution. 

Step 2: Application 

Now, spray the mixture on the surface and let it sit for some time. After that, take a brush to clean the adhesive from the surface, if there is any. You will notice it becomes easier to remove the glue than before. 

Step 3: Clean 

Clean the surface after removing all the residue. To do that, take a wiper or a paper towel to remove the residue. That’s how you can clean the adhesive from the surface properly. 

Method 4: How to Remove Alien Tape from Glass (Rubbing Alcohol) 

Rubbing alcohol is also suitable for removing adhesive from glass. See how you can use the method step-by-step. 

Step 1: Clean The Glass With Rubbing Alcohol 

Take a small amount of rubbing alcohol and soak a soft cloth well. After that, use it on the surface by rubbing it properly until the tape residue is entirely removed. 

Step 2: Scrubbing 

If it’s getting difficult to remove, use a sponge to scrub the areas after applying alcohol. If any residue is left, rubbing the surface with a sponge can clean it all well. 

Use some oil while washing, and it will make the process easier. 

How to Remove Alien Tape From Walls

Method 5: How to Remove Alien Tape from Walls (Nail Polish Remover or Acetone) 

If you haven’t any product in your house that can remove the adhesive, try using a nail polish remover. 

The acetone in nail polish remover can easily clean all the sticky glue of Alien tape and make it clean. See the process below. 

Step 1: Soak with Acetone And Apply 

Acetone works like alcohol. It easily removes the adhesive from any unpainted walls or surfaces. Soak a soft sponge or paper towel with acetone or nail polish remover, then apply on the surface. 

Step 2: Scrub Off The Residue 

Gently rub the place with a soaked sponge. In this way, all the tape residue will come off the surface. 

Ensure that you don’t press too hard on it. Otherwise, it can damage the place. Rub it gently, and you’re done with the process. 

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Things to Consider When Removing Alien Tape 

When removing tape residue from the surface, there are some things you can consider to get better outcomes. 

Firstly, ensure you won’t be harsh on the area when removing the adhesive. 

Moreover, it’s always better to remove the glue while wearing gloves. It becomes less messy if you do so. 

Besides, don’t scrape too hard; otherwise, you will damage the surface. Always go gentle with the rubbing. Use the correct scraping tool to get better results. 

When using heat, make sure you don’t overheat it. Use the hairdryer on the area for a minute, and that will be enough to remove the glue effectively.

Last Opinion

As you already know how to remove Alien tape from the surface, you have to maintain all the steps from any of the methods to remove the adhesive quickly. 

All the methods are effective. You can go with any of them according to your preference. Make sure you are doing it in the proper way to get the best results. 

Follow the steps well and see how easily you can remove Alien tape residue from any surface. 

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