How Do You Attach An Undermount Sink to Granite

If you are confused about attaching an undermount sink, you should know the detailed instructions. 

An undermount sink is better for various reasons. You need to take the measurements and get the perfect size of the sink. 

You can take the help of a person or do it yourself with the help of some tools. So, how do you attach an undermount sink to granite? 

Well, the process is easy. All you need is an undermount sink with the right size, a silicone sealant, sandpaper, a clamping tool, a screwdriver, and some tools like that. The process is simple. 

All you need is to follow the steps that will be shown in this article below. 

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How Do You Attach An Undermount Sink to Granite?

When it’s about an undermount sink, the process of attaching it will be different. An undermount sink is a better option to install in your kitchen than a regular one. 

The reason is it keeps the below area clean as there is no contact with water, food, or human use. 

Check out the unique but easy way to install an undermount sink in some simple steps. 

Step 1: Preparation 

The first thing to do is be prepared with all the equipment you will need when doing the process. Also, remove the previous sink from the area before installing the new one. 

Carefully remove the sink, then prepare the area for the new sink installation. You will need a sink with mounting hardware, sandpaper, a screwdriver, power drill, silicone sealant, and a clamping tool. 

Make sure to smoothen out the place. And to do that, use sandpaper. Polish the surface well, then get into the next step. 

Step 2: Measurements 

You must take measurements of the sink and the area where it will be installed. 

First, you need to get your new sink. You must select the right size of the sink that matches the size of the countertop. 

Step 3: Clean The Area 

After that, dust off the area. Make sure there is no dirt, debris, or stain. 

After removing the previous sink, take a soft cloth and clean the entire area. It helps to let the sink stick properly to the countertop. 

Step 4: Sealant Application 

Now, apply sealant on the edges of the sink. Silicone sealant is the best option for this method. 

Use a silicone glue gun for an easy and precise application around the edges. 

Step 5: Place The Sink 

Now, place the sink and attach it to the granite countertop. 

Make sure you attach it properly by aligning the edges. After that, hold the sink in that position for some time. 

You can also get help from a person to hold the sink for some time when you are preparing the strap to attach underneath it. 

Another way is to use a clamping tool. Attach it to the clamp for 24 hours to properly set it. 

Step 6: Attach The Strap 

After attaching the sink, it’s time to attach the metal strap. 

It is an effective way to keep the sink attached with more strength. To do that, attach the strap according to the measurements. 

You need to screw the strap an inch higher because that helps to hold the sink upwards. 

Also, ensure that both sides are attached in an aligned position. Otherwise, the sink will keep moving. 

Add two straps to the sink. One should be in front of the sink, and the other should be behind it. Adjust the sink if needed and tighten the strap properly. 

Step 7: Wipe Off The Excess 

Once you are done with the sink attachment, you need to wipe out the excess silicone sealant to clean the edges properly. 

Also, cut off the extra strap as close as possible to finish the process. Allow the sealant to dry. And it’s ready to use regularly. 

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What Is The Best Adhesive for An Undermount Sink to Granite?

To attach an undermount sink, any silicone sealant is the best. It can add much strength to any mechanical mounting process. 

So, for any heavy-duty mount like attaching a sink can be easy and durable if you use a silicone sealant. 

Last Opinion

Now that everything about the undermount sink attaching process is clear, you can apply the method to attach the undermount sink easily. 

So, how do you attach an undermount sink to granite? You can attach it by using a silicone sealant. All you need is to follow the guidelines of the process, and everything will be easy. 

If you want to attach the undermount sink to the granite countertop by yourself, this method is the best solution. 

Hopefully, you will attach the sink as you want it. 

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