How to Use Alien Tape

If you are confused about how to use Alien tape on walls, rugs, bricks, then you must check the detailed information about the method from this article. 

Alien tape is a unique, weatherproof, and temperature-proof nano technology adhesive tape. It is a multipurpose tape with reusable facilities. The product is a good option for those who don’t like the gluey mess. 

Check out the detailed methods with some easy steps to know how to use Alien tape in no time. 

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How to Use Alien Tape on Walls?

Alien nano double-sided tape is a versatile product that you can use on various materials. The Alien tape is frequently used on walls to hang several things. 

Let’s see how you can use this product on the wall in some simple steps. 

How to Use Alien Tape on Walls

Step 1: Prepare With Equipment 

The first step is to prepare all the equipment you will need during the process. Put on safety gloves for getting your hands messy. 

Get the Alien tape, scissors, and all the necessary stuff that is needed. 

Step 2: Measure 

To begin with the application, you have to take measurements of the area to cut the tape according to it. 

So, make sure you take proper measurements of the thing that you are going to stick to the wall. 

Step 3: Cut Into Small Pieces 

According to that measurement, cut small pieces of tape to attach to the thing. If it is square-shaped, you can cut four pieces of tape to stick to the four edges. 

It makes the application easier and sticks to the wall even better. 

Step 4: Clean The Surface 

Before applying the tape to the wall, you must clean it. The reason is if there is any debris, dirt, or anything stuck to the wall, it will prevent the glue of the tape from sticking properly to the wall. 

That’s why you must clean the wall. To do it, take a soft cloth and wipe out the area well. 

Step 5: Tear Off Paper 

Alien double-sided tape needs to be used by tearing off the paper from the tape to get the glue part. So, get rid of the paper, and then it’s ready to apply to the stuff. 

Step 6: Apply The Tape 

Now, apply the tape to the thing that you want to hang on the wall. Apply it on the edges of the stuff, then place it on the wall. 

Step 7: Put Pressure 

When placing it on the wall, you must check again that you place it in the right angle. After that, press it to the wall to ensure it is properly. 

To get a permanent bond, you should follow the rules and stick anything to the wall by using only Alien tape. 

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How to Use Alien Tape on Rugs?

Alien tape also works well on rugs. To stick a rug to the floor, Alien tape is the best and safest option. It stays perfectly and keeps the rug from moving. 

Check out what you should do to stick the rug to any surface in some simple steps. 

How to Use Alien Tape on Rugs

Step 1: Clean The Surface 

First, you need to clean the surface well. If there is any debris, dirt, or anything, the rug won’t stick to the floor, and won’t look good. 

So, you must clean the surface with soap and water solution. Let it dry, then get into the next steps. 

Step 2: Clean The Rug 

Like cleaning the floor, it’s also important to clean the rug. If the rug is dirty and full of debris, it will be difficult to attach the tap properly to the rug. It won’t stick to the floor. 

So, make sure you clean the rug with soapy water and dry it before applying the tape. You can also use warm water in the soapy water mixture for better results. 

Step 3: Measure And Cut Small Sections 

Now, it’s time to apply the tape on the edges of the rug. You should stick the tape under the rug so that it will stick to the floor and won’t be see-through. 

Cut small sections according to the measurements of the edges, then apply carefully. Make sure you apply the tape by aligning it with the rug. 

Step 4: Tear Off The Paper from The Other Side And Place The Rug

Tear off the paper from the other side of the tape. Stick to the floor and ensure that you place the rug at the right angle. 

Step 5: Put Pressure 

The final step is to press the rug on the floor. In this way, you will get a permanent fix, and the rug won’t move from one place to another. 

That’s how it will be a great fix with the help of Alien tape. 

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How to Use Alien Tape on Brick?

Alien tape is not only good on walls, floors, and rugs but also brick. The nano grip technology can hold a certain amount of load. So, for a quick fix, you can always rely on Alien tape. 

See how to use Alien tape on brick in some simple steps. 

How to Use Alien Tape on Brick

Step 1: Clean The Area 

First, one should clean the surface where Alien tape is being used. Dust off all the dirt properly. Use a brush to clean. 

Step 2: Attach The Tape 

Now, apply the tape on the edge of the brick. Tear the paper on the other side, then attach it to the surface. 

Step 3: Press 

Press it to make the bond strong. Put some pressure to get the permanent bond on the bricks. That’s enough to stick bricks with Alien tape. 

About Alien Tape 

Alien tape is a revolutionary product in the glue industry. It is a nano-grip technology double-sided tape. It is a multipurpose tape that you can use on several materials. 

Besides, Alien tape is a transparent one with strong and sticky features. It includes super strong adhesion. And because of this feature, it provides a permanent adhesion. 

Alien tape is ideal for mounting purposes. It is suitable for materials like metal, glass, plastic, aluminum, and more. Moreover, it is weather and temperature-proof. 

If you want instant bonding, Alien tape is the perfect solution. All you need to do is apply the double-sided tape on the stuff, take off the paper from the other side, and then press it properly to get the permanent bond. 

As it is an instant bond, it doesn’t need to dry or cure. Also, it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor projects. 

Use it for hanging anything to the wall, mounting kitchen tools, photo frames, rugs, carpets from moving, and more. 

Another good feature is that the tape is reusable. You can use it multiple times. All you need is to rinse it off and let it dry to make it reusable. So, overall, it is a great solution for instant fixing. 

Last Opinion

Alien tape has a lot of great features that make it suitable for several uses. To know how to use Alien tape on walls, rugs, brick, the methods shown in this article can help you a lot. 

So, ensure that you follow the instructions and the steps to use the Alien tape for multiple repairs. The product is easy to use. So, if you are a little bit careful, you can make it useful for a lot of projects. 

This tape can solve the glue issues forever if you use it well. Alien tape is for all fixes. 

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