How to Open Citadel Plastic Glue

Citadel plastic glue is a gem. The unique feature of this glue is its thinnest applicator. It has a nozzle that can be used on the narrowest part of the surface. 

But many people are confused about how to open citadel plastic glue. It doesn’t seem very easy for many people because of its sharp nozzle. However, the process is relatively easy. 

All you need is to follow the instructions that are going to be shown below. So, get the step-by-step description first. 

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About Citadel Plastic Glue 

Citadel Plastic glue is an incredible product for professionals. It is specifically designed to assemble plastic miniatures. 

It includes a thin nozzle that can be applied to any specific area. It is best for hobbyists and gaming enthusiasts interested in working with model sets. 

The product includes many features that make it unique. It is an easy-to-use adhesive. It has an excellent adhesion on several materials. With a fine-tip applicator, it produces thin application on the corners. 

It’s different from any ordinary glue. It is specially formulated to bond any plastic without damaging it. Besides, the glue dries clear. So it doesn’t leave any glue stain or residue and gives a professional finish. 

Moreover, it dries quickly. Because of its fast-drying formula, you can get instant adhesion anytime, anywhere. 

Once the Citadel glue dries appropriately, it creates a solid and long-lasting bond. The best thing about the Citadel glue is its versatility. You can use it on different models and miniatures. 

To get a clean and professional outcome, the Citadel plastic glue is a great option. 

How to Open Citadel Plastic Glue? 

Citadel plastic glue is quick and long-lasting for plastic miniatures and models. It has a thin applicator for use in specific areas. 

Because of having a thin applicator of the tube, it becomes confusing. Users cannot understand how to open it. To get you out of this dilemma, here is a quick method to describe how to open Citadel plastic glue. 

Things you need to open Citadel Plastic Glue are: 

  • Protective gloves 
  • Scissors 
  • Needle pin 
Opening Citadel Plastic Glue

Step 1: Be Prepared First 

First, you should be prepared with the things needed to open the tube. Gather all the equipment and safety gear before starting to open the glue. 

This is how you can be sure that the opening method is finished without any interruption. You don’t need to search for the necessary equipment during the process. 

Step 2: Wear Safety Gears 

After arranging all the equipment, wear all the necessary safety gear, like protective gloves, before opening the tube. 

In this way, it becomes easier to hold the tube. Also, it protects you from direct contact with the glue on your skin, which can irritate it. 

Step 3: Hold The Tube Tight 

After that, hold the tube properly. Hold the bottom area with one hand and the area near the cap with the other. 

Step 4: Twist The Cap And Remove It 

Now, you must twist the cap anti-clockwise to help unlock the lid. 

Ensure you don’t hold the tube too tight because too much pressure gets the product out of the tube, and everything will be messy. In this way, carefully remove the cap. 

Step 5: Cut The Tip And Pierce 

After removing the cap, take a pair of scissors to cut the nozzle. You can also use a needle to pierce it. You can get a smooth application by piercing it. 

Step 6: Replace The Cap After Using 

When you are done with the glue application, make sure you close the cap by twisting it clockwise. Also, ensure that you clean any excess residue from the tube to keep it clean and non-messy. 

Precautions To Take When Opening The Citadel Plastic Glue 

You must be careful about the protection. Take necessary action to protect your eyes, skin, and any part of the body from the glue damage. Citadel plastic glue is easy to use. 

But for better protection, make sure you know about the precautions. 

Protect Eyes: Citadel plastic or other glue isn’t good for eyes. So, you must be careful if the bond doesn’t get into your eyes. Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes when using the glue. 

Also, ensure you wash your hands after the application so there will be no chance that you touch your eyes and the glue gets into it and damages it. 

Protect Skin: Any glue is terrible for your skin. It can burn, irritate, and damage the skin a lot. So, you must wear safety gloves before using Citadel or any other glue. 

Have Enough Ventilation: Always remember that you use the Citadel Plastic Glue in a well-ventilated area. In this way, there will be less chance of inhaling fumes of the adhesive. 

Be Safe with Its Flammable Substance: Citadel plastic glue is flammable. So, you must be careful of this thing and keep it away from flames, heat, fire, stoves, cigarettes, and candles. 

Keep Children Away: Ensure that you keep the Citadel Plastic glue away from children and pets to avoid any accidental consumption. 

Last Opinion

Now that you know all the necessary information about how to open Citadel plastic glue, you can use the technique to open the tube and have a smooth application, even on the toughest corners. 

According to the step-by-step method, open the tube quickly, and you will be thankful for the hack. One pro tip is to use a needle to pierce the nozzle for an even sharper application. 

Follow the instructions, and you can get the smoothest application on the surface. 

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