How to Use Citadel Plastic Glue

Citadel plastic glue is an excellent adhesive for major and minor applications. To get the best of it, you must know how to use Citadel plastic glue. 

If you want to get the good benefits of Citadel glue, use it as instructed. There is a particular way of using Citadel glue to get the best results on the surface. It is a solid glue with an applicator. So it’s easier to use in precise areas. 

Let’s check out the details of the adhesive and know the entire process. 

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What Is A Citadel Plastic Glue? 

Citadel Plastic Glue is an ideal option for small and big projects. The main thing about this glue is it is easy to use on several types of projects. You can use it precisely in any area you want. Citadel plastic glue is a solid glue that melts both sides to join them permanently. 

Besides, Citadel plastic glue is handy. It comes in a bottle with a nozzle that makes it easy to apply on specific areas. It works best on plastic miniatures. To create a rigid bond, Citadel plastic glue is the one. However, it isn’t that good for resin or metal. So, you need to be sure of this thing.  

How to Use Citadel Plastic Glue?

When it’s about using Citadel Plastic glue for the first time, you should know how to use it. The basic process is almost the same as any other adhesive. Let’s check all the details to ensure you apply the glue correctly. 

Step 1: Preparation 

The first thing in any application process is planning and preparing for the upcoming steps. Before starting the process, you must ensure the plastic pieces are clean. There shouldn’t be any dirt on the material. To make sure the pieces stick together flawlessly, you can use sandpaper to make it rough. 

Step 2: Application 

Now, it’s time to start applying the glue. Take a small amount of the adhesive and place it on the plastic surfaces. Create a thin layer of plastic, then attach the two pieces. Make sure you don’t add a lot of products. Otherwise, it will be tough to make it work. Hold the pieces in place for a few minutes to make a strong bond. 

Step 3: Remove The Remaining Glue 

Another important thing you must be careful of is removing any residue that may be there. You can gently scrape it to remove excess glue from the surface. 

Step 4: Let It Dry 

After you have entirely applied the adhesive, now it’s time to allow the place to dry. Let it dry completely at room temperature. It takes around a few hours to get the drying process done. 

Step 5: Final Sanding 

Once thoroughly dry the place, you must sand the surface to make it even and smooth. To make a stronger bond between the plastics, sanding is essential. It also helps to hide the joint and make it look like one. So, final sanding is necessary to get a good finish. 

So, these are the steps you can follow to use Citadel plastic glue. Repeat the process as you need and get the proper benefit of this bond. Make sure you scrape off the excess and let it completely dry every time. 

Last Opinion

As you can see how Citadel Plastic Glue works, you can follow the method and get your work done as you want. The best thing about this glue is that it has an applicator nozzle that can ensure precise application. 

Know more about how to use Citadel Plastic Glue, then follow the instructions properly to get a complete benefit. 

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