Best Construction Adhesive For Concrete

If you’re interested in using an adhesive to glue your concrete together, you have many options to choose from. But which one will work best for your project?

To help you pick the right one, we’ve reviewed three of the most popular construction adhesives on the market today, so you can find the best construction adhesive for concrete that meets your needs and works within your budget.

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Best Construction Adhesive for Concrete Reviews

#1. Gorilla Heavy Duty Ultimate Construction Adhesive

Gorilla Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive For Brick

Gorilla Construction Adhesive Specs And Features 

Compatible MaterialCeramic, Fiberglass, Wood, Concrete, Stone
Dry Color Clear 
Finishing  Paintable 

Gorilla Construction Adhesive Review 

Gorilla Heavy Duty adhesive is worldwide famous for its excellent adhesion quality and gap filling facility. With the exceptional durability of the construction sealant, it becomes a perfect choice for you. It is versatile, tough, and 100% waterproof. 

Because of the waterproof facility, it can work underwater. The glue is a great choice to hold things instantly. It is easy to dispense and paint as well. Yes, it is paintable. So, you can paint the surface of the glue after it is completely cured. 

It is an instant grab adhesive that works fast. With the bonding facility to decks, subfloor, granite, bath surrounds, metal, marble, bricks, and more, it becomes the most solid adhesive for concrete. 

To use it, you need to unscrew it to remove the nozzle from the top of the cartridge. After that, set the nozzle and cut the hard plastic tip of it. Replace the nozzle, and it’s ready to use. To start the process, first, you need to clean the surface to make it grease or oil-free. It is best used above 40°F. 

Make sure you cut the nozzle at a 45° angle. That’s how it becomes easier to get the right bead size. Then insert it into the cartridge gun and apply the glue to the surface you want to attach. Be aware when you squeeze out the tube, as it is delicate enough to get damaged. A small amount is enough to fill the gaps. Then keep it for around 10 minutes to set and stick properly. 

The durable, formulated waterproof construction adhesive is versatile enough to work on several types of materials. It holds its place in seconds. Also, it is paintable and has a gap-filling facility. Store it in a cool and dry place by attaching the nozzle properly. That’s how you can reuse it for many days. If you are looking for an adhesive for concrete, it is one of the best. 

Gorilla Construction Adhesive Pros And Cons 


  • Durable formula 
  • Paintable 
  • Works under water 
  • Gap filling quality 
  • 100% waterproof and versatile 


  • Difficult to caulk 

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#2. PC Products 72561 PC-Concrete Two-Part Epoxy Adhesive 

PC Products 72561 PC-Concrete Two-Part Epoxy Adhesive

PC 72561 Adhesive Specs And Features 

Work Time 20 minutes to set, 4 hours to cure 
Strength 6790 PSI 
Compatible MaterialMasonry, Concrete, Grout Filled Block
Heat Range -20°F to 200°F 

PC 72561 Adhesive Adhesive Review 

The PC two-part adhesive paste is a great product to apply to where it needs to repair cracks. It can fill the gaps appropriately. Besides, the high-tack paste is moisture-free. So, it’s easier to work in wet places and vertical applications. 

Besides, the adhesive is good enough to use on indoor and outdoor surfaces with a range of temperatures from 35 to 115 degrees F and a service temperature range from -20 to +115 degrees F. The glue formulation is excellent for anchoring bolts, threaded rods, smooth dowels, rebar dowels, and more. 

To use it, apply the adhesive on the surfaces and let it be there for 20 minutes to set and around 4 hours to cure properly. The product is excellent to use for repairing and filling cracks in concrete. It holds the concrete and makes it solid and sturdy. If you want a permanent concrete repair, it is the best solution for sure. 

PC products deliver reliable repair with high strength. From concrete to wood repair or any heavy-duty permanent repairs, the product can get you covered. It can be the best construction adhesive for concrete to wood. The glue comes in gray. Use it to repair stairs and walkways for safety. 

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As it is a glue that works fast, use it anytime you need it without shutting down your work. It is a ready-to-use adhesive that sets in seconds. Mix equal parts of the product and apply. 

PC 72561 Adhesive Pros And Cons 


  • Fills cracks effectively 
  • Secure to floors 
  • Reliable 
  • Solvent-free, no odor, and moisture-insensitive 
  • Gives high strength 


  • Cartridge plunger position is too long 

#3. SikaBond Construction Adhesive 

SikaBond Construction Adhesive

SikaBond Construction Adhesive Specs And Features 

Color Gray
Benefits Crack resistant, fast curing 
Water Resistance LevelWaterproof and water immersible 
High DurabilityYes
Liquid Volume 300 Milliliters

SikaBond Construction Adhesive Review 

Sika is a famous brand with excellent adhesion on all cement-based materials like glass, brick, wood, ceramics, and metals. The water immersible and waterproof feature makes it suitable for use on damp surfaces. Besides, it includes a fast cure facility. So, finishing any task in a short time is possible with it. 

It has lightweight construction materials suitable for door sills and floor moldings. Use it on wood and metal doors and window frames as well. The non-corrosive feature, along with flexibility and high-durability quality, makes it a good option for you. It is paintable, so you can paint it with oil, water, and rubber-based paints. 

The glut from Sika is an excellent choice to fill the gaps. Ensure that the surface is clean and dry. It gives permanent elasticity to allow natural movements between bonded surfaces. Using it on concrete is the best option you can go for. 

Use it for masonry veneer, paver caps, and faux stone and get positive results. Also, you can apply it for floor moldings, wood and metal door and window frames, net tile installation, and lightweight construction materials. Consider it the best adhesive for metal to concrete. 

SikaBond Construction Adhesive Pros And Cons 


  • Waterproof and water-immersible 
  • Suitable for outdoor 
  • Flexibility and high-durability 
  • Crack and shrink-resistance 


  • A bit tough to get the product out of the tube 

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#4. OSI – Henkel Corporation 1618150 Adhesives And Sealants 

OSI - Henkel Corporation 1618150 Adhesives And Sealants

OSI – Henkel Adhesive Specs And Features 

Self-leveling Yes
Size‎10 Ounce
Benefits Weatherproof 
Formulation Low VOC formulation 

OSI – Henkel Adhesive Review 

The adhesive from Loctite is a self-leveling one with no tooling required. There are many ways to use glue. It has remarkable flexibility with long-lasting bonds. With the waterproof facility, it can be used on damp surfaces as well. 

Moreover, it cures to form a high abrasion and resilient seal. The tear and abrasion make it ideal to be exposed to vehicular traffic and pedestrians. It deals with the deterioration that occurs because of stress, weather, traffic, and any other kind of movement. 

Use it to repair concrete floors, sidewalks, driveways, garage floors, and lots more. I recommend using it on concrete floors, sidewalks, driveways, decks, garage floors, and more. It has a low VOC formulation that meets Federal regulations and stringent states. You can use the adhesive in a wide range of weather conditions. 

Furthermore, the self-leveling feature is another good one to notice. Also, it has a clear instruction guide. So, you can check and follow it to use it properly. 

OSI – Henkel Adhesive Pros And Cons 


  • Durable 
  • Reasonable price 
  • Easy to apply 
  • Great adhesion 


  • Cures slow 

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#5. Loctite PL 500 Landscape Block and Paver VOC Construction Adhesive 

Loctite PL 500 Landscape Block and Paver VOC Construction Adhesive

Loctite PL 500 Construction Adhesive Specs And Features 

Included Components‎Adhesive-caulk
Weather-resistance ‎Yes 
Clean Up Mineral Spirits 

Loctite PL 500 Construction Adhesive Review 

Loctite is a famous brand of adhesives. It has been offering good quality products for a long time. It comes in tube packaging. So it becomes easier to use. To use it the right way, first, you need to cut the tip of the tube and puncture the inner seal. 

After that, apply the adhesive with a caulk gun. When fully used, you need to press the material and hold it for some time. It takes 15-20 minutes to set, so ensure you press within the time. Within 2-7 days, it becomes fully cured. 

The adhesive is a versatile one. You can use it on different materials like concrete, stone, brick, wood, timber, slate, and more. The heavy-duty adhesive is worth trying because of its incredible features. The bridge gaps filling quality and all-weather application is what you need for concrete. It is a reasonable construction adhesive metal to concrete for sure. 

Loctite PL 500 Construction Adhesive Pros And Cons 


  • Works on a variety of materials, including concrete 
  • All-weather application 
  • Fills significant gaps between surfaces 
  • Easy to use and set up fast 


  • Takes a long time to cure

What To Consider Before Choosing The Best Construction Adhesive for Concrete 

Consider your budget

You may find yourself picking from high-quality but expensive options, or low-quality but affordable options. If you’re willing to shell out a little more money up front for something that won’t need replacing in a year or two, you’ll be rewarded with higher quality and longer life. However, if you plan on using it for small projects, then sticking with an affordable option could save money down the line.

Consider resistance to water

It’s important to consider the resistance of a product to water in addition to other qualities like strength and durability. Products that are waterproof or water resistant can be an essential solution when building projects outside or in wet environments. Waterproof products will protect the bond from water.

Consider the drying time

Different adhesives require different drying times, so it’s important to consider this before application. For the type of surface you are working with, typically trowel-on acrylics need longer curing time than brush-on polyurethanes. Acrylics may also require better preparation of the substrate in order to get a good bond.

Will construction adhesive stick to concrete?

Yes, there are many different types of construction adhesives on the market that are specially designed to work with concrete.

What can I use to glue concrete to concrete?

Construction adhesive is designed to be used on larger projects where one does not want the surface to move. It is not as thick as mortar and has a long open time that allows it to bond two surfaces without letting air bubbles form.

Brick adhesive, or masonry adhesive, can also be used with concrete to bond the two together. The glue typically needs 24 hours of curing time in order to keep a strong hold on the surfaces while they dry out.

Wrap Up 

We have come to the end of this discussion. As you can use some of the best construction adhesives for concrete, you can have an idea about its outstanding features. 

Research well about construction adhesive that is suitable for concrete. Then purchase the right one for your job. 

Apply the suitable adhesive to your concrete, and let us know your feedback! 

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