Best Adhesive for Shower Walls

You have just finished tiling your shower walls and now it’s time to seal them up.

You wonder what kind of adhesive you should use in order to make sure that the tiles stay on the wall and don’t fall down into the bathtub below when you jump in the shower.

This article offers information on the best adhesive for shower walls, as well as other tips for keeping your walls watertight!

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Top 5 Best Adhesive for Shower Walls Reviews

  1. Loctite Power Grab Tub Surround Construction Adhesive
  2. Liquid Nails All Surface Construction Adhesive
  3. Loctite Power Grab White Tub Surround Adhesive
  4. SikaBond Construction Adhesive
  5. GE M90007 Supreme Silicone Kitchen & Bath Sealant

#1. Loctite Power Grab Tub Surround Construction Adhesive

Loctite Power Grab Tub Surround Construction Adhesive

Loctite Tub Surround Construction Adhesive Specs And Features

  • Loctite brand 
  • Comes in the 9-ounce cartridge 
  • White color 
  • Item weight is 0.6 pounds 
  • Surface recommendation is shower and tub 

Loctite Tub Surround Construction Adhesive Review

Loctite 2546759 power grab adhesive is a suitable adhesive for plastic tub surround one to use on shower and bath projects. It is specifically designed to bond many areas of the bathroom and shower. The interesting fact is it resists steam, moisture and water. 

Besides, it is easy to use. You just need to grab the adhesives and apply them to the surfaces you want. The high initial tack and zero-second instant grab can decrease the need for bracing, screws, and nails. You can have a professional look with this product. 

Further, the high-strength gap-filling adhesive is a unique feature that makes things easier for you. Also, it is paintable and dries white. That’s just like a professional finish. On the other hand, you can use it easily with a caulking gun. 

With the repositionable feature, it becomes easier to apply and retouch within 15 minutes. It cures within 12 hours, so you don’t need to invest much time in it. Not just that, it is easy to clean up too. You can clean up uncured adhesives easily by using soap and water. 

Loctite power grab tub is an excellent product for shower enclosures and bathrooms. As it can resist heat, cold, water, steam and any moisture, you can use it in any wet place. Besides, it contains a very low odor. So, you only need a small amount of soap and water to clean it up. 

Also, it doesn’t require venting like the other solvent-based tub adhesives. As a versatile adhesive, it bonds to plastic like PVC, acrylic, polystyrene, and ABS.

Moreover, the Loctite adhesive is a high-quality product as it is Air Quality Certified for children. It can adhere to anything and everything. You can consider it the best shower wall adhesive or acrylic shower wall adhesive as well. 

Loctite Tub Surround Construction Adhesive Pros And Cons


  • Waterproof 
  • Easy to use 
  • Good adhesion 
  • All-purpose adhesive 
  • Professional finish 


  • Much smaller to use in larger areas 

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#2. Liquid Nails All Surface Construction Adhesive

Liquid Nails All Surface Construction Adhesive

Liquid Nails Construction Adhesive Specs And Features

  • Brand is Liquid Nails 
  • Comes gray in color 
  • Compatible materials are glass, wood, ceramic, laminate, granite, tile, foam, metal, mirrors, and rubber 
  • Liquid formula 
  • All surface adhesive 
  • Hybrid technology bonds almost everything 
  • Instant grab technology 
  • Bonds in cold, hot, dry or wet weather 
  • 2X stronger than fasteners 

Liquid Nails Construction Adhesive Review 

The Liquid Nails shower wall adhesive is an all-surface construction adhesive. It contains a lot of features that make it unique. It is formulated with a proprietary hybrid-polymer blend.

As a result, it delivers the best adhesion on the surface. It also works well on mirrors. 

You must know that it can bond anything to everything except polypropylene and polyethylene. Moreover, it can bond in any weather condition as well.

So, you can use it on shower walls and get effective results. No matter if the weather is cold, hot, wet or dry, Liquid Nails can create adhesion in all situations. 

Besides, it is flexible, durable, long-lasting and reliable. You can get two times stronger bonds than fasteners. With the certification of UL Environment, it meets the GREENGUARD GOLD standard. The adhesive is considered a low-emitting material. 

Further, the adhesive can hold in harsh weather as well. So, you can get a reliable bond even in the most extreme conditions.

The 2X stronger bond than fasteners proves that it is manufactured and formulated with the best quality possible. The secure and long-lasting bond is easy to use as it has an instantaneous grab facility. 

You just need 15 seconds to set. It dries quickly. Within the time, you can reposition it if needed. The all-surface glue is what you need for both interior and exterior projects. It also includes the Low-odor Greenguard Gold certification. 

What do you need more than that? It is all you need for several types of surfaces. You can consider it a good adhesive for shower panels. 

Liquid Nails Construction Adhesive Pros And Cons 


  • Versatile for many kinds of materials 
  • 2X stronger than any fastener  
  • Instant adhesive to work fast 
  • Reliable in harsh weather 
  • Secure and long-lasting bond 


  • A bit messy 

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#3. Loctite Power Grab White Tub Surround Adhesive

Loctite Power Grab White Tub Surround Adhesive 

Loctite Tub Surround Adhesive Specs And Features 

  • A product of Loctite 
  • Comes in a 10-fluid ounce cartridge 
  • Power Grab style 
  • Compatible material is plastic 
  • White color adhesive 
  • Ultra-low VOC content  
  • Designed to bond most shower enclosures and bathroom 

Loctite Tub Surround Adhesive Review 

When they say ‘instant grab’, they mean it. The Loctite adhesive is a power grab that is easy and fast to use. It is specifically designed to bond most shower enclosures and bathrooms. It adds an extra shine to the product. 

The product is manufactured in China. It has many good features that go well with any kind of surface.

It can bond most plastics like ABS, polystyrene, PVC, and acrylic. So, you can easily use it on your shower enclosures and other parts of the bathroom to DensShield gypsum board, waterproof drywall, sanded Barker-Tile, wood and sanded ceramic tile. 

Moreover, it includes the Ultra low VOC content that is mainly GREENGUARD approved. As a result, it becomes qualified for LEED points. When you use it, you won’t feel any kind of burn-through or etching.

It is suitable to use in bathrooms and wet areas as it resists moisture, steam, heat, water, cold, hot and any other conditions. 

Another good thing is you can clean it up quickly. You just need some water to clean it without any mess. It doesn’t require venting like most solvent-based tubs. So, it is safe, less messy and easy to use. 

Loctite has been a qualified brand for over 50 years. The products have some advanced sealing solutions. The quality of the products of the brand is reliable and strong.

If you want a waterproof adhesive for shower, you can choose the one as your shower panel adhesive. 

Loctite Tub Surround Adhesive Pros And Cons 


  • Easy to clean up 
  • Waterproof 
  • Bonds most plastics 
  • No burn-through or etching 
  • Includes very low odor 


  • Set very quickly 

#4. SikaBond Construction Adhesive

SikaBond Construction Adhesive

SikaBond Construction Adhesive Specs And Features 

  • A product of Sika 
  • Gray color 
  • Amateur and professional 
  • Advanced polyurethane for outdoor 
  • Compatible material is brick, tile, wood or metal 
  • Water immersible 
  • Flexibility and high durability 

SikaBond Construction Adhesive Review 

SikaBond adhesives are excellent in their way. It is a construction adhesive that includes permanent elastic to use on natural movement on surfaces.

Moreover, the Sika adhesive is flexible and durable enough to cover both interior and exterior areas of the house. 

It gives you an incredible adhesion to all cement-based materials like ceramic, brick, metal, wood and more. It is an elastic adhesive for masonry veneer, paver caps, and faux stone. You can get great performance with this adhesive. 

Besides, the fast hardening, water immersible, and waterproof facilities are included in the product. It’s a great product to fill the gaps.

The other interesting fact is you can paint over it by using rubber-based, oil-based or water-based paints. The versatile adhesive is effective for you to use on shower walls. 

Also, the durability is incredible as well. It has good weathering resistance. That means you can use it in any weather condition. Not just that, it is highly durable and flexible as well.

You can also use the glue for floor moldings, net tile installation, wood or metal windows, lightweight construction materials, door frames and door sills. 

The glue from Sika is non-corrosive, paintable, highly durable, and flexible. It is an effective bond to use for filling in gaps. Further, the curing process is fast.

So you can get your project done quickly. Get the best shower panel adhesive for having a great bond in the areas you want. 

SikaBond Construction Adhesive Pros And Cons 


  • Waterproof 
  • Fast curing 
  • Works well for both interior and exterior surfaces 
  • Crack and shrink resistant 


  • Does not secure trim back to subfloor properly 

#5. GE M90007 Supreme Silicone Kitchen & Bath Sealant

GE M90007 Supreme Silicone Kitchen & Bath Sealant 

GE Adhesive Specs And Features 

  • A product from GE Sealants Store 
  • White in color 
  • Item weight is 0.8 pounds 
  • Paste consistency 
  • 7X stronger adhesion 
  • Liquid volume is 10.1 fluid ounces 
  • 100% waterproof 
  • 30-minute water ready 
  • Includes a lifetime guarantee 

GE Adhesive Review 

GE Sealant is another good brand that provides a lot of good benefits that you may like. It is suitable for shower walls and bathrooms as well.

With the 100% waterproof feature, the product comes with a 100% silicon formula with ultimate protection from the damage of water. 

In this way, you can get a reliable seal in some areas that need water resistance. Moreover, you can have lifetime mold-free product protection. For this feature, it resists mildew growth and stain-causing mold. 

Also, the adhesive is a good option to avoid blemish metals. That means it does not discolor most of the high-end metal finishes like bronze, chrome, and nickel.

If you want to have 100% flexibility with 7 times stronger adhesion, it is the best glue for shower walls for sure. 

Not just that, the product stays flexible and gives a permanent bone with great adhesion. That’s how you get waterproof and long-lasting. Besides, it is quick to apply.

It just takes 30 minutes to make it ready and use it on the surface and set it perfectly. Then it becomes ready for water exposure. 

Talking about its additional features, it can withstand extreme expansion because it is crack and shrink-proof. It can survive in any temperature. Also, it contains a low odor. The neutral-cure formula makes it a subtler odor adhesive that is less troubling. 

Further, it includes a lifetime guarantee. You can get high-quality results with guaranteed satisfaction for your home. However, it is non-paintable.

So, you need to be careful about this fact. The waterproof adhesive for shower is ideal for areas that are constantly exposed to moisture. It will be a suitable adhesive for shower wall panels for sure. 

GE Adhesive Pros And Cons 


  • Crack and shrink proof 
  • Low odor 
  • Waterproof 
  • Long-lasting 


  • Non-paintable 

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What Things to Consider When Buying An Ideal Adhesive for Shower Walls? 

If you want to get a suitable adhesive for your shower walls, you need to check the things that are necessary to get the right one according to your job. See the details below. 


There are many kinds of adhesives for tile and shower walls. Different counties have different types to satisfy the customers. They also have several classifications as well. Even after that, some primary categories are based on chemical composition. 

Some examples are water-based dispersion adhesive, cement-based adhesive, epoxy-based, tile adhesive mat, and polyurethane-based adhesives. You need to know what type of adhesive is suitable for your task. After that, you can decide and purchase one according to your need. Make sure you do that before buying. 


An adhesive is made to give the necessary adhesion to the areas to fix things and join them. The first thing you should focus on is how much bonding it can provide you. If you don’t do that, you may get the wrong product. As a result, you cannot get satisfying results on your shower walls. 


The texture of an adhesive is also essential to consider because different types of texture can work differently. If the texture of the glue for shower tiles is sticky, it may have better adhesion on the surface. On the other hand, if the consistency is liquid, it will be messy when you apply. 

That’s the reason you must take the fact seriously and make sure you have a look at the label and the reviews of glue for shower surround to know about the texture. 

Know The Surface 

Knowing about the surface where you will work is essential before buying an adhesive. The reason is the adhesive should stick well if it is compatible with the surface material. 

The shower wall or tile is used for both indoor and outdoor use. When used on exterior projects, it is exposed to an aggressive environment. On the other hand, outdoor use provides stricter emission requirements. It is dangerous to one’s health. Some rules should apply when buying a tile adhesive. 

First is to understand the room it will be used in and the things it will come into contact with. Another thing is to understand the weather conditions before selecting the appropriate bonded adhesive for external use. That’s how you can get the right one for your job. 

Curing Time 

Before deciding and selecting your tile adhesive, you need to check out some details about them to get the better one. There are a lot of bonds with different curing times. Some take a lot of time to cure, and some take less. You may need additional setting time according to the surface material. 

Premixed adhesives set quickly and easily. On the other hand, powdered or cement-based adhesives take a little longer. You may not like to wait for too long. In this case, you need to get the bond that has less setting and curing time. It should be considered before selecting the best tile adhesives.


An adhesive should last for a long time. It should be durable, consistent, and reliable at the same time. You need to check the reviews and ensure their durability before getting that product. Any product should have this feature. So, before buying, ensure this thing first. 

Crack Or Shrink Proof 

Some adhesives contain crack or shrink-proof formula. It is a good feature and helps to set the glue in place. Also, if the bond has the feature, you will be sure that the finishing will be much better than any ordinary one. 


An adhesive is used to have excellent strength to provide a great bond. If you see the glue lacks strength, it is not the right one. Before buying any tile adhesive for shower walls, you must check the strength. 

With strong glue, you can have a long-lasting outcome. If the glue is not strong, it won’t be durable. There is a lot of glue that claims to have better strength than any other ordinary one. We have also shared some products that claim the same. Get one for your job from that list. 


Indeed, the cost of the tile adhesive is essential. You don’t want to go over budget with your tile installation because you’ve already spent plenty of bucks on your tiles. Tile adhesives are available in a variety of packages. Their quantities range from a 500 gm container to a 20 kg bag. You should spend the budgeted amount depending on your needs. 

As it is already processed and ready for use, a pre-mixed adhesive solution will be more pricey than a powdered grouting solution. You can select the best adhesive according to your needs and budget.

Choosing The Correct Brand 

You may believe that knowing the difference between adhesives is sufficient. However, choosing a well-known tile adhesive brand will ensure you don’t have to deal with a bad installation. Also, you can be satisfied without any tension for many years. 

Paintable Or Not 

Some glues are paintable, and some are not. You need to know the difference and your needs as well. You may need to paint the surface after applying the adhesive. In that case, you need a bond that has a paintable feature. 

If you want suggestions, I recommend having an adhesive that you can paint later. You can apply the glue anywhere you want and paint it afterwards. 


Nowadays, adhesives are available in a variety of colors that complement the tile perfectly. You can choose a bond that blends with the color of the tile. According to that, you should go for a contrasting color to bring out the vibrancy. 

You need to select a darker adhesive color to decrease the appearance of typical signs of damage. It is important to make it noticeable on a bathroom or kitchen floor. It can also provide a striking element with the light-colored tiles. As an example, a white tile with grey adhesives looks good. 

Coordination is important. You can use your grouting color on the tile. It can create a modern aesthetic look and make the place looks larger. So, when you are building a small bathroom or kitchen, you can use this technique. 

What kind of adhesive to use on shower walls?

For tiles, use a thin-set mortar. For acrylic or fibreglass surrounds, use a construction adhesive safe for plastics. For natural stone, use a stone adhesive. Also, use silicone caulk to seal edges and prevent water penetration. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Can I use liquid nails for shower walls?

Yes, certain types of Liquid Nails can be used in a shower environment, but it’s crucial to use a type specifically designed for this use, such as a tub surround or shower adhesive. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure proper application and bonding.

Last Opinion

Now that you are aware of all the details that you need to know before buying the best adhesive for shower walls, you need to follow them and get the best one for your job. 

Another thing is to check the customer’s reviews to ensure their authenticity. We have described some of the best glue for shower and tub surrounds. Make sure you check them and buy them if you like the review. 

Get your preferred one, and don’t forget to give us your feedback!

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