What Can I Use Instead of Freezer Tape

From my kitchen to yours, everyone uses freezer tape to store things in the kitchen. This fantastic tape not only helps to seal the packages safely but also works as a label for the user’s convenience.

However, even though it is commonly available in supermarkets and online stores, sometimes you might not find it anywhere and wonder, “What can I use instead of Freezer Tape?”

Or are there any alternatives to Freezer Tape that work half as well as this in extremely cold conditions? What should you buy to secure your food items in the fridge?

Well, I have asked these questions myself many times. Because of these, I have researched and found a few alternatives to Freezer Tape that you can use for effectively storing foods. 

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What Is Freezer Tape?

Even though all of you know what Freezer Tape is, for a few who don’t, I have talked about this tape in detail so that you get a clear idea.

To start with, Freezer Tape is a special type of adhesive tape that is mainly used on containers to identify frozen food content in a freezer. This tape is used to label these containers for your ease of use.

Specially made of plastic material, Freezer Tape can withstand up to 40°F before getting hard and brittle like the traditional labels and adhesive.

Because of its characteristics and amazing use, this tape has been a favorite amongst households for years now. 

What Can I Use Instead of Freezer Tape?

Here is a list of some of the most appropriate substitutes for Freezer Tape. Go through them to find the best one for you. 

Masking Tape

Masking tapes can be a good alternative to the Freezer tape. You can use them to label frozen items in the freezer efficiently.

However, even though they can withstand cold temperatures, masking tapes aren’t as cold-resistant as the Freezer tapes. 

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Painter’s Tape

Just like the masking tapes, Painter’s tape is also a good substitute for Freezer Tape for labeling items in the freezer. They stick to the surface easily and are also effectively removable.

However, this tape might not adhere to the cold surface as well as the Freezer tape does. 

Freezer Bags with Labels

If you are looking for a different alternative other than the tapes, you should try out the freezer bags that come with labels. 

The advantage of these bags is that you can write on them with a permanent marker that won’t come off or fade under extreme temperature conditions. 

Some of these bags also come with built-in labels where you can write without the fear of them being erased. 

Aluminum Foil and Marker

One super convenient alternative to Freezer Tape is aluminum foil. Aluminum can endure extreme temperature levels and won’t get damaged anytime soon. 

You can use permanent markers on the aluminum papers to label them. This labeling won’t be affected by the cold temperature in the freezer. 

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Last Opinion

There is no doubt that Freezer Tape is an excellent product to label your food containers in the fridge. 

However, your worries about “what can I use instead of Freezer Tape” should be far gone because of the efficient alternatives I have discussed above.

All these alternatives are efficient and do the work of labeling containers in the freezer just right. 

All you need to do is just pick the right one correctly. 

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