Artist Tape vs Masking Tape

Adhesive Tapes come in many variants, and all of them are suitable for their purposes but might not work well for purposes unsuitable for them.

Furthermore, various manufacturers make similar kinds of Adhesive Tapes as well. So, if you’re confused about which tape to get for your repair or crafts projects, you’ve come to the right place.

Artist Tape and Masking Tape are both similar to each other in various ways and have some differences as well. So, which one should you side with in the battle between Artist Tape vs. Masking Tape?

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Artist Tape vs. Masking Tape

Artist Tape

Overview of Artist Tape

Artist Tape is one of the most useful and common tools you need for various Art projects. Artist Tape is also known as Drafting Tape and is known for its exceptional quality and performance for art projects and is suitable for use with various art surfaces.

One of the key factors of Artist Tape is its ease of removal. After you use Artist Tape and are done with your artwork, you can easily remove the tape without worrying about damaging your artwork. Furthermore, Artist Tape adheres well to surfaces like – paper, cardboard and delicate surfaces like watercolor paper.

Artist Tape uses a formulation that lets you remove the tape easily and conveniently. Artist Tape peels off smoothly, even from delicate surfaces, and you can use it for various intricate projects or projects where precision matters.

You can also use various types of paint on, over, or around Artist Tape, like – acrylics, watercolors, oils, and more. Scotch Artist Tape is one of the best options, and works well with paper, metal, and plastic.

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Overview of Masking Tape

Masking Tape is one of the most popular and handy adhesives you can get in the market and has suitable uses for you whether you’re working on a DIY project, Crafting, Arts and Crafts Projects, and more.

Masking Tape usually has low-tack adhesive so that you can apply, remove, and reposition the tape easily. Typically, Masking Tape comprises a thin layer of paper, plastic, or other backing paired with a low-tack adhesive backing.

Masking Tape is useful for any painting project, whether you’re redecorating your home or office, making artwork, or working professionally. With Masking Tape, you can ensure you don’t apply paint lines on surfaces you don’t want to or create unique designs.

You can use Masking Tape to Mask off surfaces from painting over or for various creative purposes. For example, you can use Masking Tape to make various designs in stripes or geometric shapes.

Ease of Removal is one of the key features of Masking Tape; you can easily remove it without worrying about it leaving any residue or damaging your surfaces. However, if left for too long, it may leave some residue which isn’t hard to clean up.

You can also use Masking Tape for other purposes, like – temporarily holding or hanging objects. Furthermore, most Masking Tapes come with surfaces you can write over. So, you can also use Masking Tape as a labeling tool around your house, office, school, industry, and more.

Masking Tape

Is Artists Tape The Same As Masking Tape? 

Artist’s tape and masking tape are not the same. Artist’s tape is designed for art projects; it is low-tack and easy to remove without damaging the surface. Masking tape is stickier, used to mask areas in painting tasks, and may not be as safe for delicate surfaces.

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Differences Between Artist Tape And Masking Tape

Now let’s examine how Artist Tape and Masking Tape differ.

Suitable Surfaces

Artist Tapes are usually composed of a formulation that allows the tape to stick well to various art surfaces, like – paper, canvas, or delicate surfaces like watercolor paper. The formulation also removes the tape easily without damaging your artwork.

On the other hand, Masking Tapes are composed with more general-purpose work in mind and will not perform as well with textured or delicate surfaces. You can use Masking Tape during painting projects, temporarily secure objects, or for labeling.


Artist Tape and Masking Tape can be removed easily without the risk of damage or residues left on your surface.

However, Artist Tape is designed specifically for art surfaces and has a low-tack adhesive backing. You can leave Artist Tape on for several days without the risk of any leftover residue when you remove it.

On the other hand, Masking Tape has to be used and removed quickly. Masking Tape has a lower risk of leftover residue once removed, but you must be quicker with it. 

Width and Price Options

Artist Tape and Masking Tape come in various width options, for you to pick the one that’s the most convenient for you.

Artist Tape will cost you more than Masking Tape.

On the other hand, Masking Tape is typically cheaper than Artist’s Tape.

Can I use masking tape as art tape?

Yes, you can use masking tape in art projects, but be aware that it may not behave the same as an artist’s tape.

Masking tape is usually stickier and could leave a residue or potentially damage the surface when removed.

It may not be suitable for delicate or valuable materials. The masking tape could suffice if the artwork is temporary or the surface isn’t sensitive.

But for important projects, it’s better to use an artist’s tape designed for that purpose.

Is artist tape safe for walls?

Yes, artist’s or painter’s tape is generally safe for walls. It’s designed to be low-tack, meaning it doesn’t adhere as strongly as other tapes, which makes it easier to remove without damaging surfaces or leaving a sticky residue behind.

However, the condition and type of the wall material can affect how any kind of tape behaves. On very delicate surfaces, old wallpaper, or peeling paint, even artist’s tape could potentially cause damage.

It’s always a good idea to first test a small, less noticeable area to ensure the tape won’t cause damage.

Last Opinion

So, which one should you side with in the Artist Tape vs. Masking Tape debate? It depends on you and your specific purposes.

If you plan to use Adhesive Tape specifically for art projects and use delicate or textured surfaces, Artist Tape is the better choice.

On the other hand, if you plan to use Adhesive Tape for painting projects indoors or outdoors, want to secure objects in place temporarily, or plan to use the tape for labeling purposes, go with Masking Tape. Masking Tape is also typically cheaper. 

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