Vulkem 45 SSL Vs Sikaflex

Vulkem and Sikaflex are good-quality products that offer excellent adhesion on projects like expanding the terrace, sidewalks, driveways, floors, pavements, garages, and more. 

Sikaflex is self-leveling, and Vulkem is semi self-leveling adhesive. So, Sikalflex is better as it has better features, including waterproof quality. 

However, to compare these two, you must check out the detailed information about Vulkem 45 SSL vs. Sikaflex described below. 

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Vulkem 45 SSL Vs. Sikaflex

What Is Vulkem 45 SSL? 

Vulkem 45 SSL is a one-part, semi-self-leveling sealant. It has a formula to work on several surfaces to provide high performance. 

Besides, it is a quick-skinning, low modulus, and no-gassing sealant that becomes suitable for various applications. Vulkem 45 SSL has up to 6% exceptional wear and tear resistance for high-traffic areas. 

Vulkem 45 SSL

Moreover, it is a moisture-curing polyurethane sealant. It includes a sharp nozzle that makes the application easy. It is both easy and practical to use. 

Another good thing about Vulkem 45 SSL is it doesn’t include a strong odor. You can use Vulkem 45 SSL in expansion in parking decks, sidewalks, floors, plazas, and any other horizontal surfaces. 

Vulkem 45 SSL is suitable for use in continuous water immersion. However, you should be careful not to use it over damp surfaces. 

To get a high-performance and flexible water-tight polyurethane seal, Vulkem 45 SSL is the best. 

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What Is Sikaflex? 

Sikaflex is a self-leveling polyurethane sealant. It includes a premium-grade facility that is better than any other ordinary sealant. 

It is a sealant with an accelerated curing capacity that helps to provide an excellent outcome for sealing any horizontal expansion joints. 

Also, no tooling and no mixing is required to use this sealant adhesive. It has excellent adhesion capability and high durability to provide permanent elasticity. 

Furthermore, Sikaflex is an easy-to-use and convenient adhesive. It provides paintable adhesion on surfaces. 

So, you can use oil-based, water-based, and rubber-based paints on top of the dried Sikaflex adhesive. Use it on sidewalks, driveways, balconies, garages, pavements, terraces, and civil areas. 


To get much durability and waterproof adhesion, Sikaflex is the best option for any construction purpose. 

It offers premium-quality outcomes that are easy to use as well. Overall, it is an excellent sealant if you want premium quality on your project. 

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What Is The Difference Between Vulkem 45 SSL And Sikaflex? Which Is Better?

Vulkem 45 SSL and Sikaflex are both good-quality products for horizontal applications. These are good for civil purposes like plazas, buildings, balconies, pavements, garages, and more. 

But these two are not the same in terms of quality, outcome, and application process. Sikaflex is self-leveling, but the Vulkem is semi self leveling polyurethane sealant. 

Also, Vulkem 45 SSL is suitable for construction and civil purposes. Sikaflex is also the same but with premium quality. 

Sikaflex is better as it provides high-performance, waterproof quality, and proper durability. So, Sikaflex is the best according to the features and outcome. 

How long does it take for Vulkem 45 SSL to dry?

Vulkem 45 SSL needs around 17 hours to be tack-free and cures at a rate of 1/16 per day. 

What is the equivalent to Sikaflex?

3M 08609 is an alternative to Sikaflex. It is a fast-cure adhesive that works the same as Sikaflex. 

How do you use Vulkem 45 SSL?

Vulkem 45 SSL is an easy-to-use product on several surfaces. First, you must prime the surface before applying the sealant. Then apply the effect to the place where you want adhesion. That’s how you need to use Vulkem 45 SSL.

At what temperature can you use Vulkem?

You can use Vulkem at 40˚F (5˚C) or above. 

Last Opinion

To conclude, both the Vulkem and Sikaflex sealant are suitable for providing good adhesion on several horizontal surfaces. However, the Sikaflex has better quality than the Vulkem. 

So, if you want premium quality adhesion on your project with a waterproof facility, Sikaflex is the one for you. 

According to all the features, application processes and comparison of Vulkem 45 SSL vs. Sikaflex, you need to choose the best one for your job. That’s how you get the desired results that you want. 

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