Schluter Set Vs All Set

You may have heard of Schluter Set and Schluter All-Set. Both of them are well-known premium quality thinset mortar.

Schluter Set is an unmodified thinset mortar that costs less than the other one. On the other hand, Schluter All-Set is a modified thinset mortar that contains polymer for better bonding strength.

Let’s compare Schluter Set Vs. All Set to conclude the battle between them and try to find a solution for your next tiling project.

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Schluter Set Vs. All Set

Schluter Set

Overview of Schluter Set

Schluter SET is an unmodified thin-set mortar. It is optimized for use with Schluter membranes and boards as a bond coat for tile assemblies.

The Schluter SET is smooth and creamy, and it’s easy to apply and spread. It is designed to bond and set tile to various substrates, such as concrete, cement backer board, and gypsum wallboard.

There are applications for it on both the inside and outside of buildings. It is available in both gray and white. The tile can be set both horizontally and vertically with this sag-resistant glue.

Overview of Schluter All Set

The Schluter All-Set thin-set mortar is a specialized, modified thin-set mortar designed specifically for use with Schluter membranes and boards.

The product bonds and sets tile to a variety of substrates, such as concrete, cement board, and gypsum wallboard. It can be used on horizontal and vertical surfaces and is sag-resistant. It is creamy and smooth, and it can be handled and spread easily.

Schluter All-Set can be used on ceramic, porcelain, and stone tiles, including large and heavy tiles. There are gray and white Schluter All-Set options for interiors and exteriors.

Schluter All Set

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Comparison Between Schluter Set and Schluter All-Set

Now let’s examine Schluter Set and Schluter All-Set to know how they differ.


These premium products are priced accordingly, and their quality is reflected in their prices. It is more cost-effective to use Schluter Set for smaller projects because it is generally more affordable than Schluter All-Set.

Bond Strength

A successful tile installation requires excellent bond strength, and Schluter Set and Schluter All-Set deliver it. Nevertheless, Schluter All-Set provides a greater bond strength than Schluter Set, making it a better choice for heavy-duty applications.

Setting Time

Schluter All-Set sets faster than Schluter Set, thanks to its fast-setting formula. Especially useful for areas with high traffic or commercial use. However, Schluter Set offers a longer open time, enabling easier tile adjustment.

Ease of Application

Both products can be applied easily and mixed with water to create a smooth, workable consistency. Schluter All-Set is a more user-friendly option for DIYers and beginners, as it has a creamier texture and spreads easier.

Water Resistance

Wet areas such as showers and pools make Schluter Set and Schluter All-Set ideal choices due to their water and frost resistance.

Which One Should You Use? Schluter Set or Schluter All-Set?

It will depend on the type of tile installation you need, whether you choose Schluter Set or Schluter All-Set. Schluter

All-Set is a good choice if you need a fast-setting formula or need heavy-duty tile installations. It has a higher bond strength and is capable of setting quickly.

If you need a versatile product that can be used with other Schluter products, the Schluter Set is your best choice. Also, the Schluter Set may be more affordable and user-friendly if you’re on a budget or a DIYer.

Is Schluter All Set Flexible?

There is no doubt that Schluter All-Set is a flexible tile setting material. Due to its special additives, it can deform slightly, making it ideal for tile installations on uneven surfaces and substrates that may expand or contract as a result of temperature changes.

Can I Use Schluter All Set to Set Tiles?

Schluter All-Set can be used to set tiles. For a variety of tile installation applications, this high-quality tile setting material offers good bond strength, water resistance, and versatility.

How Do Modified and Unmodified Thinset Mortars Differ?

Modified thin-set mortar contains additional polymer additives that improve its bonding strength, flexibility, and water resistance. There are no additives added to unmodified thin-set mortar beyond cement, sand, and a water retention agent.

Last Opinion

Schluter All-Set has a slightly higher price than Schluter Set. But it can provide stronger bonding power because of its modified thinset formula.

On the other hand, Schluter Set is more affordable and a very good choice for DIYers or small tiling projects.

As you are at the end of this article, hopefully, you may have come to a solution for the battle between Schluter Set Vs. All Set. It will be my pleasure if this article helps you in that job.

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