Nylon Patch vs Loctite

There are many types and forms of adhesives available in the market. Nylon Patch and Loctite are two of them.

And as the names suggest, these two are very different from one another. If you are wondering how they differ from each other or what are their differences, you have come to the right place.

I have compared Nylon Patch vs. Loctite in great detail so that you know their differences better than ever. 

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Nylon Patch vs. Loctite

What Is a Nylon Patch?

Nylon Patch, also known as Nylon Repair Patch, is a self-adhesive patch used to repair and seal patching holes, tears, or abrasions in outdoor gear, clothing, tents, sleeping bags, etc. 

Made from nylon and strong adhesive, Nylon Patch offers a moderately strong bond and sticks onto the surface securely. It creates a water-proof barrier and, therefore, helps to prevent further damage. 

Another thing about nylon patches is that they are super convenient and incredibly effective. As they come in the form of patches, you can cut this adhesive into various shapes and sizes according to your needs.

However, even if you cut it, this patch won’t lose its adhesion capabilities and will work just fine.

Nylon Patch

What Is Loctite?

Loctite is a popular American brand of adhesives that offers various sealants and adhesives to their customers. From acrylic to silicone, cyanoacrylate, and epoxy, they have various types of adhesives to cater to your needs.

Manufactured by Henkel Corporation, Loctite adhesives are meant for different purposes and can be used for bonding, sealing, thread locking, and other industrial purposes. 

Comparison Table

There are several differences between Nylon Patch and Loctite. I have put them on a comparison table so that you can have a quick glance and understand them quickly. 

PropertiesNylon PatchLoctite
Product FormSelf-adhesive patches made of nylon or fabricChemical Adhesive
StrengthMedium Strength Available in various strength
UsesUsed for patching holes, tears, or abrasionsUsed for bonding and fixing different materials
Ease of UseEasy to applyDepends on the specific Loctite product
Curing TimeInstantlyDepends on the exact product
PriceInexpensiveDepends on the specific product
Loctite Threadlocker

4 Differences Between Nylon Patch and Loctite

I have talked about the differences between Nylon Patch and Loctite in detail below to state the nitty-gritty of these adhesives. 


The bonding strength of Nylon Patch and Loctite adhesives differs significantly.

While Nylon Patch offers medium bond strength to the surface, the bonding capabilities of Loctite adhesives are not the same.

Loctite adhesives feature different compositions and hence, their bonding strength also differs accordingly. 


The major difference between Nylon Patch and Loctite is in their product form and uses. As both these adhesives are physically very different from one another, they also have different purposes and work very differently.

For starters, Nylon Patch is a piece of nylon fabric with adhesives on it. It is widely used to repair and reinforce holes and tears in clothing, bags, tents, outdoor gear, or for other DIY needs. 

On the other hand, because Loctite adhesives are chemical adhesives that are available in different strengths, you can use them for bonding and fixing different materials, including industrial items. 

Curing Time

Curing time or drying time is another factor that differentiates Nylon Patch and Loctite adhesives.

Because of its form, strength, and waterproof nature, Nylon Patch, dries almost immediately for your convenience.

However, the case with Loctite adhesives is completely different. As they come in various forms with different compositions, the curing time isn’t the same for each of the products. 

You need to check each of the Loctite adhesives to find out about their curing time. 


Because Nylon Patch and Loctite adhesives are very different from each other, their prices vary too.

While Nylon Patch are often inexpensive, the costs of Loctite adhesives are not the same. Depending on the type of glue, the price range may vary from inexpensive to being on the more expensive side.

Last Opinion

I have discussed Nylon Patch vs. Loctite and listed all the major differences between these two for your convenience.

As both these products are very different from one another, their workability and uses differs too.

And that’s why, choose the one that fits your needs the most rather than choosing the one that offers better features. 

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