Tacky Glue Vs Mod Podge

Tacky glue and Mod Podge are two different types of glue. When it’s about Tacky glue Vs. Mod Podge, first it’s important to know which one is suitable for your job. 

Tacky glue is a thick PVA glue. It is versatile so, you can use it on both heavyweight and lightweight surfaces. It helps to stick on the surfaces properly without slipping away. On the other hand, Mod Podge is good for crafts and arts. It is suitable for fabric and paper as well. 

To know more about it, check out the details about the glues first. 

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Tacky Glue Vs. Mod Podge

Original Tacky Glue

About Tacky Glue 

Tacky glue is mainly polyvinyl acetate or thick PVA glue. It is a flexible and clear adhesive that is suitable for use on any slippery surfaces where thinner glue doesn’t work better. So, the thickness of Tacky glue is better in this case. Tacky glue is thicker and much tackier compared to other glues. 

It is an all-purpose glue. So, it becomes perfect for several materials like metal, wood, glass, paper, ceramics, and plastics. The quality of Tacky glue is it can stick to the surface and dry quickly. It is also suitable for heavier materials because of its consistency. 

Moreover, Tacky glue is a non-toxic, flexible, and water-soluble one. The thickness is the main attraction of Tacky glue. It can create a strong and permanent bond on the material. Tacky glue is suitable for lightweight and heavyweight materials with a fast-drying formula. These features make it a more reliable and useful glue. 

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About Mod Podge 

Mod Podge is not only a glue but also a sealer. It is a water-based and non-toxic glue. For having an excellent finish on art and crafting projects, Mod Podge is one of the best glues. The several ingredients of this glue make a unique formula. 

Besides, Mod Podge is popular for being one of the strongest adhesives. It has a non-toxic spray formula that works on the materials to spread evenly. It becomes the perfect glue for giving high adhesion on the surface. It can also add dimension to the surface to establish a better design and finish. 

Mod Podge is an all-in-one glue that works incredibly on wood, fabric, paper, plastic, and more. The quick-drying formula makes it the best of all for any craft project. 

Mod Podge

Which Is Better? Tacky Glue or Mod Podge? 

When comparing Tacky glue and Mod Podge, the first thing you should do is check the features of both products in detail. Tacky glue is a lot thicker than Mod Podge. So, it is only useful for heavy materials and having a strong bond. So, if your job is to adhere to the materials quickly without slipping, you need Tacky glue. 

Mod Podge is a bit thinner in consistency. It is better for small repairs, arts, and crafts projects. Tacky glue can work with metal, wood, paper, ceramics, and many materials. But Mod Podge is good for plastics, paper, fabric, and wood. In this sense, Tacky glue is much more versatile than Mod Podge. 

Tacky glue is better in terms of pricing as well. Before selecting any adhesive for your project, you need to identify the better one for your job. If it’s for a crafting project, you should choose Mod Podge. But if it is for a heavyweight project, then Tacky glue is the better one for you. If you don’t want an expensive glue like Mod Podge, you can go with Tacky glue for sure. 

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Is Mod Podge the same as tacky glue? 

Mod Podge and Tacky glue are not the same. The price of Mod Podge is too high. The consistency of Tacky glue is much thicker than Mod Podge. So, these two are different.  

Can you use tacky glue to make Mod Podge?

Yes, you can use tacky glue to make Mod Podge. If you thinned out tacky glue, it works pretty well as Mod Podge. 

What glue is better than Mod Podge?

Any PVA glue like tacky glue is better than Mod Podge. The reason is it can give you better bonding strength as it is thicker and dries quicker. PVA glue can be a wonderful alternative to Mod Podge. As Mod Podge is expensive, you can use tacky glue and save money. 

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Last Opinion

Now that you know about tacky glue and Mod Podge, you can choose the better one for your project. The basic interpretation of Tacky glue Vs. Mod Podge is tacky glue that is thicker and works well for heavier projects as well as lightweight projects too. 

Mod Podge is better to use on wood, plastics, paper, and fabric. It is not for heavy work. But it is the best choice if you want it to use on crafts. 

Check out more about these glues and choose the better one for your job! 

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