OSI Quad Vs Quad Max

OSI Quad and OSI Quad Max have similar features, but they are entirely different products. 

To know everything about them and choose the better one, get through the OSI Quad vs. Quad Max comparison from here. 

Well, the OSI has standard flexibility with 3X strength. On the other hand, the OSI Quad Max has decent strength but 5X more flexibility. Without using a primer, you can get a good finish on surfaces with OSI products. 

Check everything about them to get the best one for your project. Get right into the description below.

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OSI Quad Vs. Quad Max

OSI Quad Overview 

OSI Quad is a door, window, and siding sealant. It has an all-season formula. So it delivers superior strength and performance. 

The best part is you don’t need to use a primer for most materials. 

Without even using a primer, you can have an adequate air and moisture barrier with this product. 

OSI Quad

Another good thing about it is it includes easy-to-use facilities. With a self-tooling formula and a 4-inch professional spout, it gives a smooth surface. 

Besides, OSI is paintable after properly cured, around 7-14 days. It is easy to use even in cold or wet areas. OSI is a permanently flexible sealant. 

The durability and long-term elasticity make it the best. There are a lot more facilities in this product. 

The rubbery-textured seal offers water, dirt, dust, and UV resistance. Also, it doesn’t get cracked or yellow over time. With the weather resistance, this OSI Quad becomes the best. 

Moreover, it comes in beige and matches with any color. Use it on painted wood, steel, vinyl, coated aluminum, metal, fiberglass, brick, masonry concrete, and more. 

To get a 3X strength and breakaway seal, this OSI Quad is the best solution. 

OSI Quad Max Overview 

The OSI Quad Max is a 5X stretch door, window, and siding sealant. It is proven for cold and wet applications. 

It has many good features that make it one of the best. It claims to be tougher and stronger than the elements. 

So, you can guess how sturdy the OSI Quad Max is. Moreover, it is flexible and has a fast curing quality. 

Moreover, it is waterproof. So you can use it on both indoor and outdoor projects. It is also proven for wet surface application. 

Besides, it dries quickly. It becomes paintable within an hour and 24 hours to get fully cured for quick protection. 

To get maximum durability and flexibility, this OSI Quad Max is the one. It includes 50% joint movement and 5X stretching capability, which is much more flexible than other sealants. 

OSI Quad Max

Lastly, it can withstand any temperature from 0°F to 140°F. So, whether the temperature is hot or cold, you can use the OSI Quad Max and use it best. 

As it comes in white, you can use it on many different surfaces without worrying about color matching. Overall, it is an excellent product for a lot of applications. 

What Is The Difference Between OSI Quad Vs. OSI Quad Max? 

When it’s about comparing the OSI Quad and OSI Quad Max, they are entirely different. 

OSI has 3X more strength, whereas OSI Max has decent strength. On the other hand, OSI has a standard stretching power, but the OSI Max has 5X more flexibility. 

There are a lot more features that make them different. OSI Max is more versatile because it is suitable for all materials, whereas the OSI one is for some. 

OSI Quad is a type of class 25 sealant, and OSI Quad Max is a class 50 sealant. Both are entirely different. 

Besides, the OSI works at a suitable temperature of 20°F to 120°F, and the OSI Max one works at a proper temperature of 0°F to 140° F. 

Lastly, the OSI has decent durability but the OSI Max is more durable. However, the OSI Quad Max is slightly expensive. But the OSI Quad is more affordable. 

So, overall, the OSI Quad Max is better to use because of its versatility and many other reasons. But if you want to try an affordable product, go with the OSI Quad one. 

Is OSI a good sealant?

OSI offers a range of sealants known for their quality and effectiveness. They are trusted in various applications, including construction and home improvement.

Is QUAD MAX a good caulk?

Yes, QUAD MAX is a high-quality caulk manufactured by OSI. It’s well-regarded for its durability, flexibility, and excellent adhesion properties, making it a reliable choice for sealing gaps and joints.

What is QUAD MAX OSI used for?

QUAD MAX OSI is designed for a wide range of sealing applications, both indoors and outdoors. It’s particularly suitable for sealing gaps, joints, and cracks in windows, doors, siding, and other building materials.

Last Opinion

Now that you have a complete idea of the OSI Quad vs. Quad Max comparison, you can choose the best. 

According to the information, the OSI Quad Max is the better one for you. But if your budget is low, then select the OSI Quad one. 

Take your decision, and you will surely get better results as both products are good. 

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