Large Format Tile Mortar Vs Regular

For Thousands of years, there were only small tiles of a few inches. But in the last 30 to 40 years, large format tiles have become popular in the market. As large format tiles cannot be installed with regular tile mortar, so the need for different mortar for large format tiles increases over time.

Large format tile mortar will ensure that the large format tiles stay in place and do not crack or become loose over time. For regular tile installation, regular tile mortar provides enough bonding strength and dries fast.

Here, I will compare Large Format Tile Mortar Vs. Regular to give you an idea about their differences.

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Large Format Tile Mortar Vs. Regular

What are Large Format Tiles?

A tile will be defined as a large format tile if it has one side longer than 15 inches. Tiles like these create a smooth, seamless look with fewer grout lines, that makes them very popular in modern days. They are also suitable for both interior and exterior use.

Large Format Tile Mortar

Overview of Large Format Tile Mortar

Large format tile mortar is created to give more strength and durability when installing a large format tile. It provides excellent support for large format tiles, which is never achievable by regular tile mortar. It also prevents large format tiles from sagging or slumping during the installation of the tiles.

Large format tile mortar gives more precision than regular tile mortar during installation by providing longer working time. It can provide maximum bonding strength because of its special formula for large format tiles adhesion.

Overview of Regular Tile Mortar

Regular size small tiles (less than 15 inches) can be installed with regular tile mortar without any issue. It is designed in a way that gives enough support and maximum bonding strength for small tiles. It also dries faster than large format tile mortar.

It is enough to ensure that regular tiles stay in place and do not become loose over time. Its thin layer of mortar provides good strength to adhere tiles to the floor.

Regular Tile Mortar

Which One Should You Use? Large Format Tile Mortar or Regular Tile Mortar?

Actually, the answer is pretty simple, if you are working with large format tiles, which means a tile with a side larger than 15 inches, then you should use large format tile mortar. And if you are using regular small tiles, then you can use regular tile mortar without any doubt.

Large format tile mortar is specially designed to give large format tiles the strength and support they need to adhere to the surface. It also protects large format tiles from any damage during and after installation.

However, regular tile mortar is unable to support large format tiles. That’s why large format tiles need large format tile mortar, not regular tile mortar.

Regular tile mortar is specifically designed for regular small tiles. It provides the strength and support needed by regular tiles. So, without any doubt, you can use regular tile mortar for your regular small tiles.

Can You Use Large Format Mortar for Smaller Tiles?

Large format mortar can also be used for smaller tiles. But as it is more expensive and not specifically designed for smaller tiles, it is better to use regular tile mortar for smaller tiles.

Is Tile Mortar Waterproof?

There is no inherent waterproofing property in tile mortar. Despite this, some tile mortars are designed to be water-resistant, such as epoxy-based and latex-based mortars.

Is Large Format Tile Harder to Install?

In most cases, it is more difficult to install large format tiles than smaller ones. Because of the tile’s larger size and weight, it requires more precise installation and leveling in order to achieve a flat and even surface. During installation, large tiles may require additional time and effort to prevent slipping or sagging.

Last Opinion

Large format tile mortar helps large tiles to stay in place and gives maximum strength for years. So, for your large format tiles, specially designed large format tile mortar is required.

Regular tile mortar is best known for its ability to hold regular small tiles with enough strength. It also dries faster than large format tile mortar. So, you should use regular tile mortar for regular small tiles.

For a long-lasting and successful installation of tiles, it is required to ensure the perfect tile mortar. Here, I compared Large Format Tile Mortar Vs. Regular to ease your confusion about when to use them in your project.

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