How to Remove Car Emblem Adhesive

When you get a new car, it’s a great feeling. You feel great about yourself, and all the friends who see your new vehicle think so too. 

But there comes a time when you have to sell your car, trade it in or perhaps remove that emblem from the front because you don’t like it anymore. Whatever the reason is, removing an emblem from your car can be tricky without the right tools and techniques. 

Many people fear damaging their vehicles by removing these emblems, but thankfully, it’s not as hard as one may think. 

In this article, I will be going over some useful tips on easily removing that pesky car emblem adhesive and also some things to keep in mind before attempting this task.

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Removing Car Emblem Adhesive

How to Remove Car Emblem Adhesive?

What You’ll Need

You will need a few essential tools when attempting to remove that emblem from your car. I recommend having a set of pry bars, a scissor, and a damp cloth on hand. 

These tools will help ensure you’re not damaging your car while removing the emblem. A pry bar will help you lift the emblem, while a scissor will help cut the emblem away from the surface it’s stuck on. 

Lastly, a damp cloth will help remove any excess glue or adhesive that might be left behind after you’ve finished removing the emblem. I also recommend having some cleaning supplies on hand. 

You’ll want a degreaser, some rubbing alcohol, a toothbrush, and latex gloves. These tools will help you clean the surface that the emblem was stuck to and prevent any leftover adhesive from damaging your paint.

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Warm Up The Area

Before you attempt to remove the emblem from your car’s surface, you’ll want to warm up the area first. The best way to do this is to heat the surface with a hair dryer. The hairdryer’s warm air will help soften the adhesive, so it’s easier to remove.

Bending the emblem beforehand can help with this process, but using a hairdryer is much more efficient. If you don’t have a hairdryer, you can use the heat generated from your hand.

Use A De-Adhesive Spray

Once you’ve warmed up the area and attempted to remove the emblem with a pry bar, you may notice that the emblem is still stuck to the surface. 

Don’t worry, this happens to the best of us. You’ll want to use a de-adhesive spray to help break down the adhesive and make it easier to remove. 

Make sure to spray the de-adhesive on the surface the emblem was stuck to, not the emblem itself. Spraying the emblem may make it harder to remove.

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Utilize A Cardboard Adhesive Tool

If you’re still struggling to remove the emblem from your car, you may want to try utilizing a cardboard adhesive tool. 

These are inexpensive and surprisingly effective at removing stubborn adhesive from a surface. Place the cardboard tool between the surface and the emblem, and then pry up the emblem with your pry bar to remove it. 

Make sure to use a new piece of cardboard each time you attempt to remove an emblem, as reusing the same piece of cardboard may damage your car’s surface.

Tips When Removing Emblems With Adhesive

1) Make sure to use the right tools for the job. Some emblems may require a solvent-based solution to remove them instead of the methods I listed above. Ensure that the emblem doesn’t have a special coating that would prevent a solvent-based solution from working. 

2) Once you’ve removed the emblem, clean the surface with rubbing alcohol and a toothbrush to remove any excess adhesive or glue. You’ll want to do this before applying any paint protection, as it may get stuck on the surface if you don’t clean it beforehand. 

3) If you’re removing a large emblem from your car, it may be a good idea to remove it in sections. Large emblems can be tricky to remove, and if you try to do it in one piece, it may damage your car’s paint. 

4) Make sure to let your car dry out completely before applying for any paint protection. Applying paint protection to a wet or damp car will only trap water in the paint, causing it to chip and peel. 

5) Make sure the car is clean before you apply for any paint protection. Any dirt or debris on the car’s surface can cause the paint protection to fail and peel prematurely.

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Last Opinion

Removing a car emblem may seem daunting, but with the right tools and patience, it isn’t very hard. I recommend trying to remove the emblem before purchasing a new one. 

It’s much cheaper to remove an old emblem than to purchase a new one. If you have tried removing a car emblem but still won’t budge, it may be time to contact a body shop. They will be able to remove the emblem with ease and will only charge you a small fee.

No one likes to see their car get old and worn out. But making it new again is easier than you think, and it’s worth every penny.

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