How to Open Oatey PVC Cement

Oatey PVC cement comes in a can. That’s why it becomes difficult and confusing to open it effectively. To know how to open Oatey PVC Cement, you must follow some instructions. 

You can either use your hands to open the lid or any tool. The most convenient tool is the rubber strap wrench. You can also use a rubber band if you don’t have a wrench. 

There are more techniques to open a can that you need to know. Check the methods in detail below. 

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How to Open Oatey PVC Cement? 

For beginners who don’t know how to use an Oatey PVC, you need to know how to open it first. To help you out, 

Method 1: Open With Hands 

The easiest method is to remove the can by hand. The process is simple. Check the steps to know the exact way. 

Step 1: Cover The Surface 

First, you need to cover the surface when opening the can. It’s necessary to protect the surface from any mess. 

Use the newspaper and place it on the place when you are working to prevent the cement from sticking to the areas. 

Step 2: Remove The Lid 

After that, the removal process begins. Get the PVC can and try to remove the can by hand. When removing the can, make sure you firmly hold it so that it doesn’t turn. 

Now, grasp the cap and rotate it counterwise to remove the lid. 

Step 3: Twist The Can 

Hold the can firmly with your hands, then twist the top part of the can counterwise. You can also use the vise grips to help turn it. Once the cap is unlocked, remove the vise. 

Step 4: Pull 

The last step is to pull the cap away from the can. You can also use a spoon or something like that to poke the edges of the lid, which helps unscrew it. That’s how you can open an Oatey PVC cement can. 

Method 2: Open With A Rubber Strap Wrench 

Another method of opening a PVC cement can is by using a tool. The tool is a rubber strap wrench. The tool makes the process easier. See the method below to use it correctly. 

Step 1: Cover The Surface 

Firstly, cover the area where you are doing the entire opening process. Use a newspaper and place it on the surface. It protects the flat surface from getting the cement and becoming a mess. 

Step 2: Loose The Rubber Strap Wrench 

To begin with, the method is to get the strap wrench and loose the end of it. As it is adjustable, you need to release it first to get the right size according to the cap of the can. 

Step 3: Adjust And Attach The Strap Wrench 

After that, place the strap over the lid, then attach it correctly according to the lid size. Pull the free end of the wrench and tightly tie it to the top. 

Step 4: Twist It 

Now, twist the strap counterwise to unscrew the lid. Ensure you put enough pressure; otherwise, the top doesn’t open at once. 

After doing it, remove the strap and pull the cap off the can. That’s all you need to do to open an Oatey PVC Cement can. 

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Opening Oatey PVC Cement

Pro Tip: 

You can use hot water to open the lid even more efficiently. All you need to do is soak the can in hot water for some time, then try to open the cap with your hands. 

You will see you can unscrew the lid without putting much pressure. 

Another thing is the rubber band. Use a rubber band if you don’t have a rubber strap wrench. It works the same and can effectively remove the lid without much hassle. 

About Oatey PVC Cement 

Oatey PVC cement is a fast-set clear cement with many good features. It is easy to use, quick setting, and dries clear. 

Also, this product includes in-lid dauber. It is suitable for DWV, potable water, pressure pipe, electrical applications, and more. 

The PVC cement has an advanced formulation with a quick setting feature. So, you don’t need to spend much time on this application. 

Moreover, it is versatile enough. You can use it on all schedules and classes of PVC fittings and pipes up to 4 inches. 

Also, it is recommended to use it at multiple temperatures from 40°F to 110°F / 4°C to 43°C. All the products are certified to UL Greenguard Gold. 

The Oatey PVC also comes in a heavy-duty formulation. It has a thicker formulation that can create a solid bond to fill gaps quickly. It is also recommendable to use on different fittings and PVC pipes. 

Overall, PVC is an all-weather product that performs well in several applications. 

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Last Opinion

As you know everything about how to open Oatey PVC cement, you can follow the instructions to make it work as you want. 

You can also check the product’s label, as it may include some tips and tricks that can help you even more to open the can. 

Follow any method, and you will quickly open the can without much trouble. 

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