How Long Does It Take for JB Weld To Dry

JB Weld is a popular adhesive brand that produces several different types of adhesives for their clients. It doesn’t matter if you want to bond metals, woods, ceramics, or any other materials or surfaces, the versatile adhesives of this brand will never let you down.

However, when it comes to actually using them for your projects, have you ever wondered how long does it take for JB Weld to dry?

Well, I know you have. That’s why I have discussed the setting and curing time of different JB Weld glues so that you can learn about them. 

Keep on reading below to find more.

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How Long Does It Take for JB Weld To Dry?

When it comes to “how long does it take for J-B Weld to dry,” there is no straight answer. This is because the drying time of this adhesive depends on the specific type of the Weld and the formulation you are using. 

I have listed the different types of J-B Welds and their drying time for your convenience.

JB Weld Original

JB Weld Original is the flagship product of the brand with a 2-part epoxy system for strong, long-lasting bonds. 

This standard version of J-B Weld takes about 4-6 hours to set and about 15-24 hours to cure properly. Once it is fully cured, the Original J-B Weld can withstand temperatures up to 550ºF before coming off the surface. 

JB Weld Original Cold Weld

JB Weld KwikWeld 

JB Weld KwikWeld is a faster-drying version of the Original JB Weld that also creates a strong bond but in just a few minutes.

Unlike the Original, this adhesive takes just about  4-6 minutes to dry and cures completely in 4-6 hours. 

Once it is fully cured, KwikWeld can withstand temperatures up to 300ºF.

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JB Weld Steel Stick

As the name suggests, JB Weld Steel Stick is an epoxy putty that is specifically made to bond metal surfaces together. It is a high-strength adhesive and requires 3-5 minutes to set.

However, it takes about 60 minutes to cure properly and form the strong bond you have sought. 

When it cures completely, JB Weld Steel Stick can withstand temperatures up to 300ºF.

Using JB Weld Steel Stick

JB MarineWeld

JB MarineWeld is a cold epoxy that requires 4-6 hours to dry at room temperature and cures in 15-24 hours, just like many other J-B Weld adhesives.

JB WoodWeld

JB WoodWeld is a two-part adhesive that is specially designed for wood bonding and repairs. 

Even though it provides a lasting bond, this adhesive requires 15 minutes to set and requires 30 minutes to cure completely. 

JB ClearWeld

JB ClearWeld is a transparent epoxy adhesive that typically sets in 5 minutes and completely cures 1 hour. 

JB Weld ClearWeld

JB PlasticWeld

As the name suggests, JB PlasticWeld is made for bonding plastic surfaces that set in 5 minutes and cures fully in about 1 hour. 

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JB Weld Set Time vs. Cure Time vs. Temperature

Here is a list of the different types of JB Weld adhesives, their set time, cure time and temperature range so that you can have a quick outlook. 

JB WeldSet TimeCure TimeTemperature Resistance
JB Weld Original4-6 hours15-24 hours550ºF
JB Weld KwikWeld4-6 minutes4-6 hours300ºF
JB Weld Steel Stick3-5 minutes1 hour300ºF
JB MarineWeld4-6 hours15-24 hours550ºF
JB WoodWeld15 minutes30 minutes350ºF
JB ClearWeld5 minutes1 hour250ºF
JB PlasticWeld5 minutes1 hour250ºF

How to Make JB Weld Dry Faster?

If you are wondering how to make JB Weld dry faster than its usual time, here are the tips to follow:

Maintain An Optimal Temperature: Different adhesives require different room temperatures to dry properly. If you can maintain the recommended temperature level or above, your JB Weld will dry faster. 

Use a Hair Dryer or Heat Gun: For a quick drying process, you can always use a heat gun or a hair dryer on the bonding area. The high heat (not more than their recommended temperature-resistant level) will dry the glue in no time. 

Try Thin Application: While applying the adhesive, make sure to use a thin layer rather than a thick one. A thin layer will help the JB Weld to set and cure faster than usual. 

Does JB Weld Stick To All Surfaces? What Will JB Weld Not Stick To?

Even though it might come as a surprise to you, JB Weld doesn’t stick to all the surfaces you can think of. 

While this adhesive works excellent on wood, metal, ceramic, glass, and others, it doesn’t work well on flexible rubber surfaces, Teflon, or porous materials. Therefore, refrain yourself from using it on such surfaces.

Last Opinion

Now that you know how long it takes for different types of JB Weld to dry, I hope that you will work accordingly while dealing with these adhesives. 

Otherwise, you might not have the results you have been looking for. 

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