Citra Solv vs Goo Gone

Every time I go to the market to buy an adhesive remover, I always get confused between the Citra Solv and Goo Gone. These two adhesive removers are so similar that it’s only natural to wonder which one you should buy for your projects.

And because of all these similarities, I always wonder if these two are the same product. Are there any differences between them? If so, what?

All these thoughts have inclined me to do a thorough Citra Solv vs. Goo Gone and find out which one I should buy the next time I am at the superstore.

If you also want to learn about my findings keep on reading below. I have stated everything you need to know about these adhesives. 

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Citra Solv vs. Goo Gone

Citra Solv and Goo Gone are very similar yet very different. And the differences between them are quite significant. 

I have listed and discussed these differences in detail so that you know about them better.

However, before jumping into the detailed discussion, have a look at the table below. I have listed all the differences between Citra Solv and Goo Gone for a quick idea.

Citra Solv
PropertiesCitra SolvGoo Gone
UsesHousehold Cleaner, Adhesive Remover, & DegreaserMulti-purpose Adhesive Remover
Made of Natural citrus extracts collected from orangesPetroleum distillate with parts of limonene and orange extract
Application MethodDilute with WaterDamp Cloth
Environment Friendly YesContains petroleum-based components

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Top 3 Difference Between Citra Solv and Goo Gone

Now that you know about the differences, it’s time to know them in detail. Keep on reading below to find out more about the same. 


The primary use of both the Citra Solv and Goo Gone are same, and that is to remove adhesive from any type of surface. Be it hard surfaces or soft ones like carpet and fabric, these cleaners will work magic.

However, when it comes to the other intentions of these adhesive cleaners, they differ significantly.

For starters, Citra Solv is used as a household cleaner and degreaser. It doesn’t matter if you want to clean grease, grime, or any other buildups from your home; this product will help you clean your home perfectly.

On the other hand, Goo Gone is a multipurpose adhesive remover. Besides removing all types of adhesives, this product is also effective in removing stickiness, gooeyness, and marks from the surfaces efficiently. 

Environment Friendly 

If you are looking for an environment-friendly degreaser and cleaner for your home, go for the Citra Solv adhesive remover. Made from natural citrus extracts collected from oranges, this product is biodegradable and safe for the environment.

However, as Goo Gone is made with petroleum distillate with parts of limonene and orange extract, it’s not environmentally friendly at all.

Goo Gone Adhesive Remover


Because the Citra Solv adhesive remover is made with all-natural ingredients, has a potent formula, and is environment-friendly, this adhesive remover is a bit pricier than many of its competitors in the market.

You might have to spend a bit extra to enjoy its amazing benefits.

On the other hand, the price of Goo Gone is super reasonable. Even though it is also effective and comes with a very potent formulation, you wouldn’t have to cut deep into your pocket to use this product. 

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Last Opinion

After comparing Citra Solv vs. Goo Gone thoroughly, I can conclude that I prefer Goo Gone over Citra Solv. And there are valid reasons behind it,

The Goo Gone adhesive remover is not only affordable but it is effective and easy to use too. As it features a chemical formula, it can remove glue, stickiness, and gooeyness in no time.

Moreover, you can use it directly from the bottle to the surface, unlike many other adhesive removers on the market. 

In a word, Goo Gone is effective, convenient to use, and affordable; just the perfect combination. 

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