Liquid Nails vs Super Glue

There are several different types of glues available in the market. While some are specifically made for DIY and arts & crafts projects, others are for more heavy-duty projects. Two such adhesives are the Superglue and Liquid Nails.

Both these adhesives are of different brands and have very different properties and functionalities.

I have compared Liquid Nails vs. Super Glue in great detail so that you know what makes them different and learn more about them.

So, without further ado, start reading.

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Liquid Nails vs. Super Glue

Liquid Nails and Super Glue are two very different kinds of adhesives with different properties and functions. Therefore, there are more than a few differences between them.

Below, I have listed all the prominent differences between Liquid Nails and Super Glue so that you know them better and can make an informed decision. 

PropertiesLiquid NailsSuper Glue
TypeConstruction AdhesiveMultipurpose Adhesive
UsesPrimarily used for bonding construction materialsIdeal for bonding small objects
Made FromPolyurethaneCyanoacrylate
Strength Maximum 500 psiMaximum 4,000 psi
Cure TimeUp to 7 days24 hours
FlexibilityFlexibleMight Become Brittle
Liquid Nails Adhesive

What Are The Differences Between Liquid Nails and Super Glue?

Here is a complete breakdown of the differences between Liquid Nails and Super Glue. 


The most significant difference between Liquid Nails and Super Glue adhesives is their type. They are different types of glues with different work features.

For starters, “Liquid Nails” is a construction adhesive that is mainly used for bonding construction materials securely together.

Made from Polyurethane material, this adhesive is strong and can be used in different areas of construction. Be it simple flooring and decking or heavy-duty construction works, this adhesive can be used for versatile construction projects for your convenience.

On the other hand, Super Glue is a multipurpose adhesive that can be used without any hesitation for different types of projects. 

Constructed with Cyanoacrylate, this versatile glue is the perfect choice for bonding small objects like jewelry, tableware, glassware, arts & crafts, and other DIY projects. 

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Because they are different types of adhesives, their strength and bonding capabilities differ greatly. 

Even though Liquid Nails is a construction adhesive, it offers a maximum strength of just 500 psi to the bond it creates. 

Although it forms a super strong and durable bond with this strength, this glue isn’t as strong as the mighty super glue. 

The Superglue is super strong and durable and offers a maximum strength of 4,000 psi to the bond. 

It means that the adhesion this glue forms is incredibly strong and won’t come off anytime soon. 

Applying Super Glue

Cure Time

When comparing the cure time, I noticed that they don’t require the same amount of time to dry down completely.

For instance, as “Liquid Nails” is made for construction purposes, it takes quite some time to dry down completely. Depending on the type of Liquid Nails you are using, this adhesive might take up to 7 days to cure. 

On the other hand, Super Glue takes just about 24 hours to set and cure completely. You don’t have to wait for days to use your projects. 


Another difference between the Liquid Nails and Super Glue adhesives is in their flexibility. Flexibility matters because it allows you to customize the bond between surfaces easily. 

Even though Liquid Nails is a heavy-duty construction adhesive, it is super flexible and doesn’t get brittle or break down anytime soon.

However, the same isn’t true for Superglue. As it offers high strength, this glue isn’t flexible at all. It dries down brittle and might break off the bond if high pressure is applied. 

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Last Opinion

After going through the complete Liquid Nails vs. Super Glue comparison, I am convinced that both these adhesives are made for different purposes and, therefore, cannot be compared perfectly.

While the Liquid Nails are specially made for construction purposes, the Superglue is a multipurpose adhesive. Therefore, you must get the glue according to your needs rather than comparing between them. 

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