Krazy Glue vs Loctite

If you’re looking to repair your household components or planning for an arts and crafts project, one of the core components you need is glue. In the market, you’ll find a range of adhesives in various shapes and forms that work well, so you may be confused about which one to get.

Loctite is a well-known adhesive name, and the company offers many products suitable for multiple purposes. Krazy Glue can be compared to super glue and is versatile. So which one should you pick in the Krazy Glue vs. Loctite debate?

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Krazy Glue vs. Loctite

Krazy Glue

Quick Rundown: Krazy Glue

Krazy Glue is an all-purpose adhesive made by the Krazy Glue company since 1973. Krazy Glue is a cyanoacrylate-based glue, which makes it a versatile glue suitable for many materials.

The exact formula of Krazy Glue contains ethyl cyanoacrylate, so the glue forms a bond when it is exposed to moisture. Krazy Glue needs a catalyst to form the bond, but you don’t need to worry since the catalyst is just water.

Krazy Glue is an all-purpose glue, meaning it would work well with many household and office materials. Krazy Glue works excellently on – Wood, Rubber, Glass, Metal, Plastic, and Ceramic.

It would help if you worked fast with Krazy Glue since it starts to dry within minutes. Furthermore, Krazy Glue forms a permanent bond once cured, making it difficult to remove or fix if you’ve made a mistake.

Even though water is the catalyst for bonding Krazy Glue, typically, you won’t need to apply or spray water; the moisture in the air is usually enough. However, if the atmosphere around the place you’re working with is drier, you may need to spray a little water for the glue to bond.

Quick Rundown: Loctite

Loctite threadlockers are one of the best in the market and are produced by the Loctite-Henkel company. Loctite threadlockers come in four color choices – Purple, Blue, Green, and Red, with each color indicating the strength of the threadlocker.

Loctite Threadlockers can be used for household repairs and fixes and for high-strength industrial use. Loctite Threadlockers typically work well with all metals and most common active and passive substrates like – Brass, Stainless Steel or Steel.

Loctite Threadlockers are typically synthetic-polymer based and form a bond when the polymer in the formula hardens completely. Loctite Threadlockers are well known for their strength, and you can use them for household repairs and fixes or your motor and pump parts.

Loctite Threadlockers can withstand constant vibration or motion once fully cured so that you can use them for your transmission or other car components. Furthermore, Loctite Threadlockers are also tolerant to common industrial oil spillage, so that you can use them without worries.


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Differences Between Krazy Glue And Loctite

Now that I’ve gone over what Krazy Glue and Loctite are, let’s examine their differences.

Best Materials to Use On

Krazy Glue is a highly versatile glue, and the company markets the adhesive as an all-purpose glue, so it works well with various materials. Krazy Glue works excellently on – Wood, Rubber, Glass, Metal, Plastic, and Ceramic. However, Krazy Glue works slightly better on porous materials.

On the other hand, Loctite works well on all metals and active and passive substrates, including – Brass, Steel, and Stainless Steel.

Glue Strength

Krazy Glue forms a strong bond once fully cured since it is a cyanoacrylate-based glue. When it dries, it creates a non-flexible, hard layer and can withstand up to 1000 pounds per inch of bonding strength. Krazy Glue is strong but typically isn’t impact resistant.

Loctite is one of the strongest adhesives since it forms an excellent bond when fully cured. Loctite Threadlockers are also resistant to vibration and constant motion and are impact-resistant.

Dry and Cure Time

Krazy Glue starts to dry within minutes of application since the moisture is a catalyst for the glue. It will take around 24 hours for the adhesive to fully cure.

Loctite Threadlockers begin to dry within 5 to 15 minutes, and a complete cure takes around 24 hours.

Is Krazy super glue strong?

Yes, Krazy Glue (also known as Crazy Glue) is known for being a strong and fast-acting super glue. It is a cyanoacrylate adhesive, which means it forms a very strong bond quickly when it comes into contact with moisture.

Krazy Glue is commonly used for bonding various materials, such as plastic, metal, rubber, ceramic, and more.

Like other super glues, Krazy Glue is known for its ability to create an instant and strong bond, making it suitable for quick repairs and small projects.

However, as with any adhesive, its strength may vary depending on the specific materials being bonded and the conditions in which it is used.

When using Krazy Glue or any super glue, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and ensure proper application for the best results.

Last Opinion

Both Krazy Glue and Loctite threadlockers are excellent and suitable for the purposes they are made for. So which one should you go for in the Krazy Glue vs. Loctite debate?

Loctite is the pick for you if you’re working with metal and need an impact and vibration-resistant glue. On the other hand, Krazy Glue is a better pick if you’re working with different materials and require the bond to dry fast.

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