Gorilla Glue White vs Clear

Products from Gorilla Glue are some of my favorite adhesives to use in my household. They are strong, reliable, and work great on almost all types of surfaces.

However, because there are quite a few types of Gorilla Glue adhesives, have you ever wondered or felt confused about which of them you should buy for your project? 

 Or, which of the Gorilla Glue adhesives will serve your purpose the most?

I bet you have. To deal with your confusion, I have compared two of the most popular Gorilla Glue adhesives, Gorilla Glue White vs. Clear so that you understand their differences easily. 

Keep on reading below to find out how these adhesives differ from one another and make an informed decision easily. 

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Gorilla Glue White vs. Clear

Gorilla Glue White and Gorilla Glue Clear are very similar products from the popular brand Gorilla Glue. 

However, even though they are adhesives, there are some significant differences between them. 

Below, I have summarized the differences between Gorilla Glue White and Gorilla Glue Clear for your better understanding. 

Gorilla Glue Clear
Properties Gorilla Glue WhiteGorilla Glue Clear
Expands When CuredYesNo
Heat Resistance200° F180° F
Cure Time12 hours24 hours
Gap FillingNoYes
PriceSuper affordableA bit higher

Top 4 Differences Between Gorilla Glue White and Clear

Now that you know how Gorilla Glue White and Gorilla Glue Clear differ from each other let me explain these differences in detail so that you know even more. 

Expands When Cured

While both Gorilla Glue White and Gorilla Glue Clear are from the same line with similar characteristics, they have different strengths and forms different bonding.

For starters, Gorilla Glue White is a high-strength adhesive from the brand. It expands 3x after it is cured to form a super strong bond. 

Also, because of such strength, this adhesive also offers extended durability.

On the other hand, when it comes to the Gorilla Glue Clear, it isn’t as strong as its competitor. This adhesive doesn’t expand when cured and, hence, doesn’t form a bond as strong as the Gorilla Glue White. 

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Heat Resistance

Another significant difference between Gorilla Glue White and Gorilla Glue Clear is their heat resistance capabilities. As the heat resistant level also determines the durability, it is quite important. 

Because Gorilla Glue White has a stronger formula, it also offers high heat-resistant capabilities. This adhesive can withstand 200° F of heat before melting down and loosening the bond. 

However, this isn’t true for Gorilla Glue Clear. Its formula can resist 180° F of heat at once. 

But as it is a bit lower than the Gorilla Glue White, Clear Glue offer less longevity than its competitor.

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White Gorilla Glue

Cure Time

The cure time of Gorilla Glue White and Gorilla Glue Clear differs significantly. 

Even though Gorilla Glue White has a similar formula, it dries out 2x faster than many other adhesives from the brand. It takes just 12 hours to cure properly and let you work with the surface.

On the other hand, Gorilla Glue Clear requires a whooping 24 hours to cure perfectly. You have to wait for a whole day to work with it afterward. 


Just like the other factors, the prices of Gorilla Glue White and Gorilla Glue Clear also differ greatly. 

Even though Gorilla Glue White is an excellent adhesive with incredible heat resistance and strength, this product has a very reasonable price tag. You don’t have to empty your pocket to enjoy the benefits of it.

On the other hand, the price of Gorilla Glue Clear is a bit high. Even though it’s not as strong or high-performing as its competitor, this adhesive will still cost you more than the Gorilla Glue White. 

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Last Opinion

From the Gorilla Glue White vs. Clear comparison, it is very clear that there are some significant differences between these two popular adhesives.

If you ask me to pick one between them for my projects, I will pick Gorilla Glue White on any given day. That is because this adhesive is strong, forms a durable bond between surfaces, and can withstand high heat.

Moreover, it also dries out faster and costs less than its competitor.

Even though it dries out to a white color, I will always choose Gorilla Glue White over Gorilla Glue Clear. 

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