DAP Rapid Fuse vs Loctite

Loctite is one of the most well-known brands in the world of adhesives, and they have various superglues in their catalog.

On the other hand, Rapid Fuse by DAP is one of the most-well reviewed instant adhesives known for its superior performance. So, which one should you side with in the battle between DAP Rapid Fuse vs. Loctite?

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DAP Rapid Fuse vs. Loctite

DAP Rapid Fuse

All About DAP Rapid Fuse

DAP Rapid Fuse is an all-purpose, instant-setting adhesive with a rapid set and cure time. DAP Rapid Fuse is also marketed as an all-purpose adhesive, bonding well with various household, office and outdoor materials.

You can use DAP Rapid Fuse for wood, ceramic, rubber, plastic, metal, and more. You can use Rapid Fuse to repair or fix stuff around your house, kitchen, or office since the precision tip that comes with it makes it easy to apply the glue smoothly.

Once you apply DAP Rapid Fuse, it starts to set in under half a minute, which is swift compared to many other types of glue. Once Rapid Fuse starts to set, a complete cure takes around 30 minutes, depending on the amount and materials you used it on. This set time and cure time make DAP Rapid Fuse one of the fastest glues available in the market.

Furthermore, unlike many other types of glue, you don’t need to use any special tools or clamp your materials together for them to bond while working with DAP Rapid Fuse. DAP Rapid Fuse doesn’t produce harmful fumes or foam, or drips, making it ideal for beginners and pros alike.

DAP Rapid Fuse also dries clear, and you can use it with various materials in various finishes and colors without worrying about the glue negatively affecting their appearance.

You can purchase DAP Rapid Fuse in tubes weighing 0.2 oz, 0.85 oz, and 16 grams.

All About Loctite

Loctite is a well-known adhesive brand; its products are known for their superior quality and versatility. Loctite makes various kinds of glues like – threadlockers, retainers, sealants etc. Loctite also makes instant adhesives and has a few variants in its catalog.

You can find various Loctite instant adhesives in the market, like – Loctite Super Glue Ultra Liquid Control, Loctite Extra Time Control, Liquid Professional, Ultra Gel Control, and Liquid Mini Trios. All of these Loctite products perform excellently, and the most suitable one depends on you and your intended usage purpose.

Loctite Super Glue Extra Time Control gives you more time to work with it, and you can easily reposition your materials once you apply the adhesive. Loctite Extra Time Control also dries clear within 15 – 120 seconds after applying it.

Loctite Super Glue Liquid Control is a heavy-duty cyanoacrylate adhesive from Loctite and can withstand moisture or freezing temperatures. It’s versatile and works well with wood, rubber, metal, paper, and ceramics. Liquid Control is an excellent pick for your kitchen since it can withstand moisture.

Loctite Super Glue Professional is a heavy-duty and versatile instant adhesive that works well with various materials like – wood, rubber, metal, paper, and more. Super Glue Professional has a very fast set time and starts to set within 15 – 30 seconds after you apply the glue.

Loctite Super Glue Ultra Gel Control is a beginner-friendly instant-adhesive that is versatile regarding materials it bonds well with. It doesn’t produce any foam or drip and is safe to be used by beginners.

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Differences Between DAP Rapid Fuse And Loctite

Now let’s examine how DAP Rapid Fuse and Loctite differ:

Set Time

DAP Rapid Fuse starts to set within 30 seconds, with a full cure taking up to 30 minutes.

On the other hand, Loctite also has a similar set time. Super Glue Professional from Loctite starts to set within 15 to 30 seconds after you apply the glue. Loctite Extra Time Control has a set time of 15 to 120 seconds. 

Best Materials to Use On

DAP Rapid Fuse is versatile regarding materials it bonds well with. It works with – wood, rubber, ceramic, plastic, metal, and more.

Loctite is also versatile for materials it works well with; it bonds with – wood, metal, rubber, plastic, paper, ceramic, and more. 

Last Opinion

So, which one should you side with in the battle between DAP Rapid Fuse vs. Loctite? It depends on you; DAP Rapid Fuse can be great for general use. If you have a more specific goal in mind, Loctite has a varied range of products.

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