Best Epoxy For Basement Floor

When it comes to your basement floor, you want to do everything in your power to ensure that it’s safe to walk on and pleasant to look at. If your basement floor is peeling, crumbling, and cracking, that can be hazardous to your health and the quality of your day-to-day life.

Fortunately, there are several different types of epoxy that can fix this problem. While the exact type of epoxy you choose will depend on the reasons behind the issue with your basement floor, There are some general factors you’ll want to consider before making your decision.

These are three of the best epoxies for basement floor available to waterproof your basement floor, making it ideal for every homeowner looking to protect their home from floods or even just dampness.

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Top 3 Best Epoxy for Basement Floor Reviews

  1. Coloredepoxies 10019 Light Gray Epoxy Resin Coating
  2. Rust-Oleum 203008 EPOXYSHIELD Basement Floor Coating
  3. Master Protective Coatings Clear Epoxy Resin Coating

To choose the best among all, I am describing some of the best epoxy for basement floor. Check them in detail. 

1. Coloredepoxies 10019 Light Gray Epoxy Resin Coating

Coloredepoxies 10019 Light Gray Epoxy Resin Coating

Coloredepoxies 10019 Light Gray Epoxy Resin Coating Specs And Features 

Type100% solid
Compatible MaterialsConcrete, basements, plywood, garage floors
Included Products3-gallon kit 
ColorLight gray

Coloredepoxies 10019 Light Gray Epoxy Resin Coating Review 

The epoxy resin coating from Coloredepoxies is an excellent product for the basement floor. It is 100% solid epoxy. One gallon of it can cover a 125-170 sq. ft area. The reason is its flexibility. It is not a water-based epoxy but has a waterproofing quality that is needed when using it on wet surfaces. 

Moreover, it comes in light gray color. The epoxy doesn’t have any odor. So it doesn’t bother you when applying on the basement floor. The product is suitable for basement floors, concrete, plywood, bar tops, and more. 

With the impact resistance quality, it maintains durability and gives an excellent finish to the surface. Also, the premium quality provides non-chipping and cracking. So, the finish becomes professional. There are more features of this product. It is UV resistant and zero VOC and VOHAP free. 

To use the epoxy, check the instructions that come with the kit. First, preparations should be done, like grinding the concrete, collecting dust using a dust collector, and more. The additional tip is to prepare the expansion joints. That’s how the surface becomes brighter. 

Another thing you need to ensure is that the surface must be dust-free when applying the epoxy. Use the power washing method or vacuum it if required. After that, it’s time to mix the epoxy properly and apply the first coat. It is the primer coat or the moisture vapor barrier coat. 

Besides, make sure to avoid mixing epoxy a lot faster. It may create air bubbles, and it doesn’t give a better outcome when applied. Apply the first coat and leave it for a day. On the next day, start the final application. You can go with the dip and roll method or use a serrated V-notch rubber squeegee. 

Between these two methods, the main difference is the thickness of the mill. The dip and roll provide 3-6 mills 225-250 square feet coverage per gallon. On the other hand, when using a squeegee, it delivers 125 mills 120-125 square feet per gallon. 

As you can see, squeegee provides a higher build fluid applied glossier finish. So, go with this method if possible. And if you follow the instructions, it becomes more accessible to DIY basement floor making with the Coloredepoxies epoxy. 

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Applying Coloredepoxies Epoxy For Basement Floor

Coloredepoxies 10019 Light Gray Epoxy Resin Coating Pros And Cons 


  • Includes zero odor 
  • UV resistant 
  • Easy to apply 
  • Waterproof 


  • MCU coating needs a respirator when using it indoors 

2. Rust-Oleum 203008 EPOXYSHIELD Basement Floor Coating 

Rust-Oleum 203008 EPOXYSHIELD Basement Floor Coating

Rust-Oleum EPOXYSHIELD Basement Floor Coating Specs And Features 

StyleFloor coating 
Finish TypeConcrete
Coverage200 square feet 
Measurement SystemMetric

Rust-Oleum EPOXYSHIELD Basement Floor Coating Review 

Rust-Oleum coating is typically made for the basement floor. The kit includes strong epoxy that delivers a satin finish quality and turns the place into a beautiful one. It is a durable solution for bare concrete floors. The best thing is it works faster than any other similar product. 

When there is an unfinished area, use this epoxy from Rust-Oleum. The kit is capable of turning the place into an attractive one that you couldn’t even imagine. Moreover, it is easy to use on different types of surfaces. Use it on bare floors that have no sealers or curing agents. 

For indoor use, it is a suitable option. With the attractive satin finish, it’s easier to apply. The cleaning process is also simple. With the help of soap and water, it’s easy to clean up and wash the areas if needed. To transform the ordinary area into an attractive playing or working basement, this epoxy from Rust-Oleum works great. 

It is a water-based epoxy with a low odor. Use it for indoor uses and get a pleasing satin finish. Another beneficial side is it doesn’t require any priming. One coat is enough to make the difference. The kit includes 2-part water-based epoxy coating, a stir stick, decorative chips, and detailed instructions. It’s a complete package to make a good epoxy basement floor. 

Applying EPOXYSHIELD Basement Floor Coating

Rust-Oleum EPOXYSHIELD Basement Floor Coating Pros And Cons 


  • Low odor 
  • No primer needed 
  • Easy cleanup 
  • Durable and easy to use 
  • Finish Satin finish 


  • Giving a thick coat is not appropriate 

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3. Master Protective Coatings Clear Epoxy Resin Coating

Master Protective Coatings Clear Epoxy Resin Coating

Master Protective Coatings Clear Epoxy Resin Coating Specs And Features 

Type100% solid 
Kit Includes3-Gallon Kit 
Compatible WorkIndustrials and outdoors
Package TypeCan

Master Protective Coatings Clear Epoxy Resin Coating Review 

The MPC-100 is a 100% solid epoxy. It works excellent for basement flooring and other industries, as well as outdoor projects. With several features, the epoxy from Master Protective Coatings provides better outcomes. 

As the name suggests, the formula is to protect the floor. Use it over an existing coating on concrete or produce decorative flooring systems. It includes high-build floor coating, self-leveling, protection of the floor, and many more. 

Besides, the unique formula cycloaliphatic coating decreases amine blushing and water spots. But it delivers good adhesion, impact, abrasion, and chemical resistance. It is also used as the binder component. That’s how patching and resurfacing by exposing aggressive industrial environments become easier. 

Moreover, the product includes no solvent, and it comes with the CFIA regulations. Besides, it meets the VOC regulations, and the limit is under 100 g/L for architectural floor coatings. The industrial-grade epoxy resin is long-lasting. It is durable against yellowing, wear and tear, and acids as well. 

Use it for any commercial, residential, and industrial use, for making basement floors of different areas, garages, airports, warehouses, shopping malls, hospitals, hallways, table tops, bar tops, pools, and more. Make sure to protect it against water and moisture for at least 48 hours when it is newly applied. 

Applying Master Protective Coatings Clear Epoxy Resin Coating

Master Protective Coatings Clear Epoxy Resin Coating Pros And Cons 


  • Decreases amine blushing and water spots 
  • Incredible adhesion 
  • Includes no solvent and chemical resistant 
  • Meets VOC regulations 


  • Runny consistency 

Types of Epoxy for Basement Floor 

There are mainly three types of epoxy for Basement floors. These are used for different kinds of works. Good epoxy is a two-part one. It is used by mixing activator or hardener and resin. The features, use, and drying process are different from one another. See the details below. 

Two-Part 100% Solid Epoxy 

The two-part epoxy is described as 100% solids. The reason is it is completely solvent-free. This coating is suitable for a concrete surface to make it hard, thick, and attractive. The epoxy is used with decorative chips. It helps to harden the surface and gives a beautiful finish. 

Further, the 100% solid epoxy is the most expensive one among all of the kinds. When it is applied, it emits intense fumes. So, the results are incredible. It gets fully hard within 24 hours of application. The interesting fact is it can be used in DIY. It is highly smelly, so be careful. The 100% solid epoxy is the most long-lasting one you can ever have.  

One-Part Floor Coating 

Another one is one-part epoxy. The right kind is a two-part epoxy that needs to be mixed with an activator. But one-part coating is a solid premixed one that doesn’t need to be integrated before use. The container doesn’t only have epoxy, but it is a mixer with a hardener or activator. 

It comes in a paint form, and the formula gives a better outcome on any floor than any standard paint. These are not proper epoxy, but they can also provide good performance. It dries quickly and is easy to clean up. Also, it costs less. It is an excellent budget-friendly option, I must say. 

Two-Part Water-Based Epoxy 

There is water-based DIY two-part epoxy as well. The Rust-Oleum one is a water-based epoxy. It is available in any hardware shop. It is a hybrid epoxy that has resin and an activator. But it contains water as a solvent. It is a two-part epoxy. 

Further, it has low VOC and low odor. Cleaning up is more accessible with soap and water. As it is water-based, it is comparatively much easier to work with. The only drawback is it provides a thin coating that doesn’t last long. 

It is more like water-based latex paint. Some types of epoxy can be used with vinyl texture chips as well. The two-part epoxy is mixed with an activator or hardener before the application. Also, it needs 2-3 days to dry properly. 

Why Should You Use An Epoxy Concrete Coating? 

There are some significant reasons to use an epoxy coating on concrete. Such as, it prevents seepage of water and water penetration through foundations and walls. It protects the surface from spalling or pitting of the concrete. It contains chunks of concrete separating from the structure and gives a better finish. 

Moreover, it is an excellent product to prevent hairline cracking and fight against water or moisture. It can also prevent damage and increase appearance to make it look more attractive. Lastly, it is easier to clean up by using soap and water. That’s how you can maintain the quality. 

Is epoxy good for basement floor?

Epoxy is a good choice for basement floors because it’s durable and can be used in spaces with high moisture.

Epoxies are very popular due to their durability and waterproofing properties. They come in many colors and textures, which makes them perfect for basement floors.

But they’re not as easy to apply as linseed oil or polyurethane so you’ll need to work on your timing if you want everything done at once.

Is epoxy flooring cheaper than tile?

Epoxy flooring is a great way to update your basement with a durable, easy-to-maintain floor. And yes, epoxy flooring is cheaper than tile. In fact, the average cost of installing tile in a basement is $10 per square foot – whereas the average cost of epoxy flooring is only $7 per square foot. With the price difference like that, it’s no wonder so many homeowners have started using epoxy in their basements!

Last Opinion

To have a clear vision, all that’s important is to use suitable epoxy for practical purposes. Not all epoxy is ideal for making a basement floor. I have given you the necessary details on the best epoxy for the basement floor review to get a better idea about it. 

Use the ideal product and make an excellent basement floor easily. 

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