Loctite 263 vs 270

Because Loctite adhesives come with numbers rather than any specific names, more often than not, it might be confusing for the buyers to understand how they differ from one another. 

But then again, understanding the differences between the Loctite glues isn’t as difficult as it might seem. 

I have compared two of the most thread lockers from the brand, Loctite 263 vs. 270, to make you understand the differences easily. 

Go through the comparison to understand better. 

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Loctite 263 vs. 270: A Summary of The Differences

Loctite 263

Both the Loctite 263 and Loctite 270 are thread locker sealants. However, there are quite a few differences between them. I have researched and found these differences so that you know them better.

Look at the table below for an even better understanding. 

PropertiesLoctite 263Loctite 270
Set Time10min5min
Cure Time24 hours72 hours
Heat Resistance360°F572°F

What Are The Differences Between Loctite 263 and Loctite 270

For further knowledge, here is a detailed explanation of the differences between Loctite 263 and Loctite 270. 

#1. Heat Resistance

Durability greatly depends on the heat-resistant capability of a sealant or adhesive. The heat-resistant level makes a great difference between the Loctite 263 and Loctite 270 thread lockers.

For starters, Loctite 263 is a high heat-resistant adhesive that can resist a maximum of 360°F of heat at once before melting and hampering the bond. It serves incredible durability to your projects.

However, Loctite 270 can withstand even higher heat and serve you extended durability. This sealant can endure temperatures of up to 572°F at once and won’t melt and loosen the bond anytime soon. 

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#2. Set Time

Even though the set times of Loctite 263 and 270 aren’t too distant in terms of minutes, the difference is significantly considerable in terms of efficiency. 

To start with, Loctite 263 thread locker sets in 10 minutes. However, even though it takes a bit longer to set, this sealant gives you enough time to play with the thread locking.

On the other hand, Loctite 270 sets in just 5 minutes. But as it sets too quickly, you need to work promptly for any customization in your bond. 

Loctite 270

#3. Cure Time

Just as with the set time, there is a noticeable difference in the cure time of Loctite 263 and 270, too. 

Even though Loctite 263 takes a few minutes more, this sealant cures quite quickly. It takes just 24 hours to dry this adhesive properly.

But this isn’t the case with Loctite 270. Although this sealant sets in just 5 minutes, it takes about 72 hours to cure perfectly. 

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Last Opinion

After comparing Loctite 263 vs. 270 in great detail, I concluded that Loctite 270 is better than Loctite 263, and I would pick 273 thread locker on any given day.

The reason behind my choice is that even though Loctite 273 takes longer hours to cure completely, this adhesive can resist extremely high heat and sets quickly.

Also, it creates a durable bond to make sure that the nuts and bolts don’t come off anytime soon. 

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